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Hamegg knocked on the door to the band's dressing room, and slowly pushed it open. “Knock em dead!” he laughed, giving a thumbs up sign.

“Thank's Mr. Cacciatore”, Eric Singer said, reaching for the jar of clown white.
Gene Simmons already had his makeup on, and was now getting into his costume.

Hamegg left the back stage area, and found Lampe heading into the bathroom. He hustled along to catch up with his partner to report.

Uran knocked on the dressing room door, “Is it OK for me to enter,” she asked.

“Come in, Uran,” Simmons replied.

“Oh my!” Uran laughed, I don't know who is who now!”

Simmons laughed, “We each have a different style of makeup.”

“Yeah, if I was a real fan of yours I'd know that!” Uran laughed. “But I only first found out about your music recently. Give me a chance!”

“No problem!” Gene told her. “Here, I have something for you!”
Simmons handed Uran a large box. “It's a costume for you to wear on stage.”

“OMG!” she laughed, holding up a pair of long fishnet stockings, that went along with the dark dress and arm length black gloves. “Guess I'll go find the ladies room and change into these.”

“We'll call you up on stage when it's time,” Gene told her.

Uran carried the large box into the hallway, and made her way to the bathroom. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted Hamegg and Lampe talking to each other in hushed voices near a water fountain.

“I wonder what those two creeps are doing here?” she thought to herself.

Astro, the Professor, and Mr. Mustachio were sitting in the front row. Uran found them and sat next to her brother.

“Like my costume?” she asked.

“You're going on stage, in that?” Astro asked.

“Sure, I'm going to fit right in with the band.” Uran laughed, “Maybe I'll ask them to do my face too.”

Pluto was still standing on the stage in the background. Hamegg pulled the rear curtains back and poked his head through, and poked the large robot in his shins. “Hey Pluto!”

The blue robot turned his head and looked down. “What is it, Mr. stage manager?”

“Remember what we told you to do,” he said.

“Sure boss,” Pluto replied. “I'll relay the instructions as you asked, using what you gave me.”
“Right big boy,” Hamegg smiled. “And when Uran gets on stage, the two of you have that act to do.”

“Gotcha!” Pluto replied, a slight hint of red glowing in his eyes.

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Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 3 years ago

Hamegg stood off stage just out of sight. He waited until the band had completed their first few numbers.
Simmons put down his guitar removed a microphone from its stand, and then walked towards the front of the stage. He waited for the crowd to quiet down before making his announcement. “I'd like to ask two guests whom I suspect this crowd have heard of before to come up on stage,” he announced. “Would Uran and Astro please join KISS tonight?”

“That's my cue!” Uran cried out, as she bounded out of her seat. She grabbed Astro's hand and pulled him out of his chair, and towards the stage.

“Oh why not?”, Astro muttered. “Besides, I'll probably have to keep you out of trouble,” he told his sister.

As the two robotic siblings climbed the stairs toward the stage, Hamegg motioned to Pluto to get his attention. “Now!” he voiced.
Pluto activated the transceiver that had been implanted inside of him, which sent a precoded signal to the nanites that had been swimming around inside of the clown white makeup. The tiny robots, had found their way via pores in the performer's skin towards capillaries, and blood vessels, and had already taken up stations inside the cerebral cortexes of the band.

Simmons, momentarily felt dizzy and grayed out. Tommy Thayer, and Eric Singer were similarly affected, while Paul Stanley lost his balance and fell to the floor. He quickly recovered though and regained his feet.

“Would Ochanomizu Hakase and Mustachio Sensei please come up here as well?” Simmons asked.

The school teacher immediately got up and looked at the professor, “Coming with me, Hakase?” he asked.
“Oh all right!”, Ochanomizu replied, following the man with the large mustache.

Meanwhile, on stage, Eric Singer approached Uran with the jar of clown white makeup. “Can I do your face?” he asked.

“No,” Uran said, “I want to apply it myself!” She accepted the jar of makeup and used the corner of a handkerchief to apply a thin layer of the white cream to her face.

As soon as the Professor and the teacher had made it on stage, Pluto suddenly moved on them. He tied the professor to one of the columns with a length of chain. And Mr. Mustachio by some rope. “What are you doing” Astro demanded.

“Relax!” Uran laughed, It's just for show. She walked towards stage left where the ancient piano was sitting, just behind the curtain, and pushed it towards stage center. Standing in front of the instrument, she began to play. The tune started out slowly, and gradually increased in tempo. As the music got faster, the band began to march around Astro, with Pluto standing behind them, with a menacing look on his face. Uran's playing of Edvard Grieg's B minor piece from Peer Gynt reached its crescendo as the band marched about like native American's on the war path.

Astro's sixth sense told him that something wasn't right. He could tell when a person had evil in his heart, and his electronic brain was telling him right now that the four band members were not just play acting. He took flight and hovered by the professor, burning through the chain that held him to the post with his finger tip laser. “I'm getting you out of here, Hakase!” he said.

No sooner than he had set the professor back on the ground, he felt himself being squeezed by Pluto's grip. “You're spoiling the show!” the big blue robot told him.
Astro looked into Pluto's face and saw the red glow in his eyes. He now realized that something was very wrong here.

“Hey, weren't you and my brother supposed to fight?” Uran said, looking up from the piano at Pluto.

“Yeah, I guess it's time for our performance,” Pluto said, “Let's make it quick though!” With that he threw Astro towards the floor, and stomped his foot down on top of the boy robot.

Uran laughed, and started playing the Chopin funeral march again. Mustachio looked helplessly down from his perch near the top of the column that he was still tied to. Pluto lifted his foot, probably expecting to see a flattened Astro sticking to the bottom of it, but instead found a hole in the floor of the stage.

