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Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 3:50 pm
by YJ_Doodle
Finally got time to draw something for the April Challenge and it's a day before Atom's birthday, greaaaat.

Nevertheless, I found it amusing how Kenichi has an interest in soccer in the 2003 anime. Combining that with the fact that he used to star as a detective boy in the past, I thought, 'Hey, that sounds like Detective Conan! I should draw Kenichi as Conan!'

... The idea seemed good but the drawing went down a landslide as I realized that I could not draw suits nor soccer balls. Merp, have :hyo: instead of black/white I guess.

Also Kenichi looks a LOT like Atom in the 2003 anime(Don't they have the same VA?) so it was very odd to draw him. But frankly, I was not sure what version of him I was going for in this drawing. Humbug.

Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 10:50 pm
by Kitty Lue
YJ_Doodle, I noticed that your attached image isn't displaying, which seems to be a common problem on the forum these days. Since it's early morning there I figured I'd link it for you through Discord since it's displaying fine there.

Again, this is YJ_Doodle's art, I'm just linking it here since her attachment is broken.

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 12:42 am
by Juanita
Really hoping I'll get time to participate in this soon (hopefully this weekend). Been crazy busy with school lately.

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 7:02 pm
by YJ_Doodle
click for spoilerImage

(The image is a bit big, at least on mobile view.)

Thanks Kitty! I hope this drawing goes up properly...

Today was the boyo's birthday! I decided to draw him all suited up and dandy for the special occasion, but sooner or later I threw in his siblings and it ended up being the typical banter action XDD

I remember that I drew Atom in a more realistic style for last year's April Challenge so I did that this year again. Apologies for making Uran a bit unrecognisable as she's in the side view :/

A long dark night

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 1:23 am
by Tetsuwan Penguin
And now for Atom's birthday. Maybe his last ....

internal clock brought him out of hibernation mode just as the first rays of sunlight began to penetrate the inside of the building. The android opened his eyes and slowly moved his limbs that had remained locked in a fixed position for the ten or so hours that the sun had spent on the other side of the planet. The first thing he did was to make his way over to the recharger station and connect himself up to the main electrical bus to recharge his batteries. He opened the panel on his chest, and connected the heavy cable to the socket on the heart shaped device in the middle of his chest, and then watched as the indicators on the panel door slowly crept upwards to a full reading. Once his power levels had been topped off, he disconnected the cable, and closed the door on his chest.

Atom then looked for two of the portable power cells that he kept in ready access, and charged each of them up using the same power source that he'd just recharged himself with. It had been a long while, a whole year in fact, since he'd last needed to use those units, but he found them exactly where he'd left them, and was relieved to find that they were still in quite usable condition. He carried both of the heavy canisters back into his slumber quarters, and set them down next to the two dusty sealed chambers. He opened one of these to reveal his younger sister in a frozen stance. Carefully, Atom lifted the flap just under her neck where Uran's recharge socket was located, and connected the power cable from one of the heavy batteries to her. He watched as the indicators under Uran's access panel moved upward toward, and the battery level indicators dropped. Finally, with the portable power cell now empty, Atom removed the cable and closed Uran's access panel.

The girl android's eyes slowly opened, and she smiled as her vision focused on her brother's face. “Happy Birthday, Ani!”, Uran said, slowly extending her arms toward her brother.

Astro reached out to Uran, and the two siblings hugged each other. “Arigatōgozaimashita Imōto,” Astro smiled. Uran stretched her arms and legs, and took a few steps back and forth to limber up after her long sleep. “Would you like to wake up Kobaruto, or should I?” Astro asked.

“I'll do it,” the younger sibling said, happily. She picked up the remaining power cell and moved it next to the still sealed chamber where her other older brother stood in a suspended state. Astro cracked the seal on the tube and the walls of the chamber cleared as the small amount of moisture that had fogged its walls evaporated. He opened the door on the chamber and reached inside to access Kobaruto's chest panel. Uran then connected the power cable to the dormant android and flipped the power switch to the on position. It took about ten minutes for the battery to drain, and then Cobalt opened his eyes. “Hello, Ani!”, Uran said, poking the occupant of the sleeping tube with her right index finger.

“Stop that!”, Cobalt said. He then turned his head to face his brother. “Hi bro!”, he smiled, “Happy birthday!”

The three androids slowly made their way out of the dormitory area, and soon found themselves outside in the bright sunshine. “Wow, it's sure nice to feel the warmth of the sun on my face again,” Cobalt said.

“You're so right,” Uran agreed.

