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I'm posting this story here before uploading it to "fan fiction dot net". Please leave any comments on this!

This story is a sequel to a previous story “The Rod of Asclepius”, which was a crossover between Osmau Tezuka's 'Black Jack' and the Harry Potter series. This story is also a similar crossover, but I've also pulled in characters from Tezuka's 'Astro Boy' series as well.
This story's primary setting is at the Mahoutokoro wizarding school which is barely mentioned in the Harry Potter series at all, and only a brief background of the place appears on the 'Wizarding World” website. I've had to invent quite a bit of the cannon to fill in the many blanks in order to flesh out the needed details.

Part of the inspiration for this story came from one of the “Tomb Raiders” movies, and involves the Japanese witch Queen Himiko and the lost kingdom of Yamatai. Some of this stuff is legend, and some may be actual history. I quickly formed a head cannon that involved Himiko as a principle founder of the Mahoutokoro wizarding school.

By the way, there is a small controversy about whether 'Mahou no tokoro', 'Mahounotokoro', or 'Mahoutokoro' is the correct romangi transliteration of the Japanese phrase “Place of Magic”, which is what the name of the school means in English. I'll leave Rowling's translation in place for now, but if anyone fluent in Japanese grammar knows better, please let me know!

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Re: Mahoutokoro

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The dig

Nara city, Nara province

Professor Ochanomizo
peered into the large pit from his safe vantage point about a hundred meters away. “I can't see it from here,” he complained.
Atom shielded his eyes from the sun's glare with his right hand and zoomed his vision into telescopic mode. “I can see it, Hakase,” he said. “It looks like the backhoe has uncovered the entrance to an underground chamber.

“How long is going to take,” Ieyasu Tokugawa scowed, “I'm losing a million Yen a day while the construction is halted.

The professor tried to calm the industrialist with a bit of flatter. “It's quite likely that you've made a very important historical discovery, Tokugawa – San,” he said. “This region of the country dates back to the Yayoi period when Japan was known as Wa. It's believed that this province was known as Yamato, or Yamatai-koku back then. This city may have been the capital of an ancient kingdom, who knows, your workmen may have uncovered the tomb of a long dead king or queen.”

“A lot of good that does me,” Tokugawa huffed, “developing this site is worth trillions, and time is money!”

“Well the good news is that I'll have a team of archaeologists here the first thing in the morning,” the Professor said, “with any luck, we'll have you back at work in a week or less.”

“Maybe sooner,” Ieyasu returned. “I've already got my own team in there now.”

“You what?”, Ochanomizu cried out, “The government specifically ordered your crews to stand down,”

“Until the site had been looked at by a team of experts,” Tokugawa broke in. “The order didn't specify that it had to be YOUR experts!”

“Perhaps,” the professor growled, “but I demand to talk to them, now!”

“No problem,” Tokugawa smirked, pulling a transceiver from his pocket. He fumbled with the two way radio for several minutes, and them turned to the professor. “I can't seem to raise them at the moment, they must deep in beyond radio range.”

“I'll go look,” Atom replied, “I'll keep in touch with you by radio.” He flew off and landed in the pit.
The boy robot turned on his eye searchlights and proceeded to enter the opening in the excavation leading downwards. “There's a long passageway leading downwards,” Atom radioed back to Ochanomizu. “The walls are covered with ancient kanji and drawings. It almost looks like something from ancient Egypt.”

“Do you think this might be a tomb?”, the professor asked.

“I think so,” Atom answered. “I can translate most of the writing. Yes, this seems to be a tomb for an ancient Queen of Wa.”

“A tomb of an ancient Queen?”, Ieyasu cried out, having been eavesdropping on the radio conversation. “There could be treasure down there. I should get a considerable finders reward!”

“That will be up to the Emperor,” the professor barked back. “Since this clearly is an ancient historical site and is covered under the antiquities laws.” Ochanomizu returned his attention to the radio, “Can you make out anything more, Atom?”

“Yes, Hakase,” Atom replied. “I'm almost at the end of the passageway now. There are lots of inscriptions on the walls honoring a Queen named Himiko, but I don't have anything in my electronic brains archives on her.”

“The name doesn't sound familiar to me either,” Ochanomizu agreed, “We'll have to research that later back at the Ministry.”

“Hakase ….”, Atom's voice trilled in a fearful note.

“What's the matter?” Ochanomizu came back, “You sound like you've seen a ghost.”

“I've just reached what looks like the burial chamber. Tokugawa's men are all in here. They're all lying dead on the ground.”

“What!,” the Professor asked, “Are you sure?”

“I think so,” Atom cried, “None of them are breathing, and I can't detect any heartbeats. They also seem to show signs of rigor mortis already!”


“They seem to have found the sarcophagus and it's been opened. Maybe they released some sort of plague!”

“Atom, quickly see if you can re-seal the sarcophagus. Stay there until I can get a hazmat team in there. We're going to have to decontaminate the tomb and seal it off.”

“I shouldn't be affected by it Hakase,” Atom replied.

“No, but you may be contaminated. You'll have to be washed down and then exposed to high intensity UV and Xray radiation to make sure you can't infect anyone.”

“Right Hakase, I'll wait here.” Atom sobbed. He lifted the heavy lid of the sarcophagus which had been partially removed from the stone coffin and reseated it without looking inside. Suddenly the air inside the burial chamber started to whirl around. A greenish glow filled the chamber, growing brighter as a harsh noise of a minor seventh chord tore at his ears. There was a flash of light, and the air suddenly was again still and quiet.
Three robed figures now stood around the sarcophagus. They each had full beards, conical hats, and were holding wands. The spoke to each other in a tongue that Atom couldn't translate. The tallest of the wizards, for that is what they were, spotted Atom standing, and quickly waved his wand at the boy robot. A flash of lightning seemed to leap from the tip of his wand, and struck Atom in the chest, knocking him to the ground. Through groggy eyes, Atom watched as the trio sung an incantation in some long dead language, while waving their wands about the sarcophagus. There was another flash of light, and the stone coffin along with the wizards had vanished.

After what seemed like several minutes the boy robot opened his eyes and tried to get up. He saw three men in hazmat suits standing over him, one of whom was the professor. “Atom are you OK,” Ochanomizu asked with concern in his voice.

