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I love them all, Astro is amazing either way <3
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Postby toxicXheart » 7 years ago

"AprilSeven" wrote:And here, once again, I have to beg the value of hyper-scrutiny over what is considered copyright infringement.

If, instead of each of us fertivly trying to put together collections, and finding ways to understand what is being said in Japanese versions of anime and manga, we could freely use the internet to its full potential, I believe we could -- no, WOULD be expanding Astro's popularity.

I had three VHS tapes I purchased from the RightStuf back in the late 80's. Now I have boxed sets of all three anime series (including the Japanese "89"), all of Urasawa's Pluto manga, Atomcat, the 2003 manga, the 2009 movie and movie manga, and books 1-3 and 10 of the Dark Horse manga.

Why? Because I was able to watch episodes that Winged Mushroom of Doom posted on youtube, and were linked to here. Oh, yes, I also started reading Pluto online. But guess what - I PURCHASED A WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF because I wanted to have it PERMENANTLY and yes, also to support Tezuka Pro ('cause it IS the right thing to do!)

But the fact that I could explore what was out there - and for a time there were fantastic fan-made videos that increased the "longevity" of Astro being "current" -- but now that it's all been pulled down, and repressed . . .we are only making it easier for people to forget.

My deepest wish is for Tezuka Pro to WORK WITH US to help expand Astro/Atom's popularity (maybe THEY can convince Sony to "back off" and let the fandom become an important part of the "marketing department")

Here's an idea . . . could we create a thread - in our multilingual forum, maybe? Where we could write what we are wishing for - and then translate it - perhaps through Google, and reviewed by our Japanese-fluent members, and then send them an email with a link so they can see what we have going on here, and how we only want to GROW the world of :tezuka:

What do you guys think?

Love it love it. That's a top idea, I like the suggestion but what exactly would we wish? I'm sorry I get confused easily. :blush:
Also I collect astro merchandise for the same reasons, I'm currently am working on trying to get all the DVD sets and a few VHS I still have a VHS player X).

Also the Astro is a part of my life I treasure dearly. :)
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Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 7 years ago

Up to a point using bits of copyrighted material in original work can be fair use. A good example is the novelty records by the late Dickie Goodman, and the parodies by Weird Al Yankovic. (Weird Al always asks for permission first, and he's never been refused. ) It's a shame that YouTube always takes the side of the copyright owner, even when they are in the wrong, but they often have the big lawyers on retainer, and us fans have nothing.
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Postby Earthshine » 7 years ago

I really do agree with April. Word of mouth and use of the internet is the best way to advertise anything. You can generate hundreds of fans just by telling one person that something is great, because they then go and tell their friends of their experience and how wonderful it is.

Maybe a good idea as well as using the internet to our advantage could be writing to various US anime magazines and asking for more Tezuka exposure in articles and flashback reviews? I'm not sure how much exposure his works actually get in these magazines as I do not read them...

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Postby Prettywitchiusaka » 7 years ago

Holy hannah, I think with April I've just seen the best worded defence for why the internet is a useful way to make something popular.

As for my two sense on this, I think the reason Astro Boy has never really caught on here is simply a difference in ideology. In Japan, their views have been much more pacifistic post world war II (though don't quote me on that). In North American we do have a sense of idealism, but we've some so jaded and cynical that I feel it's hard for a lot of people to even identify with Astro's message.
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Postby tailz » 7 years ago

I see really disgusting pictures with profanity that have very innapropiate messages of astroboy that people think is funny so they post them online. I feel very upset about that. It's like they're trying to get rid of tezuka fans (or atom) completely. There's also astroboy voodo dolls on e bay. another offensive of atom. what if little kids who love astroboy today saw something that disgusting? this world can be soo full of hatred sometimes.
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Postby Prettywitchiusaka » 7 years ago

Astro Boy voodoo dolls? Seriously? I'm not even sure of what to say in response to that other than...Huh?

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Postby AprilSeven » 7 years ago

Skunk would use them.

and maybe Atlas?
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Postby Prettywitchiusaka » 7 years ago

"AprilSeven" wrote:Skunk would use them.

and maybe Atlas?

Okay, that I could see.

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