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Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:00 pm
by Tetsuwan Penguin
I'm surprised that we haven't seen any Tenma submissions here yet. I KNOW there are a LOT of Tenma fans on this forum.
Here is a quick biographical sketch I quickly thought up, based on the literal meaning of Tenma's name, and something out of a description of him by Tezuka in one of the manga stories.

The farmer looked at the rows of plants with their small white flowers, taking in the aroma of the blossoms. He mentally did the calculation of the worth of his future harvest at market, and sighed. It had been a lot of work getting the Brassicaceae planted, and much more labor had been required weeding the fields afterwards. The old man knew he was getting too old for the effort, but bringing the spicy condiment ingredient to market had been his family's livelihood for many generations. He also knew that he would probably be the last of the line as his son showed no interest in working the fields.

The boy's interests were more of the cerebral nature, that those of the physical. The old man had managed to get him to help out with the cultivation from time to time, but his son had done so grudgingly, and with a book stuffed into a back pocket that he'd be reading whenever he could sneak off from his assigned tasks. Sometimes his father thought of just giving up and allowing the boy to go his own way. Perhaps it was time for a member of the Tenma tribe to leave the old ways and rise up in statue. God knows, the old man thought, being a dirt poor farmer isn't a destiny that anyone would choose willingly.

Umataro tried to make the most of his time spent in the rural schoolhouse. The one room shack, and the single teacher served as the farming village's only school for the prefecture's farming community. Few of the students went on beyond the 8th grade, the district had no formal high school, and few of the families could justify the expense of sending their children to the nearest one in the bordering prefect.

Sachiko Yankasawa, the middle aged schoolmaster at the rural school, saw the greatness in the young boy. She knew he was destined to rise above the level of a poor farmer, but her knowledge of higher mathematics and technology was quite limited. She insisted to the boy that he should attend high school, and go on to university after that.

When the old man returned to the farmhouse late in the afternoon he found his son and the village schoolmaster waiting for him. “Otōsan,” Umataro said, “Sachiko San says I should go on to high school.”

The man cast his gaze back and forth between the schoolmaster and his son. “As I've told my son before Yankasawa Sachiko, we're just poor farmers. He's needed here on the farm, and I can't afford to send him to the high school. How would he get there? It's a two hour trip each way, assuming that he had a bicycle.”

“Tenma San,” Sachiko replied, “I see greatness in your son. I don't think it's his destiny to be a farmer. He will be a great scientist or engineer. Japan's future will depend on minds such as his. I beg you to allow him to continue his studies. If necessary, I think I can get him transportation, there is a bus that makes the trip four times each day between the districts. I think he would qualify for a transport pass.

“We won't take charity!” the old man insisted.

“It's not charity,” the schoolmaster shot back. “There is a program at the federal level for higher education. The government knows how important it is for the country's future that our citizens be educated.”

“Please father!” Umataro begged. “I want to lean more about science and technology. I've read all the books I could find, but I need more! I'll make you proud of me.”

The farmer shrugged his shoulders. He knew he was going to lose this argument, the same way he'd lost it to the boy's deceased mother. “Very well.” he said. “But it won't be easy on you. You'll have to wake up early to make the trip each day. You'll still have your chores when you get home, and then homework to do before you can sleep.”

“I know,” the boy pleaded. “I'll do it.”

Life at the university had been an enormous change for Umataro. Tokyo was such a huge city, it was unlike anything he could ever imagine. The town center in the district beyond his farming village where he'd spent four years of high school could not have even started to prepare him for the crowded urban environment that the university was set into. Even so, the teenager took to it like a duck to water.

It was a bitter sweet change of life though, his eyes filled with tears parting from his father for the last time. The old man had given him a long hug before letting him board the bus that would take him to the train station. It was the last time he'd ever see the man, his father had passed away during his freshman year. Umataro really wanted to return home for his father's funeral, but word had reached him too late, and he had midterm exams that he could not miss. Without realizing it, Umatara had already started down the dark path and his destiny.

