Mega Man and Astro Boy: A Fan Fic

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Mega Man and Astro Boy: A Fan Fic

Postby Executor » 9 years ago


Rock had recently switched himself to Sleep Mode to conserve power for the rest of the flight. He sat between his sister-unit Roll and his creator Dr. Thomas Light. While the famed robot expert took it easy, Roll was lost in amazement at the vast ocean of clouds outside of the plane.

Earlier that day, the three of them left their hometown of Monsteropolis. Not so long ago, Dr. Light received a request from Japan’s Ministry of Science to participate in a project that Rock and Roll didn’t know much about at the moment. It became clear to them that this project would require Light to come over there to help. Along with Rock and Roll, Light brought three other robots of his with him: the transforming dog robot Rush, the robot bird Beat, and the container robot Eddie; but due to their non-humanoid models, none of them could not stay in the passengers’ area.

The intercom dinged and a man’s voice blared from the speaker: “All passengers bring your seats to the upright position and fasten your seatbelts. We are landing now.”

Light nudged Rock on the shoulder. “Rock,” said he “wake up, we’ll be landing in a moment.”

With a yawn, Rock became operational again. “We’re landing, doctor?”

Light nodded. “In just a bit.”

“What’s the name of the man we’re supposed to meet at the airport?” asked Roll.

“Elefun,” Light answered “Dr. Packadermus J. Elefun. He’s Japan’s current Minister of Science. He was a good friend of mine from my days at the Robot Institute of Technology, be sure to watch your Ps and Qs when you meet him.”

Roll nodded.

The plane began to descend.

The terminal at New Tokyo International Airport was really busy, but then again, which airport isn’t? But this particular one almost resembled an ancient bazaar, with its various shops and the array of humans and robots there. For Roll, it was a new, exciting experience.

“You know,” said Light “I still feel kind of guilty leaving Auto back in Monsteropolis.”

Roll smiled at her maker. “Don’t worry,” she assured the human “He’s got Tango to keep him company. Besides I think he hates flying.”

Soon, Rock noticed a man standing at the foot of a large poster displaying the Pyramid of Cheops and the Sphinx only a stone’s throw away from them. He was a stocky, balding man in a brown suit and tie with puffs of snow-white hair and a huge nose. There was a little boy with him that was wearing the odd combination of a beige sweater, red boots, and what appeared to be a black diaper. The man was holding up a sign reading “Light”. Rock turned to his creator and said “Is that Dr. Elefun?”

Dr. Light laid eyes upon the man in question and immediately overcome with joy. “Packy, old buddy!”

The two old friends gave each other a big hug amid healthy laughter.

“It’s been so long, Packy!” laughed Light “Congrats again on your appointment as minister.”

“It’s great to see you again, too, Tommy,” said Elefun. He soon took note of the boy and girl in his friend’s company. “These are your robots, I take it?”

“OH!” Dr. Light felt sheepish. He was so thrilled about seeing his old college friend after so many years he’d forgotten to introduce his robots. “I’m sorry about that… this is—!”


Light was unexpectedly interrupted by Rock, who had suddenly recognized that the oddly-dressed boy with Dr. Elefun wasn’t a human, but a robot like himself. This wasn’t an ordinary robot either, this was the world-famous Astro.

Astro was a little surprised by the other robot’s sudden burst of glee. “You… know about me?”

Rock was acting like a five-year-old on Christmas morning or a hungry stray cat locked inside a seafood store. “Are you kidding me? You’re Astro!” he exclaimed “You saved President Ricci of Guravia and stopped an alien attack on Mars! You’re my hero! Dr. Light, why didn’t you tell me Dr. Elefun knew Astro?”

Light chuckled. “It was a surprise.”

“My name is Rock and this is my sister Roll.”

Roll was excited about meeting Astro, but was much more collected about it. “It’s nice to meet you, Astro,” she said with a bow.

Dr. Elefun chuckled. “Well since you all know each other now,” said he “Why don’t we get you all settled?”

