Astro Boy merchandising in your country

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Astro Boy merchandising in your country

Postby Tobietta » 3 months ago

As I said in my presentation, unfortunately in Italy, in terms of merchandising linked to Astro Boy, there is very little or nothing. What I have is all purchased online, but I would like to understand if this difficulty in finding products is also in your countries. I am referring, more than anything else, to comic fairs or comic shops. At the last comic fair I attended, for example, I only found a "gold banknote" dedicated to Astro ... I went around ALL the stands, but the cosmic nothing. In Italy it is very easy to find products on: Doraemon, Dragon ball, Studio Ghibli, Naruto, One Piece, Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon ... but about Osamu Tezuka it's a tragedy! And to think that Astro Boy was the first anime that paved the way for everyone else! Let me know how the situation is in your part, thanks!

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Re: Astro Boy merchandising in your country

Postby fafner » 3 months ago

Mostly the same here in Luxembourg. I can get books though if I ask specifically for them, that's how I got Urasawa's Pluto by ordering it at a local library.
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Re: Astro Boy merchandising in your country

Postby Dragonrider1227 » 2 months ago

there hasn't been a serious merchandising of Astro Boy in America since around 2004.These days you still though get the occasional vinyl figure collectable. We've had the manga released a couple of times too.

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