RP:The Ochanimizu Files; Tenma's Therapy Sessions

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RP:The Ochanimizu Files; Tenma's Therapy Sessions

Postby Prettywitchiusaka » 9 years ago

For those not in the know, I started a thread a few days ago asking for people's thoughts on Tenma and Ochanimizu's relationship. The thread wen't over so well, April and I began chronicling what would happen if Ochanimizu sat Tenma down for serious mental therapy. I've been having fun with it, so I thought; let's get an RP going! And there was.

So, without further ado, let's get started.

Ochanimizu is sitting in a comfy chair, smiling while he holds a pad and pencil in hsi hands)

(Tenma meanwhile, is sitting opposite of him in a couchy psychatirsts patient's chair, looking indifferent to this entire operation)

O'Shay; What's wrong? I gave you a comfy chair like to asked.

Tenma; Is this really necessary?

O'Shay; Well that depends; do you want to maintain a good relationship with Astro?

(Tenma thinks this over for a minute before sighin in defeat)

Tenma; Yes.

O'Shay; Alright then, let's get started.

[Note from Astro Forever: copied the following posts from this thread.]

"AprilSeven" wrote:I smell a ROLE PLAY!!!

T: And what's THAT supposed to mean?

O: .....

T: *sighes, looking away* I suppose that means I have to begin with Hoshie.

O: *looks directly into his eyes* Sounds logical

"Prettywitchiusaka" wrote:(sighs in deep regret before talking again)

Tenma; I first met Hoshie in college, she was my seatmate in my neurology class.

O'Shay; Oh, I see; so you'd known each other from way back when.

Tenma; Yes. I admit, I thought she was pretty. But I really didn't talk to her much...that is until she began talking to me.

O'Shay; (chuckles) Well that makes sense, you've never exactly been much of a talker.

(Tenma gives O'Shay the death glare, causing shivers to tingle up his spine)

O'Shay; Uh...right...So, let's move on then...So, you mentioned that Hoshie started talking to you at that time.

Tenma; Yes. I don't really know why she took an interest in me though, maybe I was just her seat partner in teh beginning.

"Astro Forever" wrote:(Oh, cool topic!)

O'Shay: Why wouldn't she have been interested in you?

Tenma: Oh well, I liked to work on my little things, my machines... I didn't have much time left for girls.

O'Shay: Yet she remained around you...

Tenma: Yes. I think I impressed her with my creativity. She said I seemed to go beyond what she thought possible. It felt good to be finally able to share my discoveries with someone.

"Prettywitchiusaka" wrote:O'Shay; That's wonderful! So, eventually you warmed up to her, right?

Tenma; Well...yes...In fact, I think I noticed I was beginning to grow attached to ehr company once she began calling me...

(becomes silent, causing O'Shay to raise an eyebrow)

O'Shay; Yes, she called you...

(Tenma hesitates for a moment before taking a gulp to speak again)

Tenma; Tarou-chan...

O'Shay; Tarou-chan? (laughs) That seems about right!

(O'Shay continues to laugh, unaware of the anger forming on Tenma's face)

Tenma; You know, maybe I'll just be on my way-

O'Shay; No, no it's alright! (finally manages to calm himself down) Anyway, let's continue.

I agree on with you on the sympathy part Jeffbert, though I think even O'Shay has his limits depending on which version you look at.

If we're talking the 60 and 80's series, then I think Ochanimizu/O'Shay would defenitely feel the sympathy regarding tenma. If we're talking 03 series however, I honestly feel his sympathy would only decrease given Tenma's obsession with Astro/Atom in that particular version. After all, there's only so much you can take when you have one specific person comign after your loved a various different times.
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Postby Bigdog » 9 years ago

Tenma then gathers himself and sits back to face Ochanomizu square in the eye, beaming an antagonism through his eyes and creased frown on his beaded sweated face. Glancing down at the purple crisscorssed carpet below their feet, Tenma then enters into a trance-like state, recalling his every memory with her.

T: She called me Tarou-chan that one day at the Musashino Park. This had to be our first date together as a couple.

After we took a long awesome stroll through the forest trails, we sat down at a park bench and ate a lunch I packed for us.

O: What was it of?

T: It was of sushi I had made for her and I , two half sets of Rainbow sushi with Eel and Mackerel sashimi, her favorite. Not that I was exactly a chef, you know.

Tenma chuckles slightly , but then smiles, albeit choked up for words.

O: Is it alright--

Ignoring his words, Tenma continued,

T: At best it was shoddy ,but she didn't care about it. Did I ever tell you my father was a sushi chef? I thought I got his abilities and I guess I did.She said my sushi looked like one of the best made and you know me, I could hardly see it myself until I finally tried my half. :a thoughtful sigh of content:

It tasted exactly like my father's with all the warm memories as a young schoolboy's lunch and dinner associated with--.