“I think so,” Atom voiced.

“What happened?”, the professor questioned.

“Three old men wearing robes suddenly appeared. They were carrying what looked like magic wands, and they cast a spell that knocked me out. Then they just disappeared along with the sarcophagus that was over there,” Atom explained, pointing.

The professor looked in the direction where the boy robot pointed, and could see the outline of where the burial casket had been in the dust. He then opened a sealed bag he had been carrying and removed a small hazmat suit which he handed to Atom. “Put this on, and we'll go get you cleaned up.” The professor helped Atom to his feet and the two of them walked towards the exit of the chamber. The two other men were slowly putting the bodies of Tokugawa's two experts into body bags.

“What happened?”, Ieyasu demanded, as Atom and the professor emerged from the pit.

“I'm not sure yet,” Ochanomizu barked at him, “But something knocked Atom out and killed your two scientists. My associates are bagging them and bringing them out as I speak.”

“Does this mean …”, Tokugawa started to ask.

“That your construction crew will have to stand down until the ministry gives you the all clear,” the professor interrupted. “Most defiantly!”
The industrialist growled his anger under his breath, but kept it to himself. “Just be quick with your investigations,” he stated. “Time is money!”

“I'll notify you when my investigation is finished,” the professor returned, “but depending on what we discover you may have your permits torn up and this site taken from you under eminent domain.”

Minami-Iōtō Island

Kitaoka Keiko Mahōtsukai waited impatiently for the return of her wizard ninjas. They had apparated nearly an hour ago, and had not yet returned from their mission. Just as she was about to try and bring them back herself with a spell, the three Uizādo apparated in front of her throne. Lying on the floor in front of the three robbed figures was a marble sarcophagus, covered with a thin layer of dust.

“I was starting to get worried,” Keiko spoke, “and I thought I'd have to summon you back here.”

“I'm sorry Keiko-Sama,” the tallest of the figures bowed, “but we had a bit of a problem on our mission.”

“What happened?”, Keiko demanded.

“We found the tomb of Himiko, but it had already been unearthed by muggles. When we entered it, two of the swine had already broken into the tomb and had defiled the sarcophagus. We had no choice but to use the death spell to undo their damage. Before we could return with Himiko, another muggle entered the chamber and spotted the corpses of the two heathens we had dispatched. This one was different, he seemed to show respect for the sanctity of the tomb, and he resealed the sarcophagus without looking inside. Still we couldn't allow him to report back to his fellow muggles so we had to use a spell on him as well.”

“Very unfortunate,” Kitaoka sighed, “but you did well. Now we have to locate the Asclepius wand so we can revive our sleeping ruler.”

“We have meditated long on that,” the tallest of the three Uizādos replied. “It no longer seems to be in Europe. Perhaps it has found another healer worthy of its power.”

“That would simplify things,” Keiko replied, “assuming that we can locate this wizard.”

“We will put all of our members to the task,” the head Uizādo bowed, “we will meditate deeply and locate this healer.”
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Re: Mahoutokoro

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The Patient

Dr. Black Jack's clinic

Dr Black Jack looked though the glass of the one way mirror that separated the examination room from the waiting area of his clinic. Sitting next to each other on the padded bench were a boy who was probably not quite yet seven years of age, and a woman who he guessed was barely thirty yeas of age. Most likely the boy was her first, and probably only child. Judging by the look on the boy's face, their presence in his waiting room was not the youth's idea.

Kuro Hazama opened the door and tried to put on a pleasant enough air, hoping to avoid any unpleasantness. “What brings you to my clinic today?”, the doctor asked, directing his glance at the woman.

“It's as I told you on the phone,” the woman replied, “my son seems to be suffering from growing pains. He has frequent violent outbursts when he gets angry, which has resulted in damage to our home. He needs help in controlling his temper!”

“As I explained during our phone conversation, I'm not a psychiatrist,” Black Jack replied. “Of course, if your son's problems stem from a physical problem, I can treat that.”

“I don't need no shrink!”, the boy burst out, “and I'm not going to let this quack lay a hand on me!” He balled his right hand into a fist and slapped the palm of his left hand, while glaring across the room where a porcelain Buddha statute stood. As if in response to his fist waving, the ceramic holy man fell over and started to roll off the table. It would have shattered on the floor, except for the quick reflexes of Pinoko who had been standing in the doorway watching.

The doctor held up his hands as if surrendering. “I'm not your enemy, son”, he said calmly. “In fact, I'd like to help you.”
Pinoko quietly retreated from her position by the door, unnoticed by the boy.

“I doubt you could understand my problems,” the boy barked at the doctor, “my mother doesn't, and I have no friends I can talk with who do either!”
Pinoko reappeared, and slunk back into the examination room. She stealthily handed the doctor something that she had been hiding behind her back. “I think you might need this, Sensei,” she whispered.

The doctor recognized the object by feel at once, and understood what his assistance might have realized about their patient. He turned to the boys mother, and suggested, “Why don't you wait outside? I'll talk to you later after my examination of your son.”
The woman started to say something, but cut herself off and headed toward the door toward the waiting room. “OK, Sensei,” she said, with a bit or relief in her voice.

“I think I might surprise you about understanding your problems,” Kuro smiled.
He produced the object that he had hidden behind him and waved it in front of the boy. The tip of the wand glowed a bright blue color for an instant.
The boy's eyes lit up for an instant. “You're not a muggle, are you?” he gasped.

“Apparently not,” the doctor replied. “Only I didn't realize it until recently! Now why don't you tell me what's troubling you?”

The boy took a deep breath and sighed.
“It all started about a year ago,” he began. “I started seeing things, visions actually. Strange things, I imagined I was elsewhere, either back in time, or strange places. None of these images lasted for very long, but they persisted, burned into my mind so to speak. In many of these, I saw old men with long beards and tall hats. Some of them holding wands, like the one you just showed me. They told me I was one of them.”

“How long have you had the ability to move objects by thought.” the doctor asked.

“How did you know about that?” the boy questioned.

“You just knocked my little Buddha statue off the shelf a few minutes ago by pounding your fists.”

“Oh yeah, I guess I did,” the boy laughed. “That only happens when I'm upset. It started about the same time as the visions did.”

