Blue Angels

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Postby Sporkia » 5 years ago

Aaah, this was really nice fic! I happen to really like Blue Angels (and aviation in general, though I'm not great with all the technical aspects), so combined with Cobalt getting to save the day, this is a real win for me! :D
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Postby Little Brown Fox » 5 years ago

I know next to nothing about the Blue Angels, sadly, other than they are blue and perform aerobatics. I just don't find it that terribly interesting. But, knowing me as y'all do, I'll still read almost anything with Cobalt in it, barring certain exceptions. Heheheh, he's blue, too...

As for that member, yeah, I seem to recall something like that. I wasn't around when it happened, I don't think. I do not know the details, but, unfortunately, I can probably guess, among any number of reasons based on past behavior, why a ban was necessary. :T

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