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Astro Boy New Novels

Postby teugene50 » 8 years ago

Hey Everyone it's me again.

I just wanted to say that there's an episode novels from Season 1 to 3.

Season 1 will be:
The Horrid King of Black Gloves
Denkou returns
Dial 955 for Evil
Here comes Mitchy
Atlas's Saturn
Pluto's Arch Enemy:Mercury
The Devil's Mirror bot
Revenge of the Repo Girls
19th Cenutry Meiji Trouble
Reno returns to Bella Notte
Astro vs The Destroid
The Sun Vampire
Who kidnapped Reno

Season 2
The Renegade Princess from Dai Yunnan
Korean History Paradox
The return of the Blue Knight
Angel's Island
The Emerald Puppy
The Apperance of Tobio
Astroboy meets Tobio from heaven
Tobio's Promise
Adventures in the Ruby City
The triumph of the Lost Town of Kikaba
The Qin Dynasty Mayhem
Astro goes to Indonesia
The Burmese detonation hour.
The Anarctican's Treasure
Race to the Mayan's Calender
Save the Kingdom of Ieyasu
The mysteries of the Old Shrine of Isayama
Save the only Fragile Africa
The Malaysian Period Mystery

Season 3

The Orbit 32 from Planet Mars
Norweigian Mysteries of the Sinking Village
Astro goes to Scotland
Astro vs the Belgian Mad shark bot
The Stolen Mills
It's not a game from the TV Game studios.
Hannah visits Astro
Dr.O.Shay's Troublemaking Niece.
Astro's Conscience:Tobio.
The Unbeatable Prantama the Tentacled robot.
Revenge of the Phantom Destroyer
Astro's showdown in Germany
Mimi's Children play Revolution Part 1
Mimi's Children play Revolution Part 2:the Children's city
Mimi's Children play Revolution Part 3:Team Mimi fights back
Mimi's Children play Revolution Part 4 Final:Tobio in Children's City(End of the versus)
The 12 PM Showdown in Metro City
The 12 PM Showdown in Metro City II:The Time Stopper
The 12 PM Showdown in Metro City III:The Trail of the Rewind
Dr Tenma returns
Trial of the Platinum Destroyer
The mysteries of the Runaway Spaceship
The Black Arrow
The Children's Empire of Hanyao Dynasty
Norwegian Koryo Children's City
The Rise of the Last Enemy
The Rise of the Last Enemy Part II:Farewell Tobio.

The End

Before the Mask jr Returns .
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Postby teugene50 » 8 years ago

Here's the First Episode

Astro Boy:The Horrid King of Black Gloves.

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Postby teugene50 » 8 years ago

New Astro Boy Adventures Episode 1:The Horrid King of Black Gloves

By Eugene Tan Ong Siong

((c) Astroboy 2003, Sony Pictures all rights respected. Not profit Enjoyments Only.

(It is a beautiful morning at Metro City.All the people are working for their benefits and all the children

are studying for their future education.Here at the streets of Metro City,there is a black car that drives to

Dr O Shay's house. Here in the house of Dr O Shay,Astro was playing some toys with his sister Zoran.But

Zoran have accidentally broke his toy car into two.)


Zoran:Sorry,i thought that it was clay.

Astro:This is not a clay Zoran,it's my new toy car that i bought. Don't you know that my new toy car has

cost $300 that i earned?

Zoran :O h..I..

Astro(swipes his toy car from Zoran.):Wait here,i'll go get some clay for you to play with.(Astro stood up

and run into his room to get his clay.Then,she heard the ring from the doorbell as someone is at the


Dr O Shay:I'll get it.(He runs to the door and answer.)Who is it?

Man 01:This is a messenger from the Glovatanis Kingdom.

Dr O Shay(opens the door):Glovatanis Kingdom? A messanger?

Messenger:That's right. You must be Dr O Shay.

Dr O Shay:Yes i am.