“I guess you're coming of age, so to speak,” Kuro said. “I don't understand it myself, since I never experienced the change myself, at least not in the way you did. Perhaps, I'm not a pure in the magic blood as you seem to be. What was your most recent incident?”

“Yeah, that.” the boy spat out. “Probably what prompted my mother start dragging me into every quack she could find, no offense Sensei.”
“None taken,” Black Jack replied. “Continue.”

“I woke up in a dream and found myself in a dark chamber. As my eyes became accustomed to the darkness, I could make out strange writings on the walls, and saw a huge sarcophagus in the middle of the room. It at first looked like I was in an Egyptian burial chamber, but the writings were not hieroglyphics, but some form of ancient Kangi. Suddenly the same strange wizards that I've been seeing all along popped into view, this time accompanied by a female wizard. She handed me a scroll and told me they were waiting for me to come to them. I tried to take the scroll from her, but at that instant everything went dark and I found myself back in my bedroom covered in sweat.”

“Interesting.” the doctor remarked.

“Can you help me?”, the boy quavered.

“Not directly,” the doctor sighed, “but I think I can find someone who can, though it may take me awhile to get in contact with them. I'll call your mother when it's time.
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Re: Mahoutokoro

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Atom's Examination

Kuro sat at his desk, with an unlit pip clenched between his teeth. He fingered the Asclepius wand for a few minutes, and then placed the object back into its lined wooded case, which he set down next to the crystal ball that belonged to Pinoko. If only he had some of the flu powder left, the doctor thought.
Pinoko interrupted his train of thought by barging into the office without knocking. “You have some important visitors on some urgent matter,” she exclaimed.
Black Jack quickly turned his attention to his assistant. “Very well, Pinoko. Send them in please.”

Professor Ochanomizu entered the doctor's study, accompanied by a smaller figure in a hazmat suit. “We were both possibly exposed to some sort of toxic agent. I was wearing a hazmat suit at the time, so I wasn't effected. Atom here, was. His hazmat suit was put on after the fact to contain the exposure, the suit's exterior was already decontaminated, so we're in no danger of exposure. I need you to examine Atom and identify any toxins you can find.”

“But he's a robot and shouldn't be affected by any bio toxins,” the doctor queried.

“True, but he was affected by something. He was mostly unconscious when I found him, and put him into the hazmat suit after he had recovered from the exposure on his own. Also two other men had entered the chamber, and were found dead when Atom entered it. Their bodies were taken to the ministry to be examined. I might need you to look at them as well.”

“Where did this happen?”, the doctor asked.

“Inside of what appeared to have been a burial chamber that was unearthed by the Tokugawa construction company while they were excavating the site to build a new high rise building,” the professor explained.

“Really?”, the doctor exclaimed, thinking about his latest patient. “That's interesting!”

“Well?”, the professor asked.

“I'll examine him, in a protected environment,” Kuro replied. “Pinoko!,” the doctor yelled. “Please set up the glove box room for our visitor!”
Pinoko took Atom by his gloved hand, and led him down the corridor to the least used room in the clinic. Inside the 'glove box” room was a transparent plastic tent hanging from the ceiling. The air entering and leaving the enclosed area was filtered by a special closed loop system that used multiple filters, UV and X-Ray radiation to purify the incoming air and remove all pathogens before recirculating the air. A special hazmat 'space suit' stood inside of the tent, connected by a flexible tunnel to the outside to allow the doctor to enter and leave the suit.

Pinko motioned for Atom to sit on the examination table inside of the tent. “You can take the hazmat suit off when I tell you to over the intercom,” she instructed him. Atom sat down, and the doctor's assistant left the confines of the tented area. She zippered both layers of the tent closed, and inspected it to make sure all of the seals were correctly closed. She then punched the 'talk' button on the wall mounted intercom panel, “OK Atomu, you can remove the suit now!”

Atom pealed the hazmat suit off and deposited it in the roll off bin near the door or the tent. Dr. Black Jack hopped through the tunnel and into the spacesuit like confines of the hazmat suit. He blew into the internal microphone to test if the suit's intercom was working and heard himself through the rooms PA speakers.

“The first thing we're going to do, Atom, is to wipe you down with some special cloth to try and collect any particular remains that might be still sticking to your skin”.

Atom nodded. The doctor used several treated wipes to collect the samples. He examined each bit of cloth before depositing them into the automated collection container, but he didn't see and sign of a stain indicating that there was anything unusual to collect. After getting the last samples from the bottoms of the boy robot's boots, he turned to the next series of tests.
He next used a Geiger counter to look for any signs of radiation, but the machine only measured the normal background radiation. Next the doctor waved a pickup coil over Atom, while he kept an eye on the display of a nearby oscilloscope. He adjusted the device to scan the RF frequency range from the ELF to the EHF and THF frequency ranges, but detected nothing outside of the expected broadcast bands and power line frequencies.

“Well Atom, unless anything shows up from the surface samples under the electron microscope, I don't think you've picked up any contamination. Please remain here until I get back.”

“Hai, Sensei,” Atom nodded.

The doctor crawled out of the glove box and entered the adjacent room where Pinoko was just finishing her work with the electron microscope and the gas spectrometer. “Anything?”

“Iie,” she shook her head. “I've found nothing that looks like a possible biologic contamination. I have put some samples in petri dishes, and the're now in the incubator.”

“Good,” he said, walking back to his study where the professor was waiting. “You can escort Atom back to my study.”

The professor got up from a chair when the doctor walked in. “Well?” he asked.

“As I expected, Atom is clean. We are incubating some samples but I don't expect anything to grow,” the doctor explained as Atom and Pinoko walked in. “What exactly did you guys find?”

“It looked like an ancient burial chamber,” Atom answered. “I followed two archaeologists hired by Tokugawa into the chamber, and found them dead on the floor near the opened sarcophagus. When I tried to examine the inside it, two old men in wizard's robes attacked me with what looked like wands. When I came to, they and the sarcophagus were gone.”

“Does this make any sense to you?”, the professor asked.

“Hakase, do you believe in magic?”, the doctor asked.

“Not exactly,” Ochanomizu replied. “When I think of magic, I'm reminded of the comment by Arthur C. Clark, that any technology possessed by an advanced civilization would appear as magic to a lesser one.”

