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Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:09 pm
by Earthshine
Sad headcanon... Tobio only had online friends. Maybe he's talking to one of them.

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 1:21 am
by YJ_Doodle
"Earthshine" wrote:Sad headcanon... Tobio only had online friends. Maybe he's talking to one of them.

:eek: I wasn't expecting that! Then again, we never got to see any of his friends... That just makes his attachment to his father even sadder :cry:

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:33 am
by Rejoyce
But seriously, is there anything not sad about Tobio?
I like to think that Tobio was put into a snobby gifted school because of Tenma but wasn't actually gifted. He stayed on top of his schoolwork by working really hard and earned the respect of his classmates because of that. When Tobio died, most of the school came to his funeral. Tobio's friends put flowers by the side of the road where the accident happened and continued to replace them for years.

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 4:22 am
by Earthshine
Just thought I'd spend today's free day to celebrate the highlight of Black Jack's career.

click for spoilerImage

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 6:33 pm
by Tetsuwan Penguin
That image from the 1980 series was part of my inspiration to write my Black Jack x Harry Potter crossover.

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 8:55 pm
by Little Brown Fox
Aw yiss. That episode was weird; reminds me a little of one of the manga stories due to its off-the-wall nature.


Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:23 am
by Tetsuwan Penguin
Ever wonder what Skunk was like as a teenager?

Richi looked behind his shoulder to make sure that he wasn't being followed before sneaking into the hall closet. He pushed aside several mops and pushed a canister vacuum cleaner out of his way. The teen then sat down in the corner of the janitor's store room and pulled a pack of Camels from out of his rolled up left shirt sleeve. He stuck a fag in his mouth, struck a match, and took a deep drag.

Suddenly the door burst open, and Higeoyaji barged in like a bull in a China shop. “Caught you again, Kusai!” he yelled, grabbing the teen by the cuff of his collar, and pulling him to his feet.

“How???” Richi stammered.

“By your stench!” the teacher laughed. “I don't need the nose of a bloodhound to locate you, your tobacco scented B.O. can be picked up a block away. Besides, I saw the smoke blowing out under the door.”

Kusai fidgeted in the wobbly stool in front of the principals desk. The man behind the desk gave him a quick glance and went back to shuffling though a pile of paper stacked in front of him. Sweat dripped from Richi's forehead, his gut felt like it was tied in a knot. He had a good idea what was about to transpire, he'd been though it too many times before. Even so, the waiting was killing him.

“Third time this month, Kusai-kun!,” started the lecture. “What am I going to do with you, have you suspended I suppose.”

“I'm sorry, Boon-San,” Richi pleaded.

“Of course you're sorry you got caught, Skunk.” Principal Boon spat out.

“I wish you wouldn't call me that,” Kusai replied in a gruff voice.

“The name suits you,” Boon said. “Clean up your act, son. What are you going to do with yourself next year when, or if you graduate from high school?”

“Never gave it a thought.” Richi replied. “Maybe drive a truck, or a cab.”

“You're suited for better that that,” Boon sighed. “if you only valued yourself more, that is. Very well then, get out of here and back to class.”

“You mean I'm not suspended?” Kusai asked.

“No, against my better judgment.” The principal replied. “But you will be if I see your face in my office again uninvited!”

Richi wasted no time exiting the office. The hall bell sounded to announce the start of the next class period, and the hall quickly filled with students. Kusai merged into the crowd and made his way to the gymnasium for the start of his PE class.

Richi slammed the door to his locker shut and ran towards the exit doors. “Free at last!” he thought to himself, surviving yet another day of torture. Once outside the school building, Kusai reached for his pack of cigarettes, and discovered he was down to his last one. Passing by a convenience store, he ducked inside. The delinquent teen looked about and satisfied that nobody was looking reached behind the counter and palmed a pack of camels, quickly stuffing them into his jacket pocket. As the old man behind the counter had noticed his presence, Richi pointed to a pack of Wrigley's spearmint and slammed a few yen coins onto the counter. The proprietor tossed him a packet of gum, and Kusai, made for the exit. He didn't get more than a few feet from the store before he was grabbed from behind by his left arm.

Officer Tawashi pulled Richi's arm back into a half Nelson hold. He turned the boy around to face him and held the stolen package of cigarettes up to the boy's face. “Shoplifting again Skunk?” he asked.

“What's it to you, flatfoot?” Kusai spat back, “And the name's Richi, nobody calls me Skunk and gets away with it!”

“Get used to it dufus,” the policeman said. “If you don't like your nickname, maybe a bath once in a blue moon might help.” Tawashi pulled the boy's arm a bit tighter into the wrestling hold and shoved him into the back of his squad car. “I watched you lift those fags,” he said. “Remember what I told you the last time I caught you boosting stuff? Well I'm keeping my word, you're gonna sit in the tank overnight now.”

Kusai growled under his breath. “One of these days Tawashi – Buta, you're gonna get yours!”

“Sure, Skunk. Anything you say,” Tawashi voiced back.

“You staring at me?” Kusai yelled to the other occupant of his cell. Sitting on the other wall of the bared chamber was a youth wearing a pair of thick glasses, the top of the heavy frames seemed to be wedged under a flap of rolled skin on his forehead. The individual ignored Richi's outburst and turned his head away. Kusai then noticed his profile, revealing a noticeable flat spot on the back of the young man's head.

“Cat got your tongue?” Kusai demanded. “What's your name?”

His cell mate suddenly leaped to his feet and rapped his right arm around Richi's neck, almost, but not quite tightly enough to throttle him. “My name is Lampe, and don't you ever forget it, Skunk breath!”

Kusai struggled to free himself from Lampe's grip, but his attacker released him on his own accord. “You're just a punk kid!” he laughed. “Just a small time punk.”

“Sez you!” Richi yelled back. “And just what are you in for?”

“Not for shoplifting!” Lampe growled. “You're only here because you're so stupid that you got caught. Can't even boast a pack of fags without the pigs watching.”

“Well you got caught!” Kusai laughed.

“My case is different.” Lampe replied. “I had a perfect plan, only some robot got in the way. I'm telling you the world is going to hell. Them robots are gonna take over the world, mark my words.”

“Hey Acetylene,” a voice wafted over from the desk a few yards down the hall. “Ya made bail!”

A short rotund cop with a mustache stuck a key in the cell door and opened it.
“See ya later kid,” Lampe smiled, doffing his hat as he was escorted away by the policeman.

Suppressed Memory

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:18 am
by Tetsuwan Penguin
I'm posting this story a bit early, and on
Here is the Link:

I'm not going to tell you which character the story is for, because that would be a spoiler for this rather bizarre head canon idea!

Day 23: Epsilon(2003)

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 8:19 am
by YJ_Doodle
I didn't have any headcanons for Epsilon so I just went with that Undertale crossover idea I had earlier. In Undertale there's a Spider Lady named Muffet that tries to kill the player in order to get enough money to safely reunite with her spider family. I thought I'd connect that to how Epsilon cared about wildlife and animals.

But merging these two took quite a while, Epsilon herself has quite a complicated design and Muffet has 6 arms. I'm sure I got some aspects wrong(Like those stripe patterns) but I finished it, woohoo!


Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 3:19 pm
by Tetsuwan Penguin
In the thread about the new LAB anime we were wondering about the inclusion of Atom Cat, and how he could be included into the Astro universe. Well, I had an idea about that ....

The last thing he remembered was the tremendous flash of light and heat. It was all a mater of timing, and he'd been in the right place at the right time. Astro couldn't have gotten there soon enough, he kept telling himself, and he was already there, and he knew what he had to do. The heat ray was going to reach the dam and burn a hole in it, and the city would have been under water. Even Astro wouldn't have been able to stop the rampaging waters once that happened. No, Cobalt knew, it had all been up to him. He didn't mind sacrificing himself, Astro had been willing to do the same so many times before. Only this time there was no last minute reprieve, no plan B, no third party swooping in at the last minute to save the day. It had all been up to him. Everything went dark, and he felt himself fade away into oblivion. Not a bad way to go, really.

Dr. Tenma was enjoying his newly found freedom. Ah to be out in the sunshine again, instead of being trapped behind those four walls of his gilded cage. He stood by the bank of the lake and cast his line out into the water and watched as the float landed in the middle of the spot he'd aimed at. He slowly reeled in his line and then cast it out again, hitting a slightly different spot on the water. Again he repeated the process, each time slowly moving the lure across the deep end, hoping to get a bite. Suddenly he felt resistance as the rewind crank became heavy, his rod bent against the weight. Tenma stopped fighting against the pull and the line slowly went slack as his reel unwound. He sighed, he hadn't gotten a bite after all, just snagged something on the bottom. Umataro carefully reeled in the line, hoping that the object he'd snared wasn't too heavy to break it.

Finally the object broke the surface of the water and hug at the end of his rod. Tenma removed the thing from his hook and recognized it at once. “Now who were you, and how did you get into this lake?” he asked, examining the object. Tenma knew at once what he'd caught, he even suspected it might be one of his own. The electronic computer brain module he now held in his hand had once been the mind of a robot. It was slightly scorched and charred from being in contact with intense heat, but remarkably it was in rather good shape, and probably would still function, needing only a power source and a body to bring it back to life.

Uran and Astro looked at the box with a great deal of curiosity. The gift wrapped package had come in the morning's mail while Professor Ochanomizu had been out taking his morning walk. “Humans need exercise just like robots do,” he explained. “If we don't keep using all of our muscles they will atrophy, and our joints will become stiff.”

“Why don't you just oil them?” Uran asked, to which the professor responded with a good belly laugh. “If only we came equipped with sockets to apply grease to,” he laughed, “but that would put a great many doctors out of business.”

“Can't we open this package now?” Uran pleaded.

“You remember what the professor told us,” Astro reminded his sister, “We have to let him see anything that comes in the mail first.”

“Rats!” Uran pouted.

Professor Ochanomizu returned home to find the two robotic children staring at wrapped box with a pink bow attached. “When did this show up?” he asked.

“Can we open it?” Uran shouted as her guardian entered the house. “I think it's a present for us.”

“Let's see, there seems to be a note attached,” the professor replied.

He carefully detached an envelope from the ribbon tied around the package and opened it to read what was inside. “Happy birthday Uran and Tobio,” the note said.

“Who could this be from?” Uran wondered.

“I think I know!” Astro replied. “There is only one person that would call me Tobio.”

“Yes, that is Dr. Tenma's handwriting.” Ochanomizu said. “Perhaps I should open this package, just in case.”

Astro nodded, handing the box over to his guardian. Uran fidgeted nervously, “Well, open it already!”

The professor untied the bow and removed the ribbon that kept the box closed. He carefully peeled away the gift wrap paper and then placed the box on the coffee table. Uran bounced up and down on her heels trying to see what was inside the package as the professor lifted the lid and reached inside.
“Well now, it seems to be a pet!” Ochanomizu laughed, “But I need to activate it.”

“It's a kitty cat!” Uran squeed.

“Well a robot cat anyway,” Astro corrected her.

The professor felt under the cat's belly and located a small panel. He opened it and inserted the energy cassette that was also inside the box next to the robotic feline, and closed the panel. The tabby yawned and opened its eyes.

He opened his eyes and blinked. How did he get back home, he wondered? The first thing he saw was his sister squealing with delight after laying eyes on him. Astro was there too, with a smile on his face. But they didn't seem to recognize him. What was going on?

“Hello Kitty!” Uran cried out. She grabbed the feline from box and briefly held it close to her in an iron grip before looking at it more closely with her arms outstretched. “This cat looks a bit like you Ani!” she laughed. “See, his ears stick out like your hair spikes and his rump looks like your pants. Someone even put a little green belt around his waist like you have! I'm going to call him Atomu-Neko!”