Tears came pouring down his eyes like a river.

O: You never told me...

T: My fathe....left me when I was only 9. Or so I thought.

O: What do you mean?

T:He hung himself while I was in the hospital for an infection gone deadly. I was supposed to have died a day after, but the black doctor, a so called "demon of the scalpel" , healed me and brought me to health over the course of a few months.

O:Black Jack?

T: No , it was Dr. Honma. For all the work he did for me , it still did not save my father.

O: I see. Is this why--

T: It is . After that revelation , I did not want anyone I love to die if I could help it . I suppose this was the overarching reason why I built Atom with the memories and heart of my dear Tobio. To keep my son from dying again.

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Postby Astro Forever » 9 years ago

(Do you want us to move the posts from the other topic here?)

Tenma paused, struggling, trying desperately to hold back tears.

T: But... It didn't quite work. No, don't tell me... don't remind me what you had said.

O: No, no... it's alright.

T: I really thought I had achieved my dream. He was perfect. I was in heaven, I had my son, with me, forever! But then... then something started to feel wrong...

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Postby Prettywitchiusaka » 9 years ago

That would help actually. Thanks Astro Forever.

O: Started to? How long did this go on?

T: For awhile...But then for whatever reason I became frightened of him...I tried to ignore it...but once he became concerned about other robots and how they were treated I...I allowed my fear to keep growing...

O: Tenma...What did you do afterwards? Did you confront him about this?

(slowly shakes his head)

T: No...

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Postby Astro Forever » 9 years ago

(I've copied the posts in the first one of this thread... The posts would have been out of order if I had just moved them here, so I thought it was better this way. I'm a little scared to post in such a nice RP because I fear leading the therapy in the wrong direction, but I guess a therapy isn't a linear process and Tenma can always change his mind... hehe).


(after a moment of silence)

T: Well, actually... I tried to talk him out of it. I would tell him: "No, you are not like these robots, you're human!" He would look at me with his big eyes, and he seemed a little sad... It would make me angry...

O: Angry...?

T: Yes, at first I was angry at him, for having such thoughts... then I became angry at me. Why did I never have this thought before?

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Postby Prettywitchiusaka » 9 years ago

(laughs) Indeed. Thank you very much though Forever.

O: Surely you just left it alone, didn't you?

T: I did...for awhile...Until that day...

O:That day?

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Postby Gotta Love ASTRO BOY » 9 years ago

(Sorry can I join?)
T; That day that he found the broken down nanny bot in the basement. He was so upset that I...
O; You?
T; I became enraged and took him to the Ministy of Science... back to the place I had last seen Tobio alive.
O; Why, Tenma?
T; I wanted to see just how alike Tobio he was. Would he join me or do as Tobio did.
O; What did Astro do?
T; Neither

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Postby Prettywitchiusaka » 9 years ago

That's perfectly fine Gotta; the more, the merrier.

O; Neither?

T; No...instead he...He tried to destroy the labratory...I...(tears really begin to flow down his face as he gulps for breath) I tried to tell him that he meant so much more to me than being just a robot...But he wouldn't listen...

O; Is that why you shut him down, Tenma?...

T; It wasn't just that...He'd begun to frighten me...

O; Frighten you?...

T; Because he was so human like...I...I thought he was a monster...So I shut him down and disappeared before I completely lost my mind...

(a long silence endures as O'Shay stares rather stunned at his college, shortly after though he gives Tenma a kleenex to wipe his eyes with)

O'Shay; May I ask you something, Tenma?

Tenma; Of course. What would you like to know?

O'Shay; After this happened, did you feel like you didn't belong in this world anymore?

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Postby Astro Forever » 9 years ago

Tenma: Oh, I just stopped living in the same world than everybody else... Life had let me down, and there was only one way to survive: build myself a new universe...

O'Shay: A new universe?

Tenma: Yes, a universe in which I would be able to control everything... I wasn't going to repeat the same mistakes I had made, and everything would happen just the way I wanted them to happen.

O'Shay: Weren't you suffering?

Tenma paused.

Tenma: I didn't feel anything anymore. I was numb.

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Postby Prettywitchiusaka » 9 years ago

T; I tried to overcome my sorrow, but it was no use. I couldn't stand being around people anymore, in time I only felt comfortable around robots...

O; Is that why you started all this; to find your place in this world again?

(Tenma smiles breifly in reflection before opening his mouth to speak)

T; It's funny; Shadow asked me the same question once.

O; He did?

T; Yes...I freely denied it, of course. Though somehow I knew in my heart that he was probably right.

O; I see...Tenma, there's something else I need to ask you.

T; Of course, what is it?

O; It's about Astro; was this why you wanted him to become King of Robots? To be at your side again?

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