“Good point,” the doctor nodded. “But I may have to show you something that will change your opinion on that.”

To be continued ...

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Re: Mahoutokoro

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What about the boy?

Dr. Black Jack toyed with the telephone, but couldn't bring himself to dial the boy's mother. “What's the matter Sensei?”, Pinoko asked.
“I can't treat Akio's condition, and I certainly can't explain it to his mother,” the doctor sighed.

“You mean you can't tell her that her son is a warlock.”

“Yes, but how did you know...?”

“It was obvious,” she said “His mother was right, Akio is just going through growing pains, but not the muddle kind. He belongs in Hogwarts where he'll be with his own kind, and learn what he needs to know.”

“You're right of course, Pinoko,” the doctor said, giving his assistant a kiss on her forehead. “But do you think I need to be with my own kind?”

“You already are,” she laughed. Pinoko ran from the doctor's study, but quickly returned. “Here,” she said, handing him a crystal sphere. “Use my crystal ball to contact Professor McGonagall. She'll know what to do.”

“You're right of course,” Kuro told her. “My little genius!”

The doctor wasn't sure exactly how to use the crystal ball as a communications device. He tried rubbing it, while thinking hard of the person he wanted to speak with, but nothing happened. He then opened the large bottom drawer of his desk and dug around in the back of it and found the ancient wooden box he had stuffed there earlier. He opened the box, and took the rod of Asclepius into his right hand, and again concentrated on the image of McGonall's face. The tip of the wand glowed a vivid rainbow of colors, and the clear glass globe began to cloud up. Slowly the cloud evaporated, and was replaced by Minerva's face.

“What can I do for you, Black Jack Sensei?” McGonagall asked.

“Wonderfull, it worked!”, the doctor cried out. “I need your help professor. One of my patients, a young boy of about seven years in age was brought in by his mother complaining of his uncontrollable behavior. She told me it was growing pains, and it now seems to me that she was correct, in a sense. I'm sure the boy is displaying magical abilities that he hasn't yet learned to control. He needs to go to your wizarding school, I think.”

“Actually, Sensei, Hogwarts can't accept him, he's out of our jurisdiction, so to speak. But there is an excellent magical school named Mahoutokoro in your own country.”

“If Hogwarts doesn't accept Japanese students, then why was I allowed to study there?”, the doctor asked.

“Your case was an exception due to your age, and our need for your services,” McGonagall replied. “When the wizarding gene is present in only one parent, it may act as recessive, especially in the case of a male child whose mother was the muddle. It's also possible is such cases that the gene will become active later in life, or not at all. It may also skip generations to show up in grand children or even great grand children.”

“That might explain my case,” the doctor agreed. “But what about my patient, shouldn't Mahoutokoro have contacted him?”, the doctor questioned. “Harry Potter told me that was how it worked for him.”

“The schools usually send the prospective students letters of invitation via the local post, or sometimes by owl. If the boy's parents are both muggles, they may have thrown away the first messages sent by post, but an owl message would have been delivered only to the boy.”

“My patient made no mention of receiving any invitations from any schools,” the doctor replied, “though he has complained of having visions involving wizards. He mentioned that in one such lucent dream, a robed female had told him 'they were waiting for him', and tried to hand him a scroll”.

“That does sound like an attempt to contact him, though the wizarding schools rarely resort to subliminal communication,” the professor said. “It's also possible that if the most recent generation of magic in his family was long enough ago he remained below the school's radar, so to speak.”

“So what can I do?”, the doctor asked.

“I'll send the current headmaster of Mahoutokoro a message via owl, and inform them of your patient. Someone from the school will be in contact with you.”

“Than you, Hakase,” the doctor replied.

“Think nothing of it,” she answered, “but do keep in touch, I'd like to know how this works out.”

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Re: Mahoutokoro

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Headmaster's office

Headmaster Hokusai Matsuura removed his wizard's cap and set it down on the corner of his desk. He leaned his staff against the bookcase behind the desk and pulled out his chair to sit down. He then noticed the great horned owl that was perched on top of his coat rack, with a small parchment scroll in its beak. The head master held his left arm out horizontally, and the bird flapped off the coat rack and lighted on the headmaster's arm. Matsuura took the scroll from the owl, which then immediately flew out the open window to return to the message's sender.

The headmaster removed the sealing wax that closed the scroll, and carefully unrolled the parchment to read it. “Ah, a request for a student enrollment,” he smiled. “We seem to be getting quite a few of these lately, must be the result of so many mixed marriages these days.” He smiled when he read the signature, it had been way too long since he and Minerva Mcgonagall had seen each other, probably not since the last time that world Quddich cup had been held at Hogwarts. Hokusai never missed attending one of those.

He put the scroll aside and proceeded to go through the papers that had piled up on his desk. Most were requests for supplies from various departments in the school. Rather mundane stuff, and he didn't understand why this low level noise had to go through his office. Wasn't his staff capable of handling such things?

He then found the latest copy of the Magical Times Shinbun buried under the pile of papers. He read though the headlines and frowned. Every issue of the news seemed to have several reports of the dark magic terrorist cult that was being blamed for the latest round of mayhem on the island. He thought it was all a bunch of Dingo's Kidneys, just a bunch of students associated with one of the frat's going off the deep end with their initiations of new members. He didn't believe a word about the Himiko cult, just the Shimbun's latest ploy to sell newspapers. Glancing up at the far wall of his study, his eyes fell upon the large framed oil painting of Himiko, the Witch Queen of Yamatai, (now known by the muggles as Nara provence). She was also the founder of the Mahoutokoro school.

He shook his head and returned his attention to the scroll, and decided he'd take care of the matter for himself. The name of this Dr. Black Jack sounded familiar. If he remembered correctly, the man was an ex-muggle whose magical ability sparked late in life, a man who had solved a rather sticky problem over at Hogwarts. “We should try and get this Kuro Hazama on our staff,” he thought. Matsuura opened his filing cabinet and found a small bag of flu powder. “I'll just meet with this wizard myself!”, he muttered.
He stuck the scroll into his robe pocket, donned his hat, and walked over to the fireplace. He tossed a small handful of the powder onto the flames and spoke clearly, “Dr. Black Jack's Clinic please!” The fireplace roared into life, and the headmaster walked into the fire.

