Mari Shimuzu's Autobiography

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Mari Shimuzu's Autobiography

Postby jeffbert » 2 months ago

So, I just happened to find this on, & fortunately, the table of contents is very detailed. I found exactly what I wanted, & am currently 'reading' ch #3.

Apparently, it was a big secret that a woman was the voice of Atom. I recall a SIMPSONS episode in which Bart & Milhouse[?] are talking about just that. :lol:

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Re: Mari Shimuzu's Autobiography

Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 2 months ago

The same female voice actor that did the voice of Astro in the English dub of the 1963 series also supplied the voice of Kimba the white lion in that English dub.

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Re: Mari Shimuzu's Autobiography

Postby ASTROBUDDY » 2 months ago

Billie Lou Watts was her name. She also did the voice of Astro Girl in the 1960s English dub. Mari Shimizu also did the voice of Atom in the 1980s series.
The autobiography sounds interesting. Looking forward to hearing more about the book.--Astrobuddy

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Re: Mari Shimuzu's Autobiography

Postby Genshi-san » 1 month ago

Mari played atom up till the late 90's, i believe her daughter played atom in a few short films (alongside the future va for atom, makoto tsumura).

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