“Come on,” Astro voiced, “We have things to do!”

“Can we visit the tree house again?”, Cobalt asked.

“You know it's not there anymore,” Atom replied.

“I know, but I'd like to see the place.”

“Sure,” Atom smiled. The three of them walked through the ruins of the city, towards a grassy field. Atom found the spot where a petrified stump poked out of the ground. “I'm sure it was right here,” he said, “The coordinates are right, anyway.”

Cobalt looked up. “I can see it in my mind,” he smiled. “I can see Tamao, Kenichi, and Reno up there waving to me, and dropping the rope ladder.”

“Me too,” Uran laughed.

Atom laughed, “They are still very much in my memory as well.” Then his face turned somber. “I want to visit Hakase, and pay my respects, now” he said solemnly. “I miss him.”

“Sure,” Uran replied, “We do that every year.”

Astro knew the way, he'd mapped out the place in his mind and could find the exact spot, despite the heavy growth of weeds. “Here he is,” he said, pointing to a pile of stones that had once been a small monument. A few of the larger pieces still had some kanji that could be made out.

“I miss you, Ochanomizu Hakase,” Uran sobbed. “How long ago was it now?”, she asked.

“Several centuries now,” Atom replied. “We've been coming here every year at this time for nearly that long.”

“More like several thousand centuries, actually,” Cobalt whispered.

“It's hard for me to gauge the passage of time,” Uran voiced.

“I know,” Atom replied, “but I've lived though every day of it, I've never hibernated for more than a few days.”

“Coby and I only do that to save the energy for you, Ani,” Uran replied. “We know you want to keep watch over everything, and the two of us would just get in the way.”

“I still don't like the arrangement,” Atom said. “If only I could repair the power plant.”

“I guess you still can't make any of the nuclear fuel, can you?”, Cobalt asked.

“I have a little stored away, for emergencies,” Atom replied. “The generator distills a very small amount over time.”

“So you haven't flown or dug under ground have you?”, Uran asked.

“Not recently, no,” Atom nodded. “You know, I wouldn't mind sharing more of the generator output with you guys, you don't have to limit your waking time to one day a year to wish me a happy birthday!”

“We'll consider it when there is something more to live for,” Cobalt sighed. “I don't understand why you go though this drudgery every day. I know how little power the generator makes. I can tell by how little things change from year to year. You're hardly making a dent. Face it, the world is not coming back to the way it was.”

Atom sat down on a pile of stones and started to cry. “You're right. But I just can't give up. We are the last of the robots. We hold the last memories of mankind. When we are gone, everything will be gone. Eventually, the days will get longer, the sun will get dimmer, and the Earth will become a cold dark ball.”

“That's entropy,” Cobalt laughed. “Everything runs down.”

“You know,” Uran said, “I think I've seen enough. Can we go back?”

“Already?” Atom asked.

“Yeah, I think so,” Cobalt agreed. “Except for seeing you, I can't think of a good reason to bother wasting the power.”

“Sure,” Atom sighed. The three of them didn't say anything as they made their way back across the ruins. They entered the lone building that was still standing, and found their way back to the slumber chamber area. Atom helped his siblings back into the hibernation tubes and set their power levels back down the bare minimum. He closed the tubes and pumped out the air.

The sun was now nearly at the horizon, it would be night soon. Atom stared at the orange ball now half hidden by the edge of the world, and made up his mind. He adjusted his internal clock and climbed into his own slumber cylinder after adjusting the controls. The door closed automatically, and he heard the sound of the vacuum pump starting. It would be a very long night this time. “See you guys later,” he sighed, “maybe.”

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:25 pm
by Juanita
Aww how sad :(
It's hard to imagine Astro and his siblings outliving humanity. It's one of the unfortunate downsides of being a robot.

The Japanese Detective Part one

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:48 pm
by Tetsuwan Penguin
Higeoyaji didn't like his seat assignment anymore than the person seated next to him. The flight on the narrow bodied aircraft had been overbooked, and when he made it to the gate, he had been informed that his chosen seat assignment had been given to someone else at the last minute. Normally he would have raised a stink, but it appeared that his prized seat assignment had been given to a young woman who was flying with two young children, and needed three adjacent seat assignments at the last minute. So, he reluctantly accepted what had been given to him. It was his first flight on an American 'puddle jumper'. He'd been visiting a relative in San Francisco, and was now taking this shorter flight to Sacramento as a favor to his uncle. Higeoyaji hoped that his limited knowledge of the American legal system would be sufficient to clear up the older man's small problem.