Messenger:I have receive a message for you from the King.He said that he wants you to come to the city

to repair the king's robotic Assistant.

Dr O Shay:Why would i want to repair the king's assistant?

Messenger:Because his systems are malfunctioning,and then he was exploded all the way high.Until the

robotic assistant is gone.

Dr O Shay :O h my!!!

Messenger:Without the Robotic Assistant,he couldn't plan to make his city a better place.(Astro went

down to Zoran.And he give her the clay.)The city will become a dystopia. Or worse.

Astro:I wonder what's this all about?

Dr O Shay:That's terrible,i better Visit to Glovatanis right away.(He quickly runs into his room to pack

his stuff and he runs out of his room.But Astro have blocked his way.)What is that you want Astro?

Astro:Can i come with you? Please? Take me with you?

Dr O Shay:Huh?

Messenger:No!! No children,I'm only taking Dr O Shay to Glovatanis city .

(Astro starts to cry .)

Dr O Shay(curious):What's wrong Astro?

(Astro cries very loud and throws a very loud tantrum.)

OH MY!!!

Messenger:YEOW!!! MY EARS!!!

Zoran(cover her ears.) :O ooooh.
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Postby teugene50 » 8 years ago

(Astro bangs on the floor real hard and kept on crying real loud.)




Astro(Sob):Thank you.

(Later,Astro and Dr O Shay are off to the airport to Glovatanis.)

(In Dr O Shay's house.)

Robita:Astro is gone for couple of days,i guess i'll have to babysit you,Zoran.

Zoran(sigh):I wanna go too.Oh,life is so unfair.

(in the Black Car.)

Dr O Shay:Why in the world are you crying for? Are you a baby or are you special?

Astro:I've feared that something will happen to you,that's why i need you to take me along.

Dr O Shay: That's impossible,are you sure that something is really going to happen to me?

Astro: Dr O Shay,you gotta believe me. i think that they're up to no good.

(In the Airport terminal 1.)

Messenger:Well,here we to take the private plane to Glovatanis.

Dr O Shay:But where is the plane?

Messenger:Follow me to the private departure and i'll show you where the plane is.

(In the private departure.the messenger points his finger at the plane.)

There's our plane.

Dr O Shay:That's our plane? but the plane is the same as the passenger plane.

Messenger:Um..I was talking about this plane which is the right at the passenger plane.(He points his

finger at the bigger plane which is next to the passenger plane.)

Dr O Shay:Wow!!! Looks like a Beluga plane to us.

Messenger:Shall we hop on board to the bigger plane?

Astro:We would love to.

(In the bigger plane that takes off to Glovatanis)

Messenger:Allow me to introduce myself,i'm Dariel Hughes the Messenger of the Glovatanian King.I

work as a messenger who delivers the message to each of the people around the world.

Dr O Shay:Nice to meet you Dariel.But tell me,when did the king have his own robotic assistant?

Dariel(flashback of the king's past):When he was a little baby prince,he has his first robotic assistant

named Curon who is nice and gentle on him.He looked into Curon's face that is so handsome,that he

giggles a lot with laughter.And when he was 12 yrs old,He was very aggressive at Curon who blamed for

killing his parents during the anti-robot movement.After the Anti-Robot movement is over,The prince

have become king of Glovantanis and he apologize to Curon for what he have done,it was not Curon

whokilled his parents,it was the gang fromt he AR(Anti-robot)Movement who framed Curon.(flashback

faded back to the scene of Glovatanis Airport.)And that's why the king needs his assistant to create a

plan to make Glovitanis a better place.

(In Glovatanis Airport)
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Postby teugene50 » 8 years ago

Shall we hop aboard to the monorail? This monorail will take us to the palace of the King of Glovatanis.

Astro:Yaaay!!!(He covers his mouth after he behaved like a child)Uh...did i just do that?

Dr O Shay(Laughs): Uh,he's just too excited to take a monorail..