“Alright, Packy,” said Dr. Light “But we need to get Rush, Eddie, and Beat before we go.”
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Postby AprilSeven » 9 years ago

OMG - this is GREAT!!! :w00t:

Indentation is EASY - just be sure you are in "Advanced" mode (instead of "Quick Response"). Look at the second row of formatting options - you'll see bold, italic, underline, align left, center, right, then numeric bullets, regular bullets and THEN Decrease Indent and INCREASE Indent. Note - you need to highlight the text that you want to indent BEFORE clicking the icon

:lol: :lol: "Packy!!" Good one! :lol: :lol:
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Postby Executor » 9 years ago

"AprilSeven" wrote:OMG - this is GREAT!!! :w00t:

I'm not sure about the indentation ability either . . . I'll see if either Vergere or Astro Forever can advise about indentation.

:lol: :lol: "Packy!!" Good one! :lol: :lol:

I didn't feel like writing "Packadermus" so much. LOL

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Postby Executor » 9 years ago


Dr. Elefun’s car was packed as it departed the airport, eight individuals were crammed inside: two scientists, three robot kids, a bird robot about the size of a basketball, a red robot dog, and a robotic container in the trunk with the luggage. Of course it wouldn’t be very long before they got to their destination.

“So you and Dr. Light went to the Robot Institute of Technology together?” Astro asked.

Elefun nodded. “Dr. Light and I go way back, Astro,” said he. “He’s considered to be the world’s foremost authority on robotics.”

Light sighed. “I’ve always believed that humans and robots, living together, will result in reciprocating benefits for both. It’s been my dream to make certain that this vision becomes a reality.”

“I feel the same way,” said Astro “So does Dr. Elefun.”

“I really don’t want to blow my own horn,” Light said, staring out the passenger’s window. “I cannot risk another Wily.”

“‘Wily’ as in ‘Albert Wily’?” asked Elefun. “I remember him from RIT, whatever happened to him?”

“In a nutshell, Packy, the green-eyed monster,” Light explained.

“You mean he was jealous of you?” asked Astro.

“Very jealous, Astro,” said Light “Wily always believed that I was intentionally trying to steal his thunder. I don’t know why he thinks that, but I’ve always tried to be as quiet as possible about my accomplishments ever since then. I’ll tell you all more about that story tonight.”

Astro smiled. “Maybe I can introduce you all to my family after you all move in,” he suggested “I’m sure they’d like to meet you.”

Elefun chuckled “Now, Astro, one step at a time.” Soon, Elefun brought the car to a stop. Everyone found themselves in front of a large silver dome with windows. There was a “For Rent” sign on the front, with a “Purchased” banner across it in bold, red letters.

“Is this the place?” asked Rock.

“Looks awesome, woof,” said Rush. The red robo-dog was the first one out of the back of the vehicle, followed by Rock, Astro, Beat, and Roll.

“Chirp! Nice looking neighborhood,” said Beat. “You live around here, Astro?”

“My house is down the street and around the corner,” he answered. “Need any help unpacking?”

“If you want to help us, you can,” said Light. He unlocked the trunk and as soon as the hatch opened, a small red robot jumped out.

It looked up at Light and spoke “Are we there?”

“We are, Eddie,” said Roll “Let’s get unpacked.”

A few hours passed. As the street lights came on, Rock, Roll, and Dr. Light found themselves standing in front of a brightly lit house. The human kept studying the address of the index card. “This is the place.”

“Astro’s house you mean?” Roll inquired.

“I told Dr. Elefun and Astro that we’d come,” said Light “and you kids probably would like to know them and their friends a little better.”

“Of course,” said Rock.

The trio proceeded to the door and Light rang the bell. After a couple of seconds, it was opened by a stocky man with black hair and a mustache. His nose was bright pink and round, resembling a gumball. The trio could immediately tell he was a robot. “Hello,” said he “you must be Dr. Light. Dr. Elefun and Astro told me about you. Come in.”

Rock, Roll, and Light entered the house. Despite being owned by a family of robots, it looked just like any other home.