Shunsaku Ban, made his way to the back of the aircraft and then squeezed into the end of the row. He hated the window seat, especially when the middle seat was occupied by an overweight person, thereby squeezing him between a wall and a whale. He noticed that a well dressed, mildly plump, middle aged woman had part of her anatomy bonking out into the isle from the outside seat as she was being also being squeezed by 'Moby Dick'.

As he sat down, he attempted to put the armrest on his right side into the down position, but the gentleman in the middle seat objected. “Would you mind if we just left this in the up position?”, the 140 kg Asian occupant of the seat insisted.
Higeyaji who was already in a bad mood just slammed the arm rest into it's intended position. “I believe that flight regulations require these be in the down position during takeoff,” he growled. “Besides, if you require more room for your excessive bulk, perhaps you should have paid for a second seat, rather than mooching some of the one that I paid good money for!”, he added, giving the man a threatening glare.

Shunsaku Ban's neighbor returned the eye contact, and muttered under his breath, “Most people find themselves regretting having make an enemy of me.”

“They say the same about me,” Mustachio thought to himself. He took a quick glance at the fat man that was the cause of his rising blood pressure. He was somewhat embarrassed that a fellow countryman would misbehave himself in a foreign land, setting such a bad example for the Japanese people. He closed his eyes and tried to relax as the old DC-9 started its takeoff roll. The aircraft banked sharply as its wheels left the tarmac, and rolled towards the right. Higeoyaji felt himself float above the seat for a second, and then his butt was pressed downward into the cushions as the aircraft began to climb to cruising altitude. He tried to ignore being elbowed in his ribs by the passenger to his right, and he returned the favor the next time the pilot rolled the aircraft into a turn.

About a half hour later one of the flight attendants started to take refreshment orders, and the man to his right requested a couple of bourbons. Soon after the flight attendant delivered the miniature bottles of booze the occupant of the middle seat became quiet, perhaps he had been anesthetized by the liquor, Mustachio decided.

It seemed to Higeoyaji that they had no sooner reached level flight altitude that the aircraft had began to make its initial descent for landing. At least that's what his eardrums began to tell him. Sure enough, the pilot soon made the announcement that all in cabin service was suspended, and that all the passengers should return to their seas and buckle up for the landing. The amateur detective was quite happy to feel the landing gear bounce on the tarmac, and he soon found himself leaving the aircraft to make his way though the terminal towards the baggage claim facility.

Higeoyaji's only bag came sliding down the chute of the baggage claim machine, and he quickly snatched it from the conveyor belt. As he made his way towards the exit, a pair of policemen moved quickly to block his way. “Would you please come with us?” they politely, but firmly insisted.

Mustachio was escorted over to a side room where he noticed the woman who had occupied the outside seat of isle in his row. “Is this the man?” one of the cops asked her, pointing to Higeoyaji.

“No, not him,” the woman sighed. “I think he was in the middle seat, and besides, I'm sure
the man who robbed me was much fatter!”

“You're sure about that?”, the cop asked.

“Yes, quite!” the woman replied. She turned to Mustachio and quickly voiced, “I'm sorry
sir, I told the police that I was robbed by a Japanese man wearing a hat, I didn't realize that my description was a little vague, besides, I might have been wrong and that fat man could have been Korean, you know, like Odd-Job?”

Mustachio bowed politely towards the woman, “That's quite all right,” he replied in his best English, “No harm done. And you were quite right, I'm embarrassed to say that disgusting individual was a bad example of one of my fellow countrymen. He was a resident of Tokyo in fact, just as I am.”

“You know the suspect?” The second cop asked.

“Never saw him before in my life,” Higeoyaji replied, “but as a long time Tokyoite, I can tell you for a fact that the man was a resident of our capital. You see, not all Japanese look alike to me.”

“Of course,” the cop said, his face turning a little red.

“If you like, perhaps I could be of some assistance,” Mustachio suggested. “I've assisted the local police back home with some detective work.”

“No we can handle this,” the two cops replied, almost in stereo.

“If you don't mind,” the woman replied, “I'd like him to help. In fact, I rather insist on it!”

Higeoyaji smiled and bowed again towards the woman. “Konnichiwa. Watashi no namae wa Shunsaku Ban desu.” he said politely.

The woman seemed to understand the greeting, and replied, “Pleased to meet you Mr. Ban. My name is Helen Banks.”

Mustachio laughed and replied, “Actually my surname is Shunasku, it's customary in my part of the world to state ones last name first.”