Dariel: To the palace?(giggle)Yeah,i guess so.Now,enough talk. Time for us to go to the palace.

(In the Palace of King of Glovatanis.)

(The real King of Glovatanis was tied into the closet.)

King(Katari look a like.):You'll never get away from this,Katari. When Astro comes to my palace.(Katari

closes his mouth with a duct tape.)

Katari:Silence your highness,I need to disguise myself.(Katari walks into his changing room.and close the

door to change himself into an imitation king.)While,i prepare to make an audacious plan to rule

Glovatanis by putting all of those robots to the end.(Laughs evily)

(In the throne room of the palace.)

Dr O Shay:Your majesty.We are here. Your majesty?

Katari(quickly change into his king's clothing.):I better hurry.(when he changed into his king's

clothing,he dashed into his throne.)Come on boys.

Katari guards:Right!!!(they ran out to hide themselves to prepare.)

(As Katari runs into the throne.)

Katari(Imitation king of Glovatanis.):Greetings friends,I am King Krosell of Glovatanis and i welcome

you to my humble city of Glovatanis.Where all the happy golden coins smiles like you never seen it


Astro:Thank you your majesty.

(Just then,The robot doctor came to the throne.)

Katari:Ah,and what is the problem my faithful robot doctors?

RD(Robot Doctors):we are ready for the repairment of Curon,Your majesty.

Katari:Excellent. Then prepare for curon's resurrection.Dr O Shay,I really need your help.My robotic

assistant Curon is in an explosive damage and i just couldn't bare to look at Curon who suffer from all of

the malfunctioned problems.

Dr O Shay:Then,i will prepare myself to resurrect Curon.

Katari:Great,shall we go to the operating room,Dr.O Shay?

Dr O Shay:Agree.(Astro follows Dr o Shay to the operating room.But then,his ears can hear the sense

that something's not right.he use his eyes to scan around the place.And Astro found Katari's minions

who were hiding around the place.)

Astro:Something's not right about this king. But...i can't put my finger on it.I mean why are the minions

hide around the place?

Dr O Shay:Come on Astro,His Majesty's Curon robot is waiting for him.

Astro(runs to Dr O Shay) :O h!! Coming.

(in the operating room.)

Katari:Now,Begin to rebuild My faithful robot Curon.Dr O Shay,you may now proceed to your work

Dr O Shay:I'm ready your majesty.

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Postby teugene50 » 8 years ago

Katari(King) :O h,and one more thing.(Katari takes out the chip from his pocket and gave it to Dr O

Shay.)You'll need this chip to gain Curon's memory.

Dr O Shay :O kay? But why would i want to put the chip into his brain?

Katari(King):Trust me Dr O Shay my friend,he'll be better if he could remember everything in his past.

Dr O Shay :O h,okay.(He walks into the machine to start rebuilding Curon)

Katari(Mumbling to himself):I wonder how great that Curon will be. If the chip will make Curon more

agressive and violent to take over.(evil giggles)

Astro(looking at Katari who is very suspicious.):Looks like he's acting really must be Katari

who gave the chip to Dr O Shay. I'll find out.

(Meanwhile,Dr O Shay is designing a blueprint of Curon's new body.As he finished designing the

body,They're ready to rebuild Curon in 60 Minutes.As they hurriedly construct his new body.They quickly

finish construction Curon.And after they finish constructing
Curon,he placed the chip onto Curon's brain circuit.And activates Curon with the computer.As the

computer activates the machine,the machine powers up Curon to awaken.)