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:29 pm
by Secretsivekept
niiiice i like it!! :D

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:33 pm
by YJ_Doodle
Personally, Dr. Tenma is hard to draw for me :/ His hair is so confusing...

Lemme just toss a totally obvious noticing of mine. While Tobio(Or Atom, I guess) gets his looks mostly from Hoshie(nose and face shape, hair colour) his eyes look a lot like Dr. Tenma's(Except the iris size, I guess). I know it's obvious genetics but that was the father and son(s) look and act really different and I had a hard time believing they were related.

I can't remember which one it was, but in one of the 2003 episodes there were close ups of their eyes and that fascinated me, how similar yet different the two pairs of eyes could be.

(Lamely walks away with nothing else to say)

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 7:17 pm
by Rejoyce
Chrispy and I came up with a really weird headcanon the other day. You know how Tenma has that giant lair in the 2003 series? We decided that he can afford it because he owns the Pringles company. Then we time-skipped to the scene in the manga where Astro says something like "I saw a tiny bug person but she ran away." Tenma thinks Astro's malfunctioning and opens him up, only to discover that GASP! Astro's been smuggling Doritos! Traitor! Then, if this whole thing was animated, we would zoom in on a dorito, superimpose a triangle on it, and say "Tenmalluminati Confirmed."

Most of our conversations devolve into something like this. :whistling:

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 7:40 pm
by gokaiblue
There was line from in the 80's series that I find interesting.

"Tobio! I'm sorry! You are my son!"

Really sad that they changed it in the English dub, though. It's such a powerful and emotional line.

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 11:55 pm
by Earthshine
There are a ton of Tenma fans online so I too am a bit surprised there wasn't that much uploaded yet; but that is fine.

I admit I have not given that much thought or construction to his character, but many people on this forum have written full character analysis that are amazing. I really ought to delve more into his character considering my trends in favorite characters tend to be on the side of grey.

As for my few headcanons that I have for him I always imagined that in the 2003 anime he was sent to a psychiatric facility instead of prison - and Atom did visit him frequently, often playing chess with him and building up a new relationship with him - but it never progressed to what it could have been. In this particular version Atom regarded Ochanomizu as his father, and while Tenma was also his father he never held that position in his heart. So for Atom his relationship with Tenma was like a child who had been adopted may view their biological parents that they never met or got to experience their childhood with; they love and respect them but they are not their parents.

But this is my own playing around with things.

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:02 am
by Tetsuwan Penguin
Well in a few hours it will be tomorrow somewhere. I wondered what I would do with a character that only appeared in a single story. I still have some cleanup to do, but I think you'll like my idea for Bem, Earthshine.

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:08 am
by Earthshine
I can't wait to see what you have planned for Bem, Penguin! I think I've outed myself as probably the biggest Bem fan online more than once so I'll be happy with whatever.

Bem - The return

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:28 am
by Tetsuwan Penguin
When we last left Bem he had detonated the super bomb to save the Earth from an asteroid. It reminded me how another robot had also delivered a bomb in space to save the Earth, and I quickly combined the two stories into a common sequel.

He'd planned to get clear of the super bomb and make his way back home. He knew just how long the fuse was, and just how far away he'd have to get to be safe from the blast. Bem had promised Astro that he'd save the Earth from the asteroid that was now only days away from colliding with the blue-green world. He also knew that once he'd detonated the bomb, they would come looking for him, and they'd know where he was. Bem knew he'd be taken apart, rebuilt, and put to use for another purpose. At least he'd done something good, that made it all worthwhile.

At the last minute, something went wrong. Maybe the evil men who had tried to capture him and the bomb had damaged the device, maybe Bem himself had been compromised. He placed the bomb in a deep crater on the asteroid, and set the timer. Once a safe distance away, he waited for the detonation. The time passed, and then, nothing! The bomb failed to go off! Bem waited a bit longer, and then decided he'd better double check the detonator to make sure it was set. Just as he started back to the asteroid, the bomb exploded.

The timer had ran slow by some forty percent. Just long enough to fool him, to trap him. The blast knocked Bem out, and then he was plastered by debris from the asteroid that was atomized into particles no larger than grains of sand. It was like being in a hailstorm of sandpaper. Bem was smashed against a bolder the size of a car. He was then buried in a rain of sand like debris, encased in a ball of material from the planetoid that his weapon had torn apart. Gradually, the ball of rock went into orbit around the sun to forever circle the star in a path just inside the orbit of the first planet.

Astro watched the sky change color from a deep red hue to a brilliant white as the blast wave from the super bomb made it to Earth. The wind picked up to near hurricane force. Trees fell over. The sonic shock wave smashed windows on tall skyscrapers. For nearly a minute the world seemed to be coming to an end as the asteroid's death cry blew past the planet that it had almost consumed. Then a calm slowly came upon the Earth. The winds grew quiet, the shaking subsided, and the clouds parted. For the first time in many weeks, the sun's friendly face again appeared in the blue sky. Bem had done what he'd promised, he destroyed the asteroid. He'd saved the world.

Astro watched from the nose of the rocket as the device was jettisoned. The anti-neutrino bomb drifted free from his rocket and was on a direct path towards the sun's corona. If Napoleon's knowledge of science was as good as he claimed, the world would be saved. Astro watched through a telescope, tracking the path of the projectile.

Then he saw it. An uncharted asteroid not much larger than an automobile had collided with the torpedo. The device would now never reach the sun, it would just graze the surface of the outer reaches of the corona, useless. He knew there was only one way to save the mission, and he didn't give a second thought to the cost. Astro exited the spacecraft and rocketed himself toward the missile. Grabbing hold of the device, he pushed it away from the large space boulder and into the sun. His action pushed the small asteroid into a higher orbit while he and the anti-neutrino device were captured by the sun's immense gravity and pulled inward. Astro began to melt from the heat, his systems shut down as he felt his life force ebbing. He took one last glance backwards at the planet he was saving and felt happy.

The space rock that had been in orbit for some decades cracked open from the force of the missile smashing into it, and from the heating effect of the sun's radiance. The small robot that had been encased in rock began to come back to life, having been freed from the cocoon. Bem blinked and looked around him. He looked towards the sun and saw a familiar looking object, slightly deformed from the effect of the intense heat. His electronic computer brain told him what, no who it was. Bem knew that his own body was made of material that could withstand the intense heat, but his margin of safety would be small. He dove towards the star and grabbed hold of the hapless victim of its fury.

With Astro firmly in his grip, Bem flew away from the sun. He fought against its gravity and intense radiation. The effort took all of his remaining strength. Now virtually out of power, Bem put himself into a trajectory towards the third planet. He closed his eyes and went to sleep. Hopefully, someone on Earth would spot him in orbit and bring them back to the surface.

It had been a year since human kind had returned home. Professor Ochanomizu spent every clear night at the telescope, scanning the skies looking for Astro. He finally had given up the search, having come to the inescapable conclusion that the boy robot had been destroyed in his effort to save the planet.

All over the Earth, statues of Astro had been commissioned. He was almost worshiped as a saint, and he'd been mourned as a fallen hero. To the professor Astro had been like a son, his child, and he mourned his loss as he would his own flesh and blood. After giving up the search for him at the observatory, Ochanomizu decided he'd accept a transfer to the moon base in an attempt to get his mind off of his loss.

The professor sat in the cockpit jump seat of the small scout rocket, just behind the pilot and first officer. It had been a long time since he'd last been in space, and he'd forgotten how rough the takeoff could be in one of these small but powerful spacecraft. They reached Earth orbit quickly and prepared for trans-lunar injection for the trip outbound.