Dr. Black Jack's house and clinic

Pinoko lay on the large throw rug on the floor a few yards from the fireplace, reading a manga magazine. The doctor sat in his easy chair just behind her reading the shinbun and smoking his pipe. There hadn't been a fire in the fireplace for several months now, as it was the middle of the summer. Suddenly, the fireplace exploded into activity, as green flames shot out. Pinoko jumped to her feet and ran back towards the doctor. “Sensei what's happening?”

“It would seem I'm getting an answer to my crystal ball conversation,” Kuro exclaimed.

Sure enough, the flames slowly subsided as a robed figure emerged from the fireplace. He was an older man, at least in his 60's, with a proper gray beard, and a matching head of hair. He carried a walking stick, and a wizards hat. “You must be Black Jack – Sensei, I hope,” Hakusai Matsuura spoke.

“Yes I am,” the doctor replied, “You have the right fireplace!”

“Thank goodness!,” he laughed, “I wouldn't have wanted to get that wrong! My name is Hokusai Matsuura, headmaster of Mahoutokoro. I seem to have received an owl from a McGonagall Hakase at Hogwarts on your behalf. You have a student you'd like to sponsor at our school?”

“Yes, I do. Actually a patient of mine. His mother brought him to my clinic claiming the child was going through 'growing pains'. It appears that he was coming of age, magically so to speak. I contacted professor McGonall at Hogwarts, as I realized the boy needed to be with others of his own kind, and learn about his world. I was told, Hogwarts wouldn't normally accept Japanese students, and was told that your school would be contacted. Thank you for responding.”

“From the way you just expressed yourself, I get the feeling that you don't consider yourself part of the magical world doctor, no offense intended,” the headmaster said.

“I was what you'd call a very late bloomer,” Kuro answered, “and I guess I still haven't completely accepted the truth of my past.”

“Quite understandable, actually,” Hokusai nodded.

“Why didn't your school contact the boy directly? A student at Hogwarts told me that's how it usually happens.”

“Well when one or both of the students parents are magical, and are present in the child's life, they will usually take care of the enrollment when the child becomes of age. When the child is an orphan, or his only living parent is a muggle, we will usually feel the child come of age, and send him or her an official invitation. But in cases of mixed marriage, these things all too often fall through the cracks. That seems to be the case with your patient, Akio, I believe.”

“Yes, that is the boy's name,” the doctor replied.

“I also assume that the reason you asked for the school to contact you, instead of the boy, was that you didn't want to complicate the matter with his mother.”

“Yes, I have a little white lie figured out to feed her, and I'll offer to take the boy to your school.”

“How old is the lad?”, the headmaster asked.

“About seven years old, I think,” the doctor answered.

“Well normally our younger students don't board at the school. They are transported from home in the morning, and return in the evening. So they live with their parents until they are considered old enough to sleep at the school dorms. We do make exceptions for orphans and similar cases where the student doesn't have a stable home environment.”

“You let the students apparate? I thought there was an age restriction on that? Or do they use brooms?”

The headmaster broke into a hearty laugh. “No doctor, the school supplies the transportation. We have a flock of well trained giant storm petrels. We use these birds as our school buses, they pick up the students in the morning and take them home at night.”

“That might be a bit hard to explain to the boy's mother,” the doctor laughed.

“You won't be able to keep her son's heritage secret from her forever, Sensei,” the headmaster replied. “Eventually, she'll have to know.”

“You're right, of course.” the doctor realized. “I'll work it out. I just won't tell her everything all at once.”

“Yes, that should be the best bet,” the old man agreed. “Perhaps you should come to the school with your patient on his first day, as a Japanese wizard you should visit Mahoutokoro yourself.”

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Minami-Iōtō Island

Kitaoka Keiko Mahōtsukai stared into the obsidian mirror. The round dark mirror was a large as a dinner serving plate, and had a long handle. It was carved from a large chunk of volcanic glass that had been spat out of Mount Fuji many millennia ago during the eruptions that had formed the mountain. The mirror was more powerful than any crystal ball known to all of wizardry, it allowed the gazer to contact the spirits of the long dead.

Kitaoka once again gazed deeply into the mirror and summoned Himiko. The ruler of ancient Wa's image slowly formed in the dark reflections of the obsidian. Standing besides her, was a young boy of about seven years of age. Both Himiko and her son Akio had been lost to history when their ruling seat of Yamatai had disappeared from the map. Only the wizarding world today remembers that they even existed.

“We have exhumed your earthly remains, my Queen,” Kitaoka spoke, and I have summoned the reincarnation of your son to be with us.”

Himiko's image smiled, “That is very good,” she spoke through the distance of time, “but we still need the power of the ancient wand of the healers to complete the spell.”

“My wizards are searching for it as we speak,” Kitaoka replied. “The wand is no longer in Europe, we now think it is somewhere on the Asian continent, perhaps even in Nihon. With any luck we will soon have it in our possession.”

“Excellent,” the witch queen replied, “Soon I will retake my throne and my son will become the next Shogun. Together we will once again rule all of Nihon, and conquer China, and the rest of the world as well!”
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Re: Mahoutokoro

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The Technology of Magic
The Morgue

“Black Jack – Sensei, I'm glad you could come and help. Professor Ochanomizu asked me if I had yet determined a cause of death for these two men.” Doctor Tezuka pleaded, “I hope you can help me.”

Kuro pulled up on the sheet covering the two corpses and gave the two bodies a long look over. “Doesn't seem to be anything obvious, does there?”, he asked. “You have done the usual tox screens, blood analysis, and tissue analysis I assume. I also guess you've looked at all the major organs, for the usual trauma symptoms.”

“Yes of course we have!”, Tezuka insisted. “I even made use the CAT scan, MRI, and nuclear camera imaging equipment. It does appear that most of their major organs simply stopped functioning all at once. But, there is no obvious cause. They were NOT exposed to any kind of plague organisms, their remains are not toxic, or radioactive. They simply stopped living in one quick instant.”

“I can see that,” Black Jack sighed, but I don't think I'll be able to find any answers for you, I'm sorry.”

Dr. Tezuka threw his hands up in the air and walked out of the morgue examining room in defeat. As he left, Professor Ochanomizo entered, accompanied by Reno and Atom. “Ah, Kuro – Sensei”, the professor exclaimed, “Can you shed any light on this mystery?”