“Ah yes, I remember that now,” Helen replied. “If the police won't allow you to work with them to find the thief and my missing jewelry, then I'd like to hire you, Shunasku – San.”

Now comfortably seated in the back of a Rolls Royce automobile next to his client, Mustachio quickly realized that the woman was someone of either great importance, wealth, or likely both.

“I usually fly first class,” she began, “But I suddenly found it rather urgent that I return to Sacramento as quickly as possible. I drove myself to the airport and bought a ticket on the very next direct flight out, on whatever airline had an open seat. I swear, I will never fly on that particular airline ever again!”

“I quite understand,” the amateur detective agreed. “I was one of the last to board, and I got a good look at both you and that excrement from my home city as I got to my seat. It was a rather large platinum brooch with several diamonds of several carrots each, plus a few emeralds and sapphires, wasn't it?”, he asked. “I noticed it was missing when I saw you again in the office with the police.”

“You're quite observant,” Helen replied. “That pin was left to me by my great-grandmother. I rarely go anywhere without it.”

“You know, I did have to brush by you as I sat down, I wouldn't have blamed you if you had suspected I had taken it,” Mustachio said.

“I was aware that it was still in my possession shortly after takeoff,” she answered. “I did not notice it being missing until I reached the baggage claim, so I don't know exactly when it was taken from my person. However, that fat individual was constantly bumping into me during the flight, he had ample opportunity to remove it.”

“The man didn't impress me as a jewel thief,” Higeyaji explained, “but I would not be surprised to learn that he is well connected.”

“You mean, like a member of the mob?” Helen questioned.

“Yes, a gangster,” Mustachio agreed. “I noticed a tong tattoo on his arm. Very common with the underworld in Japan.”

The high powered automobile left the interstate and was now tooling down a well traveled two lane blacktop. “Where are you taking me?”, Higeyaji asked. “I thought you had agreed to drop me off at my hotel.”

“You're not going to stay at that fleabag,” she laughed. “I insist on putting you up at my place. My driver will take you wherever you need to go. Once you have finished your own personal business, you can handle my case.”

“Domo Arigatōgozaimashita,” Mustachio replied. “However my uncle's little problem can wait. I'll look into your theft right away.”

Kin Sankaku attempted to greet his host in Italian with a thick Japanese accent. The 'Don' accepted his guest, and motioned for him to enter the lavish estate house. “Did you have a good flight?” he asked.

“Iie,” Sankaku growled. “The seats were too narrow, the plane too crowded, the liquor was watered down, and I had to sit next to a busybody from Tokyo. The only redeeming thing was a little trinket I obtained from the pompous bitch sitting next to me.” He juggled a small platinum brooch in his right hand.

“I was warned that you were a kleptomaniac,” the 'Don' replied grabbing Sankaku around his throat with his large left hand. “I hope that your little prank doesn't bring the police here, if it does you can count on being thrown under the bus!”

“Would you care for some tea,” Helen asked.
Mustachio had just finished setting his suitcase down on the ottoman stool and had hung his suits up in the closet. Ms. Banks had set him up in a guest room, and insisted that he make himself right at home. “Ryokucha o motomete,” he heard himself say.

“It's ready in the kitchen downstairs,” she smiled, motioning for him to follow.
Shunsaku Ban recognized the aroma of the matcha tea at once. He picked up the cup and took a sip. “Where did you get this?”, he asked, “It's excellent tea.”

“I've been to your country a few times as a tourist,” Helen laughed, “and I've become addicted to green tea, especially the finely ground matcha. I also learned how to ask for it.”

The amateur detective finished his tea, and set the cup down. “I'll need to call a policeman I know back home,” he said. “I think I know who that thief was, I'd like to look at a few mugshots on line.”

“Certainly,” she said. “Come with me into my office, I'll set you up on my computer.”
Mustachio sat in front of the Mac Pro's superwide monitor, and worked the mouse with his right hand. He soon had a Skype session open and was placing a video call to the Metro City police station. After a few minutes the connection was confirmed, and Inspector Tawashi's face appeared in front of him.

“Higeyaji, what brings your ugly face into my office?”, the inspector asked.

“Charming, as usual, inspector,” Mustachio replied. “I'm calling you from America, I have a favor to ask. A rather charming lady who I've had the pleasure of sharing an unpleasant flight with appears to have been robbed during the flight. The suspect rather unfortunately appears to be a fellow Tokyoite, probably a member of the underworld. He had a tong tattoo on his lower left arm, and was more than a bit overweight. The individual wears a distinctive bit of haberdashery, and eyeglasses to correct a myopic condition. I think I have probably seen him before, I'd like to access your mug files on the Tokyo mob.”

