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Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 7:37 pm
by CommanderEVE
Translation of site:

click for spoiler"Astro Boy" is young children abroad, elementary school, is age separately remake such as adults. Tezuka Productions (Shinjuku, Tokyo) has partnered one after another with the United States, Europe and Asia of the animated film company, to produce the remake three works of animation · CG · live-action film. Children many emerging countries, increasing the number of export in accordance with the actual situation of international markets, including developed countries, low birth rate advances. Rework of the original also recognized flexible, grow into profitable business the copyright business in foreign countries.

Production 4 to animation for six-year-old "Little Astro Boy" to, from 7 to 12 years of age for CG animation "Astro Boy reboot", live-action film that target adults. France Planet Nemo (Paris), Karibara (same), to partner with the United States of Warner Brothers. China, South Korea, solicit investment from, such as the Middle East.

Little Astro Boy" is infant robot is active the Institute of the island to the stage in collaboration with Planet Nemo. Year after next is also televised all over the world in the spring. "Astro Boy reboot" is donating the remake rights to Karibara. Boy robot who lives in the house of the woman Dr. after year after next in the context of fight against the bad guys, sequentially broadcast the developed countries to the beginning. Live-action film gives the remake rights to Warner and Australian production studio, "outlook published made after three years" (Tezuka).

In remake rights provision, the appearance of the original to make it easier acceptance in overseas markets person or setting, to be able to flexibly change the scenario. Tezuka Other license fee, get the sales of DVD and character goods as revenue.

According to the Association of Japanese Animations, annual export value of Japanese animation production company had been increased, such as Pokemon is attention decreased from a peak of 31.3 billion yen in 2005 to 14 years is 19.5 billion yen. The adult's firm has been shrinking children's market.

Animation for overseas Japanese dubbed version many remake is small. But because it is difficult to obtain the consent of the original author. Tezuka is "if the range that does not impair the spirit of Mr. Osamu Tezuka, the flexibility to allow the rework of the original" that the (copyright Works Department).

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 9:10 pm
by Astro Ducky
Well there goes my Mimi theory, I guess. Unless it's not talking about her.

Also, I managed to look up the particular kanji that the translator rendered as "year after next" (再来年 – sarainen), and according to Jisho, that is indeed what it means. Hopefully it's just a miscommunication, though.

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 9:15 pm
by Shiyonasan
Yeah, I'm not quite sure what to believe right now. The Google Translation is pretty bad. Since it's not from Shibuya Productions themself, I'm inclined to not totally believe it. I'll change the thread title for now, but I'd rather get confirmation from the people actually working on it.

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 9:31 pm
by CommanderEVE
I do know some people who live and are fluent in a Japanese language. I will try and ask them to translate the page.

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 9:32 pm
by Shiyonasan
"CommanderEVE" wrote:I do know some people who live and are fluent in a Japanese language. I will try and ask them to translate the page.

That would definitely help. :)

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 3:24 am
by YJ_Doodle
"Shiyonasan" wrote:Big news for today, part two:

From what I can understand from the poor Japanese translation sites, Astro will be living in the house of the woman doctor character (perhaps his "mom"?) and (hopefully not) this article says that the series will be coming out the "year after next", which means another delay.

I really do hope there isn't another delay... But nonetheless, I'm surprised that the doctor lady really COULD be Atom's adopted mother. I was suspecting so, she seemed to be what Ochanomizu was in the past series. If Uran or Cobalt ever appear, she may be the one to build them. Or maybe Atom has human siblings, too?

And I think(Although I can't be sure) that the article was saying that LAB(The new series) was going to be aired the year after the next(2018). I sure hope so.

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 3:26 am
by Little Brown Fox
If this information is good, then it probably won't be long before an English article picks up on it. I hope so, anyways. The info about the second LAB series was good, so...

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 12:58 pm
by CommanderEVE
I got in touch with a user called, ‘Coffee-Pot’ on DA who said this:

“Astro boy is a young boy, at elementary age. The remake is aimed for adults. Tezuka (?) productions has partnered with Asian animations.

EUUