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Postby racoonangel » 7 years ago

At the corner of Natalie's eyes she saw the police squad moving in on the island. Natalie began to pack up her stuff and cleaned up the area. She helped Reno up, he still had been struggling for the last day with no pain medication, or proper care. As the police squad reached the Island, Delta flew over to Natalie and Reno while the rest distracted what appeared to be the black robot. Delta then saw that it was getting really dangerous to be on the Island as the black cloud of smoke was approaching them even more. If it got any closer it could possibly kill Natalie and Reno, the smoke is very toxic to the lungs.( other words you can suffecate) Delta looked down at Reno's leg noticing it was going to be hard to get him off the island with just his squad. Until moments later Dr.Oshay and Detective fly in on a helicopter. Dr. Oshay imediatly hurried over to the three of them very concerned. The facial expression was never a good sign to Natalie. He then spoke up " we need to evacuate you guys now" Natalie replies but we need to knock down the Black robot and get it's data". Dr. Oshay looks over at Delta " do you think your team can get the data on Astro from him". Delta replied in a not so sure tone " I don't know, we can try to get him out cold, it might be hard due to the fact we know how much he damaged Astro". Delta flew over to his squad who had already been struggle to hold him off guard of knowing there were people on the island that were trying to leave his territory.
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I LOVE ASTRO BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Postby AstroBlaster1998 » 7 years ago

keep going its getting more interesting. oh i love Reno and Natilie got saved :D

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