A second later there was a small explosion under Pluto as Astro blasted upwards, landing a right upper cut to the giant robot's chin. Pluto staggered backwards, but quickly regained his footing.
With Astro back in the battle, Uran switched tunes, this time playing the music from the opening of the third act of Richard Wagner's Die Walküre.

“Snap out of it, Pluto!” Astro yelled, but it was clear that the blue robot was not himself. Pluto swung out at Astro, but missed as his opponent flew upwards, out of the way.

While Astro was keeping Pluto busy, Ochanomizu tried to untie Mustachio, but he couldn't reach high enough. Meanwhile, KISS had picked up their instruments and started to belt out a heavy metal version of Dance Macabre, which Uran was now playing on Chopin's piano.

Off stage, Lampe and Hamegg watched. “So far so good,” Lampe laughed. “Tell the big lummox to finish Astro off already,” he told Hamegg.

Hamegg cupped his hands and yelled at the big robot, “Stop clowning around! We need Astro out of action!”

Pluto's eyes again glowed red as he bent over and charged at Astro with his large horns.
“You're not going to try that electrical discharge on me again!” Astro yelled, “Cause I know how to defeat that this time!” Just as Pluto tried to electro-zap Astro, the boy robot used his 100,000 hp strength to bend one of Pluto's horns around the other. Pluto momentarily short circuited, generating a huge ball of smoke that filled the stage.

Uran continued to play one spooky tune after another on the piano, while the band marched around her.

Astro used that distraction to fly over to Mustachio and free him from the column. As soon as the smoke cleared, Atom and the professor ran towards Pluto. Atom quickly opened Pluto's chest panel, and the professor was able to deactivate him, before he could recharge himself and recover.

“He's been compromised by some sort of microscopic computer virus,” Ochanomizu said, “And there is this transceiver implanted inside of him.”

“Let me look, Hakase,” Astro said. “My eyes can focus microscopically.”
Astro stuck his head inside of Pluto's chest cavity and looked. “His electronic brain is full of little robots.”

“Nanites, probably,” the professor muttered. “That's how he's being controlled.”

“Uran is acting funny too,” Astro said, and I've got an idea.

Quickly, Astro grabbed a handkerchief from the professor's pocket and ran over to the piano where his sister was still playing the Saint-Saëns tone poem. He wiped the clown white makeup from her face and examined it. “This makeup she was wearing is also full of the nanites. Astro took a tiny amount of the cream to his nose and smelled it. “It's also tainted with some kind of drug.”

“That would explain the band,” the professor said, “From the look on their faces, I don't think they know what's going on. I wish I had my tool kit with me, it wouldn't take much to do a quick rewire on him to snap him out of it.”

“Would this help?” Mustachio asked, pushing a Swiss Army knife into the professor's hand. “I never leave home without one!”

“Yes, I think so,” Ochanomizu said. “Hand me that microphone, I need the cable attached to it.”

Astro yanked the cord from one of the stage mikes and handed the professor several feet of it. Ochanomizu used the knife to cut several lengths of wire from the shielded cable's inner core.

“Astro, can you hold one wire in each hand and generate an electric shock?”, he asked, “about 1000 volts or so?”

“Hai!” Astro nodded.

“I'm going to zap those nanites into submission,” the professor explained, getting the wires into position. “Now!”

Astro grabbed the wires and discharged himself into the circuit.

“There, I think that's done it, now I'll reactivate him.”

Pluto opened his eyes and looked around. “What's going on?” he asked.

“You were fighting with me for real,” Astro told him. “Someone was controlling you.”

Pluto turned to look about, and pointed off stage, “Him!”

Astro looked to see Hamegg quickly running for the exit. He got up and flew towards him, grabbed the weasel by the collar. “YOU!” he yelled.

“DON'T HIT ME!” Hamegg begged. “It was all Lampe's idea. He made the arrangements to get the band to perform here, and we were going to steal the receipts from the show!”

“How did you control Pluto, and what have you done to the band and Uran?” Mustachio demanded.

“That was Fooler's work. He drugged the makeup and programmed the nanites!”

Mustachio found the controls to the stage and dropped the front curtain. “Astro, get a damp towel from the dressing room and remove everyone's makeup. That, and a few cups of strong coffee should sober the band up.”

“I'll call the police,” Ochanomizu said. “I hope Tawashi can get here before Lampe disappears.

Mustachio stood on stage telling Halloween stories while Astro and the professor worked on the band. The crowd endured his performance for nearly 20 minutes before becoming restless. Suddenly the curtain pulled apart slightly, and a makeup-less Gene Simmons appeared.

“Sumimasen,” Simmons said, clearing his throat. “It seems the guys and I had an unintentional drug induced over exuberance for All Hallows eve. Fortunately, Astro wasn't affected by the plot, and the criminals that wanted to take over our show have been apprehended by the police.”

With that the curtain rose. Inspector Tawashi and his robot police force had Hamegg, Lampe, and Dr. Fooler in handcuffs, and were about to march them stage left towards the exit, and a waiting paddy wagon.

Uran rubbed her eyes, slowly recovering from Astro's shock treatment to deactivate the nanites that she'd been infected with via the tainted makeup. She hobbled over to the piano and rubbed her hands over the keyboard. “May I?” she asked. “I'd like to commune with Mr. Chopin again.”

“Why not?' Simmons smiled. “It's still Halloween.”

“OK, Fredric, play me!” Uran laughed. “But how about something more lively this time?”
Her fingers began to flow across the keys, and the heroic melody of Chopin's Military Polonaise wafted from the strings.

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