Astro:I think he's waking up.(Suddenly,he heard a sound of a cry coming from the room.)What was

that?(He use his eyes to scan around the room.But then,Astro have found someone who is tied up in the

closet.)I found it.(Astro rush out of the lab to find the majesty's bedroom.As he quickly finds the

Location.He runs to the left.In the throne room,Astro quickly find the bedroom where the real king was

tied up.But then,Katari's Henchmen are coming to attack Astro.But Astro Flies to Katari's henchman and

punch them real hard till they hit on the ground.Astro lands onto the mezzanine level floor.Then,he

heards a cry coming from the next room.)There.(Astro runs into the next room where Astro opens the

closet,and he saw the real king who is tied up with a rope.)Your Majesty.
(Astro cuts his rope with his laser fingers and the real Majesty is free.)

King:Thanks Astro.Am i glad to see you.

Astro(surprised):Your majesty,you look just like Katari.

King(whispering) :O f course i am,that's becuase i'm just a different person who's got the same personnal


Astro:So who did this to you Your Majesty?

King:Well.(Flashback of his majesty's past.)I was doing my improtant case with Curon,like working on

my new project on new farming plantation,traffic control and new postal service.Until Katari came to my

palace with his henchmen.He is going to take over Glovatanis.But when i refuse to surrender the throne

tot Katari,he just throw a sleeping gas on me and i felt asleep.Then,Curon tries to stop me,but Katari

blast Curon with his laser gun into bits and fell onto the ground . Thought that Curon has exploded into

bits but he's not. After that,his henchmen took me into the room and tied me with a rope and locked me

in the clost to dress himself as a king.(Flashback dissapear)

Astro(horrified):That's awful!!But why would Dr.O Shay rebuilt Curon's body with his chip.

King :O h no!! Katari has put the chip into Curon's brain. He's using Curon to destroy Glovatanis.

Astro: Oh my!!

King:Katari and his brutes are the team Black gloves of the Anti Robot movement,His evil plan is put the

chip into Curon's brains to make everyone who are afraid of robots.The Chip that Katari made was the

A30G Chip-A special computer chip that will make all of the robots go crazy and agressive.causing the

robots to become super destruction robot.

Astro:Then we have to stop Katari from turning Curon into a destruction robot.But i have an idea.You

call the guards to get ready for catching Katari. I'll keep an eye on Katari who is about to take over

Glovatanis with your Curon.

King:And in the meantime, i have to disguise myself from Katari and his henchmen so that he will never

recognize me when i have escaped.(The king ran out of his palace from the window and he grabs the tree

trunk to climb down.) I sure hope what you're doing.

Astro(quickly close the closet door and runs back to the Imitation King.but Then Katari have came to

Astro to come back) :O h your majesty.

Katari(King):Astro,where have you been? i've been looking all over for you .

Astro:Sorry, i just couldn't find my toys to unpack.

Katari(King):No Kidding,it looks like you didn't packed your toys yet.But please go back to the lab to see

How Curon is waking up.

Astro(walks back to the lab with Katari as the imitation King.):Alright.

(Back to the lab.Curon has awaken from the machine.)

Dr O Shay:It's a miracle.

Robot Doctor 1:We did it Dr O Shay.

Dr O Shay:Thank you.(all the audience cheers Dr O Shay wildly.)

Astro(runs back to the lab):Hey. What did i miss?(Astro looks at Curon who have woked up from the

machine.)This is incredible.(But Astro Scans Curon's body and he found the chip that is inside Curon's

brain.)I sure hope that Curon is alright.I've just got to destroy the chip.

Katari(King)(Walks down to shake hands with dr o shay.):Congratuations Dr O Shay.You have finall

done a good job.

Dr O Shay(shake hands with Katari as an Imitation king.):All's well that ends well Your Majesty.

Katari (King):Now then, Shall i take you to the Hotel along with your robot friend?

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Postby teugene50 » 8 years ago

Dr O Shay:Why of course. I would love to.

(And so, Dr O Shay and Astro are going to the Hotel . While the Evil Katari walks back to the throne

room .to tell Curon that he shall take over the world.)

Katari(King):So Curon,are you ready...(He place his hand onto Curon's head.)To turn the city upside

down?(Curon's eyes starts to glow red.As Curon has transformed into a super destruction robot.)

