Video Astro boy 1980 (Best moments)

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Video Astro boy 1980 (Best moments)

Postby jujuroyal » 3 years ago

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share a video that I saw on Youtube which is a really well-built "best-of" of Astro boy of 1980 with a very nice music, I want to clarify that I am not the one, Author, I hope you like it ;)



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Postby Juanita » 3 years ago

Nice! Very cute

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Re: Video Astro boy 1980 (Best moments)

Postby Dragonrider1227 » 2 years ago

Very cute video. Makes the series look very lighthearted. Which most of the time... isn't true :p

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Re: Video Astro boy 1980 (Best moments)

Postby Procrastination_Station » 2 years ago

I left a comment on the video instead of here... Oops I guess? This was a really cute 3-minute compilation, I loved it!
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