“Don't you recognize me!” he tried to yell out, but his voice sounded more like a cascade of 'Meows' than normal speech.

Uran held her new pet tightly in her right arm and stood in front of the mirror. “See how pretty you look!” she told the android cat.

He looked in the mirror and blinked. He turned his head to look at Uran and then back at the mirror. “I'm a damn cat!” he gasped. “How the hell did this happen!” He was confused and tried to remember but it was all too vague. Out of the mist in the back of his mind a vision slowly materialized and bits and pieces of stuff began to converge. A familiar face came into sharp focus, with a distinct Roman nose and prominent beard. “I think I know who are,” Dr. Tenma told him, “but I don't have the ability to rebuild you as you once were. However, I did have a body I was going to use as a present for my Tobio and his sister, so I gave that to you.”

Kobaruto looked up into his sister's face. Somehow he had to tell her. Then he figured it out. Uran could empathize with animals, that was the key.
“Meowww, meow meow,” he started to babble.

“My, Atomu-neko is talkative,” Astro laughed.

“Shh, he's trying to tell me something!” Uran scolded Astro. She carefully listened to her new pet's vocalizing and suddenly cried out. “Ani, It's you? How?”

Kobaruto felt some relief. Uran understood him. He started to explain what had happened to him, trying hard not to talk too fast.

Uran listened attentively to the robot animal's babbling, seemingly able to understand it all, while Astro kept a dumbfound look on his face. “What's he saying?” he asked.

“It's Coby!” Uran replied “He's come back to us as a cat! He's been resurrected!”

“How?” Astro asked.

“Dr. Tenma found his electronic brain in the lake where the two of you once fought against the lizard monsters. After Kobaruto blew up the heat ray, all that was left of him was his electronic brain, and that got buried in the mud under the water. Years later Tenma Sensei found it while he was fishing,” Uran explained. “Your creator wanted to make us a birthday present after he was released from the mental hospital. He built a robot cat, and he put Coby's brain into it.”

“Cobalt, is that you?” Astro asked, looking eye to eye with the feline in his sister's arms.

“Meow!” Korbaruto replied, nodding his head.

Skunk Kusai kept a strong grip on the suitcase. “I want proof before I hand this over to you!” he said.

“I suppose my reputation as an evil genius isn't good enough for you?” Dr. Fooler said.

“And I suppose that you'll want to verify that the cash in this suitcase isn't counterfeit before you give me the key to activating the device?”

“We seem to know just how far to trust each other,” the short statued man with the gold tipped cane laughed. “Very well, allow me to demonstrate,” he said pointing out the window. “See that robot traffic cop down the block?”

“The one in the middle of the road directing traffic from the middle of the intersection?” Kusai asked rhetorically.

“That's the one,” Fooler laughed. “Now watch. This device is a more refined, miniaturized version of my wacky controller inducer. In gun form it can be aimed at a single robot at a time, or the beam can be widened to take out a crowd of them.”
He pointed the device that looked like an old fashioned muzzle loaded blunderbuss out the window, and carefully aimed it using the holographic cross hair sight that floated in mid air just above the weapon. Fooler puller the trigger and a spiraling purple beam of light shot across the distance, enveloping the unsuspecting robot in a ball of plasma. The android traffic cop started to flinch uncontrollably and then frothed at the mouth before falling flat on his face.

“Impressive, but will it work on Astro?” Skunk asked.

“It should be even more effective on him,” the little professor laughed, “because he's way more powerful than that primitive robot I just zapped, and he has more systems to overload.”

“Very well,” Skunk replied, handing Fooler the suitcase. “You've sold me. Here's the one billion yen you wanted.”

Fooler opened the case and examined the money. He held his hand over it and a ring on his index finger emitted a green light that shined on the currency. Fooler nodded and closed the case.
“A pleasure doing business with you,” Fooler smiled, handing Skunk the weapon. “You'll need these extra power cartridges too,” he added.

Skunk grabbed the small toolbox from the professor's other hand. “Thank you very much, professor,” he said. “You'll be reading about our common enemie's demise in the news real soon.”