Curon(Mind controlled):Yes.....Katari.(Katari laughs evily .)

(That night,at the hotel where Dr O Shay is reading some newspaper on the bed with Astro.)

Astro:Gee Doctor,It sure was Curon who has finally woked up in his experience.

Dr O Shay:I agree too Astro. Curon has got lots of important things to plan on his majesty's project.

Astro:His majesty's project?

Dr O Shay:There are three types of his majesty's project. New Farming plantation,New traffic controls

and New Postal service. But do you think Curon could advise his majesty some more of his plan?

Astro:I don't know. Maybe Curon is still thinking about his ideas.

(Suddenly,Astro hears a stomp and a crash coming out of downtown Glovatanis.)

What's that sound?

Dr O Shay:I dunno.But i think you should check it out at Downtown Glovatanis.

Astro:Right.(Astro flies to Downtown Glovartanis to check what's going on.As he flies to downtown.He

just saw Curon who is dstroying the city.)Oh no!! CURON!!(Astro swoops down on the ground and he

runs to Curon to stop him.)Stop.

(Curon blast astro with his arm cannon.and Astro have hit on the floor.)

Curon,why are you doing this?

Curon(possess):The king have ordered me to destroy the that the people will be afraid of all robots

in Glovatanis.(Guron blast the net on Astro and the net sticks Astro on the wall.)

Astro: Don't do this Curon.(Curon walks away to continue destroying the city)CURON!! COME BACK!!!

(All the people are screaming and running from the robots.)Curon.

(At the alley,the real king was watching Curon who was walking to the west downtown to destroy the


King(disguised as a beggar): Don't worry Curon,Astro will set you free.(His majesty runs back to his

secret place.)Come on guards,let's go.(the guards followed his majesty back to his temporary palace.)

(The Next the palace where all the angry people are standing to hear the imitation king's


Katari(King):Just look what that robotic monster did to our beloving city. It's like i told you all that

robots are our enemies.Therefore,we must dispose all of the robots to keep our city save and everything's

is going to be fine.If we don't dispose the robots .We will all going to die like hell. SO!! ARE YOU WITH


Glovatanis People:YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!

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Postby teugene50 » 8 years ago

Katari(King):Then let's go!! We must destroy all the robots forever.

Glovatanis People:YEAAAHHH!!!(And so,Katari(king) and the people are going to strike away those

robots for good.)

(Back in the hotel.)

News lady(on tv):This just in,a Robotic monster have terrorized the downtown of Glovatanis last night.

and the robots have become evil.not only that.The surviliance camera have took a shot of Astro who is in

cahoots with Curon.a mad robotic monster has joined forces to destroy the city of Glovatanis.Not only

the city.Curon has destroyed the farm and the international bank of Glovatanis....

Dr O Shay :O h no, here we go again.

Astro(shed tears):How could Katari puts his mad chip into his brain.

Dr O Shay(shocked):A Mad chip?!! Did you just say a mad chip?!!!

Astro:Yes, it was called the A30G Chip. a chip that was made by Katari who have gave it to you

yesterday.they say that the chip could control the robots that will terrorize and destroy the city of

glovatanis and makes the people who were afrtaid of the robots.

Dr O Shay:Katari!!! So he's the one whose behind all this.

(Just then, they knock on the door.) Who's there?

King:It is me, your real king who was tied up by Katari yesterday.

Dr O Shay:the real King?!!!

(Astro ran to the door and he just saw a real king who is dressed as a beggar.)

Your majesty?!!! it's that you?

King:Yes Dr O Shay. It's me,your real king.

Dr O Shay:You look like Katari.but please tell me what just happen.

Astro:He was planning on his new project of new Farming,new Postal service and new traffic control.

Dr O Shay(gasp):Is this true?

