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Postby YJ_Doodle » 4 years ago

"Little Brown Fox" wrote:OH, gosh... it's probably a very good idea that you didn't decide to join, then. I'm not even sure you're technically allowed to, at that age...

I remember being like, twelve/barely thirteen joining a forum ages ago... some people probably didn't like me very much. In my defense, I was kind of an idiot, though- you know, as is some teenagers' wont (you seem okay, though). I'm sure in reason that whatever reputation I cultivated with the (often inexplicably) more popular users on there would haunt me if I ever went back (which, I'm not sure I can... it did something weird the last time I tried that).

Anyways, you seem nice, your art is precious, and... good job!! :D I hope your stay here is pleasant!

I was twelve when I found this forum, and even after actually signing up I couldn't help but feel so nervous about posting anything, just because the age limit was 13. But then I got impatient and everyone was great and I never regret being active around here! Now I'm 13 so no worries :D

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Postby Little Brown Fox » 4 years ago

See, now, you kids seem alright! Hm, maybe I was just obnoxious...

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Postby OrangeToonist » 4 years ago

"Shiyonasan" wrote:Hopefully I got the replies matched up to the correct quotes.

OrangeToonist, if you want to reply to someone, use this button (Image) located on the bottom-right part of their post.

If you want to reply to multiple people in the same post, click on this button (Image) for each person you want to quote except for the last person you want to quote. For the last person, click on their Image button, and you should be good to go.

And you're welcome for fixing your first post! If you have any questions on how to quote people in your posts, just ask me or another moderator. :)

Thank you again! I believe I did it right this time.

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