“Well you seem to have narrowed the selection down by a small amount,” Tawashi smiled. “I can narrow it down even further if our computer system can keep track of who isn't in the country at the moment.”

“I was hoping you'd say that,” Mustachio replied.

“Give me about an hour,” the inspector said. “I'll email you a link to the mugshot repository once I've filtered it.”

“Excellent!”, the amateur detective answered. “I owe you one.”

“Actually, if you can finger one of these scumbags, I'll be in your debt, especially if the Americans will lock him up for a few years.”

The Japanese Detective Part two

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:54 pm
by Tetsuwan Penguin
“That's him!”, Mustachio cried out. It hadn't taken him long to search though the images that Tawashi had linked in the email. Helen looked at the photo and asked, “Are you sure?”

“I admit it's an old photo,” the amateur detective admitted, “But the man has eluded the law for quite some time. I have the advantage of having run into him before, many years ago. Back then the Tong gangs of the underworld had their hooks into the government and the police. Their history went far back, long before the government of China had fallen to the Marxist rulers. The Tong's reach extended from the mainland into Japan. I was a teenager back then, before the war when the Showa Emperor ruled. Kin Sankakau was just a punk then, though it seems that at heart, he still is. He's grown fatter since that old photograph was scanned into the police files, and he's kept below their radar. I'm amazed that he's never been caught.”

Police inspector John McClane looked at the image on the screen of Helen Bank's Mac Pro computer. The ex-NYC cop had ended up in Sacramento intending to retire. Not far from the wine country, he'd thought he'd be taking it easy, but he realized that he was a gumshoe at heart. Sacramento might be a large city, but it was a sleepy little town compared to the big apple. The airport theft may have been small potatoes, but it had become high profile once the mayor stuck his two cents in. Helen Banks had been one of the largest contributors to his honor's election campaign, after all.

“So what's one of your underworld thugs doing in our fair city?” McClane asked.

“I was hoping you'd know,” Mustachio said. “If it's any help, the Metro City police sent me all that they have on this guy, including every alias that he's been known to use, finger prints and DNA records, and even some network scrapings from when he surfaced on the web as part of a larger dragnet.”

“I'll get the cyber geeks on it,” McClane replied. “While Sacramento isn't exactly a hotbed of syndicate activity, we have been keeping tabs on one or two Mafia types with second or third homes in the area.”

“I don't think it was a good idea bringing that Jap in here.”

The 'Don' looked up at the heavy set man in the tweed suit and nodded. “The guys in LA thought he'd be a good connection with the Tokyo mob. I think that maybe, our LA connection wanted us to fail here.”

“LA wasn't exactly wrong,” tweed suit replied, “but they didn't vet this guy too carefully. Sure Sankaku was involved with some heavy hitters in Tokyo, but they kept him on a short leash. The guy tends to have sticky fingers, if you get my drift.”

“So what do we do?”, the 'Don' asked. “My snitch inside of the police tells me that some amateur dick from Tokyo is looking for our guest.”

“I say, let those two find each other,” Tweed suit replied. “Only under controlled conditions. I'll take care of it.”

Shunsaku Hiro had never been good at keeping records. His nephew face palmed as he'd gone though the deep pile of receipts and tax returns. Mustachio was good enough at math to quickly realize the magnitude of his uncle's book keeping mistakes. It had taken him the better part of two afternoons to get the files in order, and most of another on the phone with the Sacramento branch office of the IRS. Helen had been on the extension acting as a translator for her guest, to make sure that the tax agents on the other end of the line were able to understand. “I'll go down with you to the IRS offices,” she volunteered. “I actually know someone in change over there. I'm sure we'll be able to get your uncle's situation fixed.”

Mustachio thanked her. “Hiro is worried that he'll lose his restaurant, or end up in tax prison. That's what brought me to Sacramento.”

Mustachio kept looking out the rear window of the Rolls on the way back to Helen's mansion after they left the IRS office. “Something the matter?”, Helen asked.

“We're being followed,” Shunsaku Ban replied. “Our tail is doing a good job of keeping his distance, but he's not fooling me.”

“I'll lose him,” their driver replied. Helen's driver was an ex-navy seal named Herman. The man had lost a leg on a secret mission off the North Korean coast, and now sported a prosthetic replacement. He'd also been a race car driver on some of the hottest circuits in the world. The Rolls made a quick turn and darted through several narrow streets.

