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Postby Novacain » 6 years ago

Your cell battery is getting dangerously low!


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Postby GemTenma » 6 years ago

"Novacain" wrote:Your cell battery is getting dangerously low!


lol yeah I know. It's all god haha
Astro my love, soon I can hold you in my arms again :heart: :heart: :astro:

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Postby Vergere » 6 years ago

Learn your lesson: if you don't want someone to know about what you are saying about them, just don't post it publicly on the Internet.

MrsAstroTenma, this is the Internet. People will post whatever they want, even if it doesn't please you. What you are claiming is difficult for most people to believe. As they say, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Obviously you don't have such extraordinary evidence, so until you have you must accept that people won't believe you and will talk about you. Many people here have been talked about in a very rude way. We as moderators had sometimes to deal with users who called us "nazis" or other colorful names that they couldn't even understand. We can't make the Internet the way we want, so we just had to let things go their way. While you certainly don't have this policy of bashing people who don't believe you, you still display the attitude that people who don't believe you are wrong. They are not wrong. They are not right either, nor are those who believe you. Until you can provide evidence, this is a belief and this is personal matter for everyone, not a verifiable fact. I would have thought that in your 9th dimension you would be enlightened enough to know and accept that.

Nothing constructive can be added to this discussion, so I close it. If you have something more to say, you can contact me or the other moderators by private message.
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