whats your favariot character in astro boy?

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Postby crazyd2000 » 13 years ago

Jump all the way

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Postby Spike » 13 years ago

well seein as i'm gettin him tattoed on my head i'll have to say astro boy
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Postby CommanderEVE » 13 years ago

i'm confused

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Postby Uran-chan » 11 years ago

I Like characters Like Astro/atom,Hazama kuroo Aka.Black Jack,Uran of course shes my crush,Sharaku the one with the third eye,princess saphire,tink,Makube Rokoru A K A Rock Holmes,Denkou,Pluto,epsilon,Photar, Rainbow parakeet, I like many chracters in tezuka world you know

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Postby dannavy85 » 11 years ago

Astro and Reno. Oh yeah, younger Atlas

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Postby Astrogirl500 » 8 years ago

I love characters on 2003 series : Astro, Atlas, Zoran ,O'Say with his noze hahahaha,Denkou the green "Angel" for me,manly Dr Tenma and Skunk Kusai :wub: ;Skunk is my first in first all character:a handsome and smart bad guy Image ! And Doctor Tenma is so great mysterious.. :tenma: :tenma: :tenma: :whistling:
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Postby Hikari Tail » 8 years ago

This is pretty easy,
It's really no contest.

Doctor Tenma. I love his 2003 adaption the most. He is the most interesting kind of antagonist you can get. He is not only Astroboy's father thus giving problems already but he is also flesh boned human unlike all of other Astroboy's enemies.

He is also very tragic but also has hard reality flaws what real human fathers have which makes him also a painful character.
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Postby Prettywitchiusaka » 8 years ago

You pretty much took the words right out of my mouth Hikari Tail. Tenma is my favorite character in Astro Boy for two very specific reasons;

He's lots of fun to watch being philosophical and evil, but's also very human in how sympathetic and flawed he is. Right to the point where it might make the last two episode of the 03 series hard to watch for some. Not because they contain any graphic or violent images, but because you as the viewer realize that all he wants is to be with his son. As a result, it makes the viewer conflicted as whether or not the character's happiness is right or not, because he's brainwashed his child in order to get what he wants.

In regards to other favorite Astro Boy characters, I have to go with the following;
.Hoshie- or rather, my interpretation of Hoshie. A strong yet fragile woman, who finds the
courage to move on after her family falls apart
.Shadow- I can't exactly pin it down, but there's something about Shadow's character
that intrigues me.
.Skunk Kusai- Come on, how could I not. He's just so cocky, it's fun to watch him be evil.
.Zoran/Uran- Yeah, I know she doesn't get much development or depth in most
incarnations of Astro Boy, but she's just so cute in how sweet and bratty
she is, I can't help myself.
.Alejo/Tamao- Not much to say here, other than he's just so geeky!
.Ochanomizu/O'Shay- True he's a very kind soul, but what I like most about O'Shay is
that he's 68, and is still so reckless for his age. It's actually pretty

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Postby spartanx01 » 7 years ago

Mine's Astro, Denkou, and Zoran. My fav of all 3, is Astro

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Postby Toshio » 7 years ago

I love Uran and Atom^^

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