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Black Jack & Astro Boy Crossover Roleplay

Posted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 4:34 am
by Fauna
All right kidlets, I'm setting this thread up for Astronomical Girl before going to bed. Here's our RP rules...


/note: they have been modified and will be modified as needed /

1) For characters:
because this is a Tezuka themed fan site, the Role play needs to be centered about the Tezuka world and it's characters.

a) the character must be from the Tezuka world.

b)fan made characters are allowed, however, should that character be similar to a character from the Tezuka world, out of respect of Tezuka it would be a form of disrespect,however,depending on which version,the character must at least have some of the recognizing characteristics (Astro is mature, Uran is mischievous, Tenma is emotionally in pain ext.)

c) a player can have up to a maximum of three characters

d) with every plot there are minor characters and major characters,minor characters are not important as a rule and can be switched or swapped depending on the scene at hand,however major characters are perminant and cannot be switched.

2) Site rules:
the site has rules and guidelines of it own*

a) regarding, on what kind of plot and its theme

b) what, is appropriate content*

3) Etiquette:
the word speaks for itself, even in terms of Role play,*
because of recent events in RP threads,it is best for the Role players to have a list of Etiquette.

a) a list of players with characters their choice, should post as much as they can within their time and after an x number of posts, each player wait until a different player posts.

b) a plot needs a pattern of players and their characters

c) if one player needs a break, allow them and a player in the thread can barrow the character until the player is ready to play again, however should more then two should need a a break then the rp is at a pause and then it can be taken up again. after an x number of pages of posts the rp can take a break and talk about the plot so far.

d)do not rush anything, be patient, basic manners.

e)avoid off topic conversations during the rp.

f) if players wish to exclude completely then they tell the host via Private Message not in the thread.

The troubles in the current and past Role Play threads are as listed

1)impatience in the plot and in posting (i admit to both)*

2) too many post but from few people (this as well)

3) people joining and then excluding themselves

Becuase of these past problems, I have decided,to prevent the troubles listed above that has happened in the past Role Play threads, to make a Penalty for the troubles in the thread,for both Impatience and overposting. The host should review any time at any day for these issues, if not then please PM the host about it and they will see to the matter.

the first two PM will be a reminder the third will a final warning

for impateince in posting will call for a one day "Thread Abstinence"*

for impatience in Plot will call for a two day "Thread Abstinence"

to disregard of the Abstinence and post otherwise will be ignored by the other players as a reminder and for the remainder of the abstinence. These prevent troubles in the thread and with the players and the plot.

Black Jack and Pinoko both just got off the plane from Australia at Juado international Airport, Astro just got off from class, Dr.Ochanomizu was just about to get off work, until they all met up with men in black suits and are all taken into a car with a black sack on their heads and are taken outside of Metro City and they all are taken into a room where they meet with Chairman Lion and Inspector Tawashi and are shown into a lab where a theft took place and are told that was stolen was an experiment that is considered, unknown

Astronomical Girl: Red Baron, Pinoko, Dr.Saliva and AXX7/7
Fauna: Black Jack, Katari, Yuko
Jerk: Tawashi and Ochanomizu
Androids101: Nora and Chairman Lion
Astro boy2866: Astro

Commence! (In the morning.)

Posted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:59 pm
by Astronomical girl
/I'll post to start things ;) /
Me and Doc are on the pwane from Waga Waga,New Souwth Wales, Austrwawia,were we helped cure a Rich Cow herder's son with hole in his heart.I couldn't wait to get home.I sat by Doc,who waz smoring as we flew for hours and after operating but before we left the daddy was worried that his son wouldn't make it but I knew that when the Doc smores the operation went well and that meant the boy will be ok and that made it all worth while.then the captians voice from the srpeakers saying
"Good Morning,Passangers,we have been traveling for eight hours and we will land in Juado International Airport in an hour and a half p
so in that time we wish that you please stay in your seats and you will be served by our flight attendants momentarly"

after listening to the mans voice from the Srpeakers,a lady came and asked

"excuse me would you like juice or coffee?she asked

I saw the Doc still asleep and turned and tried to shake him to wake up.

"Doc,wake up it's bwreakfast time! I spoke loudly

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:06 pm
by Fauna
(Oh! Holy crap, someone actually posted in here! This topic floated to the bottom of the forum and I just never found out.)

"Unh..." I opened my eyes, finding Pinoko to be shaking me awake. I had been lucky to get some sleep on the plane after such a lengthy operation, but now...well, I guess it couldn't be helped.

My attention shifted to the stewardess. "Oh,, please."

"Any creams or sugars?"


"...You want black coffee?"

Following a stern nod from me, she handed me a styrofoam cup of black coffee before moving her cart on, giving me a confused look. I ignored her, and carefully se the cup down on my tray.

"So," I said to Pinoko after a moment. "We're not that far from home now, are we."

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:40 pm
by I-Am-Atom's-Sister
(Yay! I got Uran!
So, do I just jump in or do I ask, or what? X3
I'll do a little writing anyway.)

I woke up with a start. Looking around to see what had jolted me awake, I realised slowly that it wasn't a sound, but something I'd subconsciously noticed.
Where was Astro?
(Well, derp, he's somewhere else, 'cause 2866 hasn't shown up yet X3)

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:42 pm
by Astronomical girl
/haha :lol: chill,Fauna,it's ok ;) /
"hai,Doc,I hope we can get there before 9am for my fwavrite animes" I said as I took a sip of my apple juice then they served us bweakfast of a pwastic bowl of rice and peas and carrots topped with a wubbery egg.I can make a better they set the plates down I looked at Doc and smiled.

"Ill make a better Bweakfast and coffee at home"I said and ate my bweakfast .it was ok still can make mine better

/@ I-Am-Atoms-Sister,your ok just remember to ask for time of day,also I think Astros at school but we will have to see/

Posted: Tue Feb 15, 2011 11:20 pm
by I-Am-Atom's-Sister
(Lol, Uran slept in X3
I'll come back later when I might have a role)

Posted: Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:45 am
by Astro Boy2866
I began to walk home from school, waving goodbye to my friends. Doctor Ochanomizu had told me that a famous doctor named, Black Jack, would be flying here today soon after I got out of school. I headed for Ochanomizu house, quickening my pace a little bit. I finally arrived and walked through the front door and saw Nora and Uran talking about something, but they stopped as I waked in.

"Hey guys, what's going on?" I asked

Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:33 am
by Androids101
"Put this over here, and this over here!" Nora was attempting to fix the messy household up before Black Jack arrived. Uran was running around in the usual, energetic Uran way. Then Nora saw Astro.

"Try not to litter the house, if you please" Nora spoke in a casual, buisness-like way while sweeping up the dust with a broom.

Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 8:00 am
by Astro Boy2866
"Alright, Nora. I'm going to have to go to Dr. Ochanomizu at the ministry before we meet up with Black Jack." I told Nora.

I went upstairs to my room and I took off my backpack and school-clothes and set them by my bed. I walked downstairs and looked at my over-energetic sister and said, "Uran, I'm going to have to go, so just continue to mind Nora while I'm gone and try not to get into any trouble, okay?."

Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:48 pm
by I-Am-Atom's-Sister

I grinned at Astro for a moment, then scrambled to the other room. Nora, so I considered, might have ignored this fact untill a lamp(I dunno, probably out of date for Astro's time XD) fell over. I pretended not to notice.

(I am sooo getting Uran wrong, aren't I? XD Sorry, it's been so long since I've tried roleplaying from the top of my head. RMBSHVW was just so easy to predict, I could plan my character's reaction a week in advance.)