“I just told Dr. Tezuka, that I couldn't help him,” the doctor replied. “But, I do know what killed these two men.”

“And you didn't tell Tezuka – sensei that?”, the professor asked.

“No, Hakasai,” the doctor replied. “I could not, for he wouldn't believe me, nor accept the answer. I'm not sure that you will either.”

“Try me,” Ochanomizu asked. “Will you explain it to me?”,

“Not in here, let's go somewhere else where there won't be any cameras or microphones to spy on our conversation.”
In a few minutes, the four of them were standing outside the hospital building in a small tree lined sitting area. Dr. Black Jack motioned them to sit down on a bench. “I've seen this kind of death before. It's caused by a sudden cessation of the life force within a person.”

“What you are saying sounds like black magic,” the professor exclaimed, not a medical or scientific explanation.”

“Remember the tail end of our last conversation?”, the doctor asked. He produced an old, worn, wooden box from his coat pocket. “Last chance to back away and keep your belief system from being destroyed.”

“Go on, I need to know,” the professor insisted.

“As you wish,” the doctor sighed. He opened the box, and produced the rod of Asclepius.

“A magic wand?” Reno asked.

“Yes,” the doctor replied, “and for your next question, I am a wand carrying wizard! Those two men were killed by a death spell. I've never used such a thing before now, but if you want demonstrated proof...”

The doctor looked around to insure nobody else was looking before he outstretched his right arm and pointed the wand at the ground while uttering what appeared to be a vulgarity in Latin. The wand shot a bright green lighting bolt towards the ground. The doctor got up and bent down to examine the earth where his lighting had struck. “Look here please.”

Reno, Astro and the Professor looked down at Black Jack's feet. There laid the still body of a cockroach.
“Take that insect back to your lab and see if you can discover how it died. I'm sure you won't be able to, for I simply willed that it stop being alive, and my wish was obeyed by the magic I summoned up. I don't know or understand the technology behind magic, so I accept it AS magic. You may decide to explain it some other way, it doesn't matter to me.”

The professor removed a handkerchief from his pocket, and wrapped the cockroach in it, and then pocketed it. “We will see,” he replied.

“Wait,” Atom replied. “I can explain how I was attacked in the tomb and knocked out. That was clearly a burst of EMP.”

“Atom's right!,” Reno pointed out. “If you didn't know about electromagnetic pulse energy, you might very well think that Atom was knocked out by a magic spell.”

“Hakase,” Kuro asked, “How small could such an EMP generator with enough power to disable Atom be made? Small enough to carry and conceal on a person?”

“That would be quite difficult,” the professor admitted. “Though, not impossible.”

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Re: Mahoutokoro

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Akio's First day at school

“Thank you for handling my mother for me,” Akio told the doctor. “I had no idea how to explain to her where I was going, and why.”

“I don't like lying to a patient or their parents,” the doctor sighed, “Though I often have to tell the most optimistic story I can, even if I know that their medical condition is far worse than I am implying. I will tell you mother the whole truth sometime in the future, just not all at once.”

“So how are you going to get me to the school?”, the boy asked. They were both now standing in the middle of a recently plowed field in a farmers back forty about a mile from the boy's house.

“The school will send transport for us,” the doctor answered, scanning the skies around them. He suddenly pointed, “Here comes our ride now!”
Barely visible as just a dark point against the early morning sky, the bird rapidly flew closer toward them, and was now clearly visible. It changed the cadence of its wing flapping as it descended towards the ground about fifty yards in front of them. The doctor and Akio ran towards the giant petrel, which was now kneeling on the ground so they could climb up its beak and over the top of its head to sit upon its back between the wings. There were two other students already strapped in to a leather harness that the bird wore like a saddle for its riders.

“You two are the last of today's pickups,” a girl of about fourteen years old told them. “Welcome to the Mahoutokoro flight service. Please strap yourselves in, if you've never flown bird back before, your first ride may be a bit disconcerting!”

“If it's anything like riding a broom, I'll be OK,” the doctor laughed.

“Why are you coming with us?,” the teen asked. “As an adult, you should supply your own transportation.”

“I'm a healer,” Black Jack answered, “and Akio here is my patient. I promised his muggle mother that I would go with him on his first day.”

“I quite understand, Sensei,” she replied.

The teen strapped herself in the harness just behind the petrel's head. The bird stood up on its legs and extended its folded wings. Instantly, they were airborne and several thousand feet above the ocean. The bird headed south, flying swiftly. After an hour's flight, it started its descent towards a rocky volcanic island. Looking down, they could see an ornate palace skinned with jade.

The bird alighted in a courtyard, and knelt down with its wings unfolded towards the ground. The students unstrapped themselves and slide off the bird to the ground where the headmaster was waiting for them.

Hokusai Matsuura spotted the doctor and his charge. “Welcome to Mahoutokoro, Akio-kun!”, he said with a slight bow. We are overjoyed to have you.” Then turning to the doctor, “And thank you Black Jack Sensei for accompanying our latest student. I'd now like to personally introduce you both to some of the members of our staff.”

The headmaster led them through the corridors of the staff building, past the many doors of the staff study offices. He knocked on one of the doors, and was greeted by Professor Imahara Michio, a middle aged man about half a head shorter than the doctor. “This is Imahara – Hakase, our History of Magic and Muggle Studies instructor,” he said.

“Arigatō,” Michio replied with a bow. “I look forward to your attending my magic history classes, but I suspect you won't need to be enrolled in the Muggle studies.”

“Yes my patient has been raised by a single Muggle parent,” the doctor answered.

The headmaster led them on to the next office, “Ah, this study also appears to be occupied.” He knocked on the door, and was greeted by an elder woman with gray hair. “Let me introduce you to Kitaoka Keiko, our Divination and Defence against the Dark Arts instructor.”
Keiko's eyes widened as she noticed the upper half of the engraved wooden box protruding from the doctor's robe pocket, and the face of the young boy who was in his charge. “Welcome to Mahoutokoro,” she said trying to hid her feelings behind her voice. “I look forward to seeing more of both of you!”

The headmaster started to lead them further on down the corridor.
“If you don't mind my asking,” the doctor questioned, “I noticed that the instructors here seem to be teaching more than one subject each. Is this normal?”