“Dr. Elefun and the others are in the living room,” said the robot.

He led the three of them to Elefun, who was sitting in an armchair. A robotic replica of a woman sat on a nearby sofa. Astro was also in the room watching TV with another robot—one that looked like him, only modeled to look like a girl. “Ah, Tommy! You’re here. I see you’ve met Astro’s father.”

Rock blinked at this. “His father?”

“Yes,” said Elefun “I built him his parents as a present.”

Astro turned around to see Rock and Roll. “Uran, they’re here!”

The little girl robot looked up to see their company. Almost immediately, she laid her eyes upon the boy robot that had entered her house. Every circuit within her was immediately filled with joy and she started to blush. He’s so cute, she thought to herself.

Astro and his robot guests stared at Uran; neither knew what had happened to her. “Is she okay?” asked Roll.

Astro nudged his sister-unit, who was still frozen with that happy smile across her face. “Uran? Uran, talk to me.”

The robot girl finally snapped out of it. “Huh? Oh, Astro! We have company?”

“Yes, Uran,” said Elefun “This man is my old friend Dr. Light and these are his robots Rock and Roll.”

“It’s nice to meet you all,” said Uran, now a trifle sheepish for allowing her mind to wander. “What brings you all to our house?”

“Astro and Dr. Elefun wanted to introduce us to you all,” said Roll.

“It’s nice to meet you all,” said the robot woman.

“I take it you’re Astro and Uran’s mother-unit,” said Light.

She nodded.

“Dr. Light, you never told us our reason for coming to New Tokyo,” said Rock.

“Why are we here?”

Light took a seat next to Astro’s mother on the sofa. “I think now’s the best time for you to know, Rock,” said he. “The Ministry of Science has made me the guest of honor at a big demonstration tomorrow morning at Pascal Park. It will be then that we make the Sabine Project public.”

“What’s the Sabine Project?” asked Roll.

“In the past few weeks,” Elefun explained “the Ministry of Science has been developing a specialized robot for the International Asteroid Patrol. His name is Pulsar.”


“Pulsar is a robot built for space,” Elefun continued “specifically for asteroid demolition. He’s equipped with a powerful laser that can easily bore through granite.”

“I can honestly say,” Light added “if Wily ever found out about Sabine, he’d give the five fingers on his left hand just so he could misuse Pulsar as a weapon.”

Astro remembered that name from earlier. Now he wanted to know some more. “Dr. Light,” said he “this is the second time today I’ve heard you bring up Dr. Wily. Taking into account what you just said, does he use robots for his own ends?”

“He does Astro,” Light revealed “It all started when he stole six robots that I had built for public service and reprogrammed so he could attain world domination. Rock, here, volunteered to fight and reclaim those robots and stop Wily. From that, the world got Mega Man.”

Astro gasped. “NO WAY! Rock is Mega Man?”

“Give me a break,” said Uran. “Prove it!”

Rock smiled and spoke “Okay. Run program: Armor Mode.” Instantly, Rock’s casual clothes gave way to his iconic blue-and-cyan armor.

The hosts’ attention immediately became focused on Rock. “Oh! My! Gosh! You really ARE Mega Man!” Uran squealed. She immediately glomped the famous robot; the unexpected tackle knocked him off balance and down to the floor. The girl-bot snuggled her head against Rock’s chest.

“Uh, not exactly a shrinking violet, is she?” Rock said uncomfortably.

Everyone had a good laugh at Rock’s expense.

The next morning, the doctors assured them all, was going to be a big day.



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Postby Lilrawr » 8 years ago

Please continue, this is really amazing :D
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Postby Fuzzy Pickles! » 8 years ago

I saw this on and I would love for you to continue this story. It's getting interesting and it'd be a shame for you to quit so early. This is one of those cross-overs that if pulled off correctly, can make for a fantastic story and I myself have ideas for my own cross-over of Astro Boy and Mega Man in perhaps the distant future.

However, something I would suggest is that you want to avoid double negatives. I noticed one at the end of the second paragraph and it kind of bothers me.

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