Captain Ketchup was about to initiate the course change when the collision warning radar sounded. “What's going on?” The professor asked.

“Nothing to worry about,” the pilot assured him. “Every now and then some uncharted bit of space junk shows up and we have to make a small detour. Happens every third or fourth flight I'd say. The system can handle it.”

“Where is this debris?” Ochanomizu asked. “I'd like to get a visual on it.”

“I think we can align our long range telescope to get a view,” first officer Glenn replied. “But it won't be anything interesting. The last time this happened we found that it was an old space toilet that had been lost off of an old Russian Soyuz space station nearly a century ago.”

He quickly punched up the commands to get the viewer on line. An image slowly formed on the computer screen. It was blurry at first, but quickly sharpened as the computer performed some high def image processing.

“What the hell!” Ochanomizu gasped. Floating thousands of klicks ahead of them were two small robots. Both were clearly in an un-powered state. It took the professor a few moments to recognize the first of them. “Why that's Bem!” he gasped.

“Bem?” Ketchup asked.

“Yes, he was a robot that came to Earth some decades ago with a super bomb.” Ochanomizu explained. “The last we saw of him, he used that bomb to destroy an asteroid that was about to smash into the Earth.”

“I remember that,” Glenn spoke up. “I was in orbit when that bomb exploded.”

“He seems to be holding on to a badly damaged robot about his size,” Ketchup remarked, studying the image.

“You're right.” the professor said. “But I can't make out the details, can you zoom in any closer?”

“On it.” Glenn said, keying in the commands to the computer. The image became larger and better focused.

“It's ASTRO!” the professor gasped. “He looks partially melted, but I can recognize him none the same. Captain, can you change course and pick them up?”

“I'll have to clear that with control,” Ketchup replied, “But I'll do it! I assume you'll also want to abort our trans-lunar injection and return to Earth at once.”

“You've read my mind, Captain!” Ochanomizu replied.

He opened his eyes and blinked. It was difficult to move, he felt like the Tin Woodsman must have felt after standing in the rain and then seeing Dorthy's face years later. Bem smiled at him. “Welcome back buddy.” he grinned.

Astro tried to talk, but found he could only whisper. “How did...” was all he manged to get out.

“Take it easy friend,” Bem told him. “I found you in orbit around the sun after I was released from a rocky prison where I had been sleeping for some time.”

“You were badly damaged from the sun's heat,” the professor told him. “It will take me some time to replace all of your broken parts. Just take it easy.”

“Help me sit up” Astro asked, slowly managing to get the words out of his mouth.

Bem carefully lifted Astro's head and shoulders off of the bed. The boy robot's body creaked as his frozen joints protested the treatment, but he managed to get partly upright. He held out his arms and motioned to the professor. The two of them exchanged a long hug before Astro slowly laid back down again, and managed to weakly smile.

“Welcome back son!” Ochanomizu said softly, "welcome back!"

Astro gazed at Bem's face before closing his eyes. “Arigatō gozaimashita” he said as he drifted to sleep.

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:03 pm
by Earthshine
I really love this. Not only do they get to be reunited but both of them have plausible explanations for having survived!! I am really impressed by the unifying factors of their use of bombs and the sun as well, something that I always thought intriguing that no one really saw or played with... until now!

Bravo, I really did enjoy seeing this. If I ever gain the creative energy to work on a story I want to tell about Bem and Atom I may take inspiration from this explanation as to how Bem could have survived. With your permission of course.

As for my own contributions; my fiance and myself dabbled a bit on the Norikans/Nikolans and headcanoned that with their own classification of planets they don't consider gaseous planets as planets at all and they only count plants that have ecosystems as planets. Also Bem really loves baking (as shown in the original story) and opened up his own bakery and cake shop and was loved the world over for his use of pastry. On his home world they did not have wheat or yeast so baked items were sort of a new, interesting concept for him.