“Unfortunately yes, Sensei”, the headmaster replied. “Mahoutokoro is somewhat understaffed, matching our smaller student body as of late, so we are glad that many of our instructors are proficient in several areas of instruction. And since you brought up the subject, I was hoping that I could convince you to take on a teaching position here at Mahoutokoro.”

“I'm sorry,” the doctor answered, “but I think that would be like the blind leading the blind. I'm barely qualified in magic.”

“Nonsense!, the headmaster shot back. “I was going to ask you to fill in for our Potions instructor who had to take a leave of absence. Professor Snape over at Hogwarts sent me a glowing recommendation for you, he said you aced his very tough classes during your stay at his institution. I'd also like you to fill in as an instructor for Muggle style first aid, and perhaps serve as the doctor for our Quidditch team. Our team coach can't even manage a splint for a simple fracture, and our team suffers plenty of minor injuries during their practices, bumping into each other and crashing brooms.”

“I'm quite flattered, but I do have a Muggle medical practice at home,” the doctor replied.

“We could arrange your schedule to just three or four days a week,” Hokusai begged. “Having you just part time would still be a great help!”

“I'll give the matter some thought,” the doctor said. “If I can commute each day with my student so I live at home, that might clinch the matter.”

“Agreed!, the headmaster said, slapping the doctor on the back.

Minami-Iōtō Island

Kitaoka Keiko Mahōtsuka waited as the three wizards entered. She sat on the throne, drumming her fingers upon the arm rests.

“I'm sorry, Mahōtsuka,” the tallest of the three said in a submissive voice, “but we have failed to find the wand, despite our long hours of meditation.”

“I know,” Keiko said. “And I'm not surprised. We had expected the wand to be abandoned, still waiting to find its next master.”

“I don't understand,” the shorter of the three asked meekly.

“Once a wand has been adopted by a wizard, it would be shielded from our view except for the brief moments when it was yielding extreme power. It seems that the rod of Asciepius is now in the hands of a Black Jack -Sensei.”

“How did you find this out?”, the head wizard asked.

“We've just had an incredible stroke of luck,” Keiko laughed. “I was still in my study this morning when the students arrived, and our headmaster was getting our latest student orientated. I met both him, and the doctor who was acting as his mentor. This doctor had the wand in his robe pocket. As if that wasn't enough, the boy in his charge is our queen's incarnated son!”

“That does complicate things somewhat,” the middle wizard said stroking his beard.

“Actually, it makes things a lot simpler!”, Kitaoka smiled. “The doctor was offered a teaching position here at the school. I think I can get him to perform the necessary magic that we require, so we won't have to try and capture the wand and turn it towards our purposes. Also we no longer have to kidnap the boy, he's now here at his own choice.”

“Excellent!”, the head wizard cackled.

“There is one small thing,” the short wizard said. “We need to know the ancestry of this doctor. The fact that he is in possession of the wand indicates his lineage as a healer, but we need to know for sure. The test will require a bit of his spit.”

“I can trick it out of it by getting him to drink out of a glass that I will collect,” Kitaoka suggested.

“That will work,” the wizard replied.

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School Begins

Dr. Black Jack's Clinic

The doctors's car pulled into the driveway under the watchful eyes of Pinoko standing on the front porch. “Where did you go without me?” she demanded.

“I accompanied our patient to his first day of wizarding school,” Kuro said matter of factly. “He seems to be in good hands.”

“Is there something else you're not telling me?”, his assistant questioned.

“Yes,” the doctor admitted. “I've been asked to fill in temporarily as an instructor.”

“And of course you've accepted,” Pinoko replied.

“I'm seriously considering doing so,” the doctor answered. “I got this gut feeling that something is going on at Mahoutokoro that the headmaster isn't aware of, or won't admit. At least I'll be able to keep an eye on Akio for his first few weeks, I owe his mother my promise that I'll do that.”

“OK,” Pinoko said, “I give you permission, provided I can come with you! I want to ride on those giant birds!”

“Sorry do disappoint you, but we will be traveling there and back by fireplace,” Black Jack replied, producing a large bag of flu powder from his pocket.

“Rat's!”, Pinoko wined, I hate the fireplace subway!”

“Well, we can go by bird once. We won't be staying at the school over night, we'll be commuting like the younger students. I will still need to take care of patients here you know.”

“Gotcha!,” his assistant replied.

Instructor Kuro Sensei

The doctor, Akio, and Pinoko strapped themselves into the harness on the giant bird's back. “Having second thoughts about flying bird back?” Kuro laughed at Pinoko. His assistant was noticeably a bit nervous.

“Certainly NOT!”, Pinoko shot back as the petrel left the ground, and turned southward towards Minami-Iōtō. Pinoko looked down and could see the waves crashing against the shore. She quickly turned her head to look straight ahead, and grabbed the doctor's wast.

“Don't worry,” Black Jack told her, “the bird is an excellent flier. The trip will be less bumpy than most of the airline flights we've taken.”

“Calm down, Pinoko-Chan,” Akio assured her. “This will be a very smooth ride!”

In about forty minutes, the color of the ocean below seemed to change to a lighter blue as they approached the shallows surrounding the volcanic islands. They flew over Iwo Jima to the north of the wizarding school's island. “Below us is where one of the major battles between Japan and the Allies took place during the second world war,” the doctor told his assistant. Pinoko only nodded her head, but didn't turn to look below them.
Just a few minutes later, the petrel stopped flapping its wings, and started to glide down to a lower altitude. Just ahead of them was their destination. Pinoko spotted the Jade lined walls of the palace. “Is that the school?”, she questioned.

“Yes, that is Mahoutokoro,” the doctor told her.

They landed and the students slide down off the back of the giant bird. Akio adjusted his robe and looked up at the doctor. “I've been told that I will get my wand today,” he smiled. “Will you be teaching here, Sensei?”

“I haven't made up my mind about that yet,” the doctor told him. “I have a meeting with the headmaster in a few minutes. If my requirements are met, I'll consider it. In any case, you'll be on your own from now on. I will stop by the school periodically to check up on you in any case, I've promised your mother that I would keep an eye on you.”

