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Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:10 pm
by Astro-Rokku-chan
Whew! That was close! Keep it up!

Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:19 pm
by Toshio
That's the spirit^^

You could make some extra spaces to make the lines easier to read.

You can copy my style of spacing if you like^^

Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 3:03 am
by racoonangel
Dr. O shay walked into Astro's room to break the news to him that Reno and Natalie were going on his

expedition." how are you feeling" Astro replies " I'm okay, I wish I was up and walking around" Dr. Oshay

looks Astro in the eyes " well you need to rest your always out working for others, you need to make sure

your feeling better before doing anything else". Astro looks away feeling a little sad, then Dr. Oshay spoke

"natalie and Reno are heading out on your expedition in a few days". Astro's eyes widened " I don't want

them getting hurt" Dr. O shay replies " their going to be alright, now you worry about yourself, another

thing you won't be able to go into work for the next month or two" Astro replies in a shocked tone " not

even if I'm recovered" Dr. Oshay gives him a straight forward answer " I'm sorry Astro your stressing

yourself to much even as it is right now, please get so more rest". Astro moans as Dr. Oshay left the room.

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:07 pm
by racoonangel
The next day Natalie and Reno were packing up everything they needed for this expedition. Dr. Oshay collected some data, and between his visits in Metro City he head to an Island called the black. This island has a volcano that has a possibility of erupting. " Natalie and Reno I need you to go to black Island, I have a helicopter to take you there, now please be careful". They both replied" alright doctor". As they were about to leave Dr. Oshay handed them a communicator in case they needed help. Reno handed it over to Natalie " here Natalie you keep it since it's your first expedition" she replies "Okay, and by the way you can call me Nat if you want". Reno gives a little nod, then Natalie spoke up again " now that I gave you my nickname I should probably tell Astro too, later on".

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 4:15 am
by racoonangel
As they first set foot on the island they looked around , to Reno and Natalie it wasn't exactly the prettiest island ever. The island was very rocky and alot of waves hitting up againest the rather dark looking rocks. Throughout the first day on the island Reno and Nat scouted out the place. They didn't find much although they decided to set up camp since it was getting dark. They hid in a cave so that the black robot wouldn't fly above them during their sleep. As Natalie was getting some food out she heard a craking noise or more likely to be a loud snap. Suddenly she heard Reno yell " owwwwwwwwww". He wasn't exactly inside the cave he was off in the distance gathering wood. After hearing him yell, Natalie ran outside the cave to find Reno in pain and his leg a little messed up. She looked at his leg " I think it's broken but I have some first aide skills so I will pop it back in place in 3" she began counting and the tension was building on Reno. When Natalie said three and poped it in place Reno screamed in pain. She picked Reno up and walked in the cave and lied him down very still. " I'm going to try calling Dr. O shay we need to get you to a hospital and quick" she got her communicator out but there was no signal, she assumed due to the weather conditions on the island the stormy clouds heading in on them.

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:48 pm
by racoonangel
Meanwhile back at Dr. Oshays house....

Dr. Oshay looks out the window to find camera men and dectective twashi walking up to the door. Suddenly Dr. Oshay hears pounding on the door, then the door burst open just as Dr.Oshay set foot on the first floor of the house. " Where is ASTRO I've been patient enough" the cameras were then surrounding Dr. Oshay " he is still on his mission". Then detective twashi looks at him " Oh really, I got word that Natalie and Reno went on his mission, now where is he" then Dr.Oshay's eyes widened how did you know"? Then the camera immediatly pointed to Dr. Oshay as twashi began to speak " I have my ways, you do know this live on news". This is cruel can't you give Astro some privacy and not always interfier with his life". Then twashi replies " I am a detective I have the rights to investigate".

Then Zoran tumbles down the stairs " what's going on here" then Dr. Oshay replies " it's nothing now please go upstairs" then twashi interupts " wait let's see what Zoran has to say, do you know where Astro is". Suddenly Zoran began crying as all the camera were pointing at her. Then Dr. Oshay shouts " PLEASE GET OUT OF HERE NOW, YOU MADE HER CRY" Detective twash refuses to leave " I want to no more information, and why is Zoran crying". Dr. Oshay begins whispering in Zoran's ear. Dr. Oshay stands up " it's time to tell you the truth, Astro is in critical conditon" a tear drops from Dr.Oshay's eyes " now leave" out of respect they dropped the camera's and left.


Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:43 pm
by racoonangel
When it was finally slient in the house after the truthful annoccement. Dr. Oshay felt bad, of giving away the entire truth to Metro coty. " I wish Astro wasn't in such bad condition" Dr. Oshay thought.

Later the next day more camera men where waiting outside for Dr. Oshay to come outside, to clarify more questions on Astro. it was quite silent throughout the day, but Dr. Oshay needed to tell Astro what happened yesterday. he walked in and saw Astro still lying there, as if he was still feeling ill and in pain. Then Dr. Oshay spoke "I'm sorry Astro I could'nt keep it confidential that your in crital condition" Astro looked up at Dr. Oshay " it's okay Doctor". Astro felt more discomfort " I'm sorry you feel ill Astro, I wish I didn't have to watch you suffer" Astro closed his eyes " I'm sorry you have to watch me struggle, I wish you didn't"_" I also wish robots and humans were more peaceful towards one another" Dr. Oshay put a hand on Astro's head " now you get some more rest, I'll take you dow to the Ministry later, some of your new parts came in" Just before Dr. Oshay left the room, Zoran peeked her head in the door " big brother can I come in, how are you feeling"?


Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:23 pm
by Astro-Rokku-chan
Keep this up, girlie! Love it so far :)

Posted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:03 pm
by racoonangel
Dr. Oshay looked at Zoran " you can come in but only for a few minutes your brother is still very tired" . Zoran comes closer to Astro and gives him a hug, then Astro realized something " Zoran aren't you suppose to be at school" then Dr. Oshay replied " I'm letting her stay home so that the reporters don't bother her, and so that she can stay with you". Zoran squeazed Astro harder as she started to cry " big brother , I wish you were better already" Astro then replies " your squeazing me a bit tight, and I'm going to be alright later on". After Zoran let go of Astro, and left the room still crying. Dr. Oshay then looks at Astro " your sister feels very heartbroken she used to seeing you save the day and play with her, so please get some rest and I'll let your sister back in here later".

Dr. Oshay left the room and headed downstairs to watch the new. ( on the tv) " we still have no further information on Astro's condition, apparentely Dr. Oshay wants to keep the situation confidencial, after last night, dectective twashi thinks that Astro is in pretty severe condition after seeing Zoran crying imediatly asked the question we'll be right back with more news after the break". Dr. Oshay sighed and thought " why must the whole Metro city have to know about this, I wonder how Reno and Natalie are doing".


Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2013 11:58 am
by racoonangel
Back on the Island......

" Sorry Reno I wasn't able to make contact with Dr.Osahy I'll try again tomorrow morning, I'll see what I can find around the Island to help your leg". Reno gives Natalie a look " I want you to stay here, wondering around on the Island at night is dangerous". Natalie replies " okay, I will see what I have in my bag". Natalie begins digging in her bag,then she pulled out a pocket knive and some bandages, then she gathered up a stick that had some sap on it, that was laying on the ground. She walked up to Reno, and started wrapping the bandages tight around Reno's foot to keep the bone in place. Then Natalie cut the bandage with her pocket knive, and used the stick with sap to hold it together. Once Natalie was finished she put her knive away, and began to started a camp fire. Then the ground shook beneath them and Natalie fell.

Back at Dr. Oshay house....

As Dr. Oshay was watching the news they made another big report ( on the tv) " as we are watching the weather radar we see that the volcano on Black Island is going to eurupt in few days, it's just beginning to set in, Eplison has also predicted that this volcanic euruption is so large it may or may not hit Metro city". Dr. Oshay mouth opened wide then he ran to his communicator, he tryed calling Nat, and Reno but no response. Dr. Oshay then began to worry. He decided to go get help from Detective Twashi to send in a search party so that they are safe before the volcano eurupts.

In Detective's Office....

" Delta I need you to go on a mission to find out more on Astro's condition" said Detective Twashi. Then Dr. Oshay bursts in his office" I need you to send in a search party to find Reno and Natalie, they are on Black Island". Detective begins to yell " YOU WANT ME TO HELP YOU WHEN YOU WON'T TELL ME WHAT'S WRONG WITH ASTRO"! Dr. Osahy looked down " I'll make a deal if you can get Natalie and Reno back here afe they you may see Astro" Detective pips up "wait I'd like to see Astro first so there aren't any change in plans no tricks. Then Dr. Oshay looks Detective in the eyes " okay but just you and me no cameras nothing, now come to my house, then we will leave to save Nat, and Reno.