Mustachio never stopped his eyes from scanning about, and after several minutes breathed a sigh of relief. “Looks like you lost him,” the amateur detective said.

“Not quite,” Herman answered. “I did manage to shake the one you spotted, but we seem to have picked up a second one, and this guy is quite a bit better at shadowing. Good enough to fool you, but not an-seal like myself.”

Herman made a few more turns, and then pulled the Rolls into the garage under the government center building. Mustachio motioned for him to stop quickly between two steel support columns near the exit, just long enough for him to jump out of the car. Shunsaku Ban kicked the door closed and ran behind a parked car just as Herman gunned the accelerator and roared through the exit to the street.

The amateur detective didn't have long to wait. The Lincoln town car that had been following the Rolls suddenly appeared, and stopped besides him. The suicide door flung open and a hand holding a long barreled gun appeared. “Get in!” came the order, the gun hand waved. Mustachio slowly slide into the back seat, and the car left the garage and headed down a back alley street.

“I told you you'd regret making an enemy of me.” The man speaking was wearing a ski mask, but that didn't disguise his obese frame. “Hello Kin Sankaku,” the amateur detective snarled. “Now why have you been tailing me?”

“We couldn't have you leading him to the cops,” came a response from the front seat, “since that might lead them to us.”

“At the moment I have no interest in you,” Mustachio replied, “Though you are straining that a bit right now. Also while I'd love to have Sankaku in police custody, right now I'm only interested in one thing.”

“Give it to him, Sankaku San”, the voice from the front seat ordered.

“I don't think so,” the fat man replied, just before he collapsed in pain,on the seat next to Higeoyaji.

The amateur detective had heard the muffled report of the silencer equipped 9mm pistol, the instant before. “You shot him!” he cried.

“With any luck, I managed to avoid any vital organs,” the voice from the front seat laughed. “Check his pockets, I think you might find what your looking for.”
Sankaku offered little resistance as Mustachio searched him. He easily found the brooch in the man's rear jacket pocket.

The Lincoln came to an abrupt stop. The two rear suicide doors popped open. The man who'd been in the front seat on the passenger side got out, wearing a ski mask, and waving the silencer equipped 9mm pistol. “Kick him out of the car!” Mustachio hesitated for a second, then a single slug whizzed past his left ear, nicking him. “Do as I said, or the next round won't miss by that much!”

Mustachio pushed Kim out the right hand door, into the street. The man groaned, and clamped both hands over his gut. “Now you get out!”

The amateur detective got out of the left side of the car as the masked kicked the door closed. “Close the door!”, he yelled, standing next to the passenger side door and aiming the gun over the top of the vehicle at Mustachio, who did as he was ordered.

Suddenly a police siren blared as a patrol car rounded the corner from behind. The man with the gun fired one more shot, this time hitting Sankaku between the eyes. The gunman jumped back into the car, slamming the door. The Towncar disappeared just as the patrol car stopped behind where Mustachio stood.

John McClane looked at the body lying in the street, and then up at Higeoyaji. “Looks like I got here just in time,” he said.

“Maybe,” the amateur detective voiced, but I think if you'd used a bit more stealth, instead of having that siren blazing our thief might not have that hole in his head.”

“I couldn't take that chance,” the cop replied. “The chief would have had my head if you'd been shot.”

“I guess Ms. Bank's driver phoned in my location.” Mustachio said.

“That he did,” McClane replied, “Though actually, I've been right behind you ever since he spotted the tail.”

Helen took the brooch from Higeoyaji and returned it to her safe. “Thank you very much,” she said suddenly hugging the old Tokyoite. “If you're ever back in Sacramento, you are to stay with me.”

“I'd love to,” Mustachio replied.

Herman drove Higeoyaji direct from Sacramento to LAX where he caught his flight back to Japan. He was glad not to have to endure the puddle jumper flight, and he was able to enjoy the trip back thanks to Helen's insisting on upgrading his seat assignment to first class, where she paid for three seats so he'd avoid having any fat person next to him.

Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 2:42 am
by Juanita
Belated drawing for Astro's birthday: Here
Didn't have any time to draw yesterday...

Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:44 am
by Kitty Lue
Guess I'm even later than Juanita :lol:
Made this for our boi's birthday :w00t: :astro:

Original image was sized to print out 8.5x11" at 600 dpi, so it's pretty large. The preview makes it hard to see much detail in his eye highlights, though, so here's the link to the original if anyone wants to see. ;)