“That shouldn't be necessary,” the boy almost protested. “I'll be home every evening for dinner, my mom will know that I'm OK.”

“She will want to know the truth,” the doctor said. “And she will question me. I will probably have to explain about your real affliction.”

“I know,” Akio said. “Perhaps we should do that together.”

“I was hoping you'd suggest that idea,” Kuro said, giving his patient a pat on the top of his head.

Black Jack led the way to the headmaster's study. Pinoko looked up at the massive oak door that stood at least thrice as high as she was tall. Even the massive iron knocker ring was up high beyond her reach. The doctor lifted the ring and banged it against the door, making a resounding hollow sound inside the room behind it.

Headmaster Hokusai, pulled the door open, making a rusty creaking sound as the doors hinges moaned.

“Your door needs oiling!” Pinoko complained.

The headmaster looked down. “You must be Sensei's muggle assistant Pinoko,” he smiled. “You know young lady, you should consider yourself honored and special. Few non-magical persons get to see this ancient place of enchantment, only squibs and a few relatives of warlocks are ever admitted behind the jade walls of the palace.”

“Well I've been to Hogwarts too!”, Pinoko replied.

“Yes, Headmaster Dumbledore warned me about you!”, Matsuura laughed. “Don't worry,” he added, “Albus was quite fond of you.”
Hokusai faced the doctor, “Well Sensei, will you honor us by accepting a position here?”

“I've given the matter some thought,” the doctor replied. “but my associate here won't allow me to do so unless she accompanies me.”
“I can allow your 'wife' to assist you,” he said, winking at Pinoko, “but I suspect that she will soon tire of the task and desire to remain at home. Any other demands?”

“Yes,” Kuro replied. “I must have every other day off for my muggle practice back home. I may need to take short leaves of absence as well if I have an emergency at home, but I will try to make myself available for emergencies at the school. I'll commute back and forth by the flu network, or apparition.”

“Can I arrange your class schedule for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays then?” the headmaster asked.

“Yes, but do try to schedule for the mornings. That way I can leave early for emergencies back home.”

“Acceptable,” the head master replied, “but we will want you available during Quiddich practices.”

“Yes, I expected that,” the doctor laughed. “I'll make myself available for that.”

“Well then, your first potions class will begin in two hours,” Hokusai laughed, handing the doctor a scroll. “Here is the class seating chart with the names of the students, and some class notes that Kaku – Hakasei left before his departure.”

“How did you know I'd accept the position?”, Kuro asked.

“I was never in doubt about it,” the headmaster apologized.

The doctor unrolled the scroll on the top of the desk in front of the empty classroom. He looked at the various implements scatted on the desk top, several small cast iron cauldrons, a couple of ring stands to hold said cauldron over a flame, and two alcohol burners. There were also several racks holding empty glass tubes, and glass stirring rods. A balance beam scale with a set of weights sat in one corner of the desktop. There were rows upon rows of shelves attached to the wall behind the desk, filled with stoppered and labeled jars. These were all filled with various ingredients required for the preparation of any kind of potion that the professor would demonstrate to a first year class. Additional shelves with similar bottles hung on the side walls of the classroom, these were for the students use during a class laboratory session where the pupils were to try out their skills for the instructor to grade.

Pinoko pulled up a tall stool and sat behind the doctor. “Not much for me to do, I suppose?”, she sighed.

“I warned you that you'd be better off at home,” Kuro lectured her. “However, you can fetch me what I need during the class, that is if you can understand the labels on those jars.”

Pinoko bent down and examined the shelves of labeled jars behind the desk. “Who ever wrote these labels had very poor penmanship,” she complained. “Also the ink has faded on a lot of the labels. Won't be easy. Maybe later I should refile those jars in some kind of order that makes sense.”

“That's a good idea, but it will have to wait, my first class should be here any minute now.”

As soon as the doctor had uttered this, the first students started to shuffle into the class room, to take their seats. They were a nosy bunch, and were obviously aware that they were going to have a new teacher, and would probably try to take advantage of the situation.

“Hello students,” the doctor spoke as the class entered. “I am replacing Kaku San as your potions instructor while he is on leave. Please take your seats, and we'll begin.”

Most of the class orderly sat down quietly, except for one student who laughing spoke out, “Are you the muggle teacher we heard had been hired by the headmaster?”

“What did you say,” the doctor replied in a strong tone of voice.

“I asked if you were a muggle …”

Before the boy could finish his sentence, Kuro had his wand out and aimed at the boy. He waved it quickly and the child lost his footing and fell to the floor. “If you want to make an ass of yourself, perhaps I can help!” Black Jack told him.

As the student got to his feet, the rest of the class tried to control their laughter. The lad had just sprouted donkey ears from the sides of his head!

“What have you done to me!,” the boy asked in a scared voice.

“Improved your looks, a bit, perhaps,” the doctor replied. “Don't worry, the spell will only last a few hours, and then you will return to you former ugly self!”
With all of the class now seated at attention, Kuro continued.
“It's true I have a muggle medical practice, I wasn't aware of my magical heritage until last year. I attended Hogwarts where I aced Professor Snape's potions course, and I have his highest recommendation which was sufficient for the headmaster to ask me to fill in for awhile. I also ended up surviving a bit of dueling with Voldermort, an evil wizard you might have heard of. So, don't get any ideas of getting on my bad side, you won't survive the encounter!” The doctor then pointed towards Pinoko, “this young lady is my assistant. She isn't a witch, but she will be helping me. You will treat here with respect!”

Two hours later the class was over, and the students shuffled out. The doctor finished writing down some notes on a piece of foolscrap which he then rolled up and stuffed into his bag. At that moment the headmaster entered the room. “So how did you survive your first potions class, sensei?”

“I had to put one student back in his place,” the doctor laughed.

“Yes, I noticed the boy with the donkey ears!,” Keiko smirked. “The lad has a bad habit of putting his mouth in motion before his brain. How long will that last?”

“My spell will probably wear off before dinner time,” the doctor voiced.

“Just about right,” the headmaster agreed. “Well now lunch will be served in our mess hall in about fifteen minutes, will you and Pinoko join me at the staff table?”

“Lunch!”, Pinoko spoke up, “Please sensei, I'm hungry!”

“I guess so,” the doctor nodded. “Please lead the way.”

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