King:Yes,until Katari with his henchmen have come to take over my kingdom.dressing up as the fake me

to gain the anti robot movements on my glovatanis.

Dr O Shay:That's awful.

Astro:The A30G Chip that he gave you is already inside Curon's brain.

Dr O Shay:Then we have to stop Katari.

King:And to make sure that Katari will never get his hands on my Curon.(And so,the king,Astro and Dr

O Shay went into the lab to create the blue chip.)

(In the lab)

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Postby teugene50 » 8 years ago

Okay,we have to make the chip to turn curon back to normal.All we have to do now is to draw some basic

plans to design a chip.

Dr O Shay:Shall we name A41G Chip?

King :O f course,But we must hurry.The rebels are starting now.

(Meanwhile at the city,the people are rebelling against the robots violently ,as Katari summoned the

police to arrest the robots into custody,Katari is quite happy that the robots will be disposed.)


THE DAY!!(Laughs evil)

(Back in the lab.)

King:Hurry my friends,we have no time. The rebels are coming to get Astro.(the King quickly looks at the

binoculars,but the king was horrified that they're coming to the lab.)Oh no!! WE GOT TROUBLE!!!

Dr O Shay:What?!!!

King:It's the rebels.Coming to the lab to get him.HURRY!! We still got 4 minutes left.

(Meanwhile,at the outside lab. Where Katari and the police are aftering Astro)

Katari:THERE HE IS!!(Katari Points at the lab)WE GOT HIM COVER!! NOW LET'S ROLL!!!


Astro:This is not good. Katari is going to catch me with your police force.

King: Don't panic Astro,Dr O Shay is finishing the blue chip quickly.

Astro:What shall i do?!!!

Dr O Shay(Finished creating the chip):THERE!!! I think it's done.(Dr O Shay shows the King and Astro

the Stabled Blue Chip)

King:Well done Doctor.(Suddenly,the earth is still shaking )What was that?!!(As the building has

shaken,the gigantic Curon have appeared at the lab.)
It's coming from the palace.

Astro:CURON!!(He grabs the chip and flies to Curon's head.)I'm coming to save you!!!

Katari:He's coming out of the lab!! We got him now.

Police 1:LET'S OPEN FIRE!!

(Just then,Katari saw Astro who flies to stop Curon.)

Katari:NO!!!(Katari takes out the binocular and look at Astro who's got the A41G Chip!!)It cannot be!!!

(He snateched the gun from the police and fires at Astro. But Astro have made it to the top of the head of

Curon as he puched into the brain,and take out the A30G Chip from his Brain and Insert the A41G Chip

into his brain.)

Astro:I GOT IT!!(Then Astro flies back to the lab.and Curon has frozed for a moment,qand then,He

shrinks himself down to his life size robot himself.)

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Postby teugene50 » 8 years ago

King(Runs to Curon.):CURON!!(Laughs happily)(He embraced Curon happily after Curon was back to

the normal size)I'm so happy that you're okay.

Curon(Wokes up):Where am i?(Shocked and surprised)Your Majesty!! is that you?!!

King:Yes Curon,it's me.King Glovaria.

Curon :O h!! Glovaria(Curon Embraced Glovaria)

(As Katari went mad,he jumped out of the police car and escape.)

Astro:You're not going to get away from us,Katari!!!(He flies to catch Katari.)

Katari :O n the contrary Robot freak!!!(He takes the control out of his jacket and press the button to call

the Anti Robot Movement Battle bot to destroy him.)I've got the backup right here.

Astro:No way!!!

Katari:Well Astro,Let's see if you can defeat me with my whole army of battle bots.(He faced to the battle


(All the battle bots charged at Astro.But Astro has transformed into an Unbeatable Astro Man.)

What the?!!!(Astro Man charged at the battle bots and begin to battle the battle bots without Astro's

defeat.As Astro knocked down all the bots.they eject their falling robots and the robots have hit on to the


NO!!!NO IT CAN'T BE!!!(They(the police)flashed the lights at Katari.)

King Glovaria:It's all over Katari. You're under arrest for the attacks against my fellow innocent robots.

Katari(Terrified at Glovaria has escaped):King Glovaria!!!

King Glovaria:You thought that i hate all of the robots ,did you? Well,it's not going to work for you


Katari:This isn't over yet.(Katari takes the smoke bomb from the jacket,but Astro have zapped the

electricity at Katari's hand and he threw the greneades further .)

Astro Boy(Lands onto the ground and transform himself back into Astro Boy himself.):There's no where

you can escape anymore.And do you really want to be a crazy person like Dr Tenma?(Katari was

horrified by Astro's speech)Is that what you mean?

Man 1:WAIT!!(Just then,the Anti robot movement man have ran from the ejection seat and

explain.)Please Astro. Have mercy on us.I know that i'm not like Katari who tries to frame all fot eh

innocent robots.

Katari:What do you mean you're not like me?

Man 1:I'm sorry Katari,you're clan is nothing but lies and cheat . (Face to Astro)I didn't mean to harm all

of the robots Astro. I're right about Dr.O Shay's word. I have seen it everything about

Robots and Humans are the only beings on earth.Since i did a lot of bad things around in this earth.
I just want to learn the most valuable lesson about not to harm any of these robots.

Astro:You won't?

Man 1:Yes Astro,It's because i am the one who love all of the robots.

Astro(surprised):You?!!! You're....

Man 1:That's right,i'm the member of the Robot and Human relationship movement who can help the

people and the robots who were in trouble from all of the disaster that has come.You see,i know about

Tobio who died in a car accident ,and reborn as Astro who can save the world from rebels of the Anti

robot movement. And i finally knew that i really love to make friends with the robots After all. But this

man,Katari. Who was the activist of the Anti Robot movement who wants all the robots to be disposed

forever.If i can't live without robots.our future is in deep trouble.

Astro:And that's why humans loves robots to make future a better place. that's right. Now there's no need

for you to be punished for now. the word you have said was true. Ever since i was a human boy, i always

befriended a robot named Robita. Dr Tenma has built it for us a long time ago.
Because i love Robita means that i always wanted to make future a better living is that Robots and

Humans will unite together as robts are the newest beings on earth. And it was a success.My dreams

have finally came true.(Katari looked down as he has surrendered his crimes.)Robots are not human's

enemy. In fact robots are the only beings for the humans to cooperate and make the best way we will


Man 1:And let's not forget to make a better farming for nice food to eat.Even robots will able to eat.(He

approached to astro)I understand now that robots and humans are still the beings in the world. And ask

for that,I'll try to find a movement that will protect all the robots and humans from destruction of aliens

and monsters. So that i can hang out with the robots.

King Glovaria:I'm glad that you have feel it that way.Maybe my robot friend Curon will take you to the

next society centre so that you can start working as a protector to all robots and humans from bad and

evil alien invasion. but also communicate the good aliens as well.Curon,please take him to the car.

Curon(woked up):With pleasure King Glovaria.

Katari:I guess you have surprised me after all.Maybe i'll just think about it in the cell.

Astro:So does this mean that you're going to be friends with the robots?

Katari:I'll see what i can do to make the robots better Astro. But i'm going to tell you,this is the most

cherishing word you have ever said to us.


Dr O Shay:I'm sure glad that Katari has changed.

King Glovaria:Yeah,if he doesn't changed,all of the robots will get into serious trouble by Katari all over.

Astro:And most improtantly,Katari is in Metro city prison where he can think about what will happen if

the robots dissapear.

(Astro flies to the city of Glovatanis and look around at the bird's eye view of the he looks

around,many people and robots have lived in harmony.)

Oh Yeah!! Everything was back to normal.

(He flies around happily and wrote"It's great to be friends"and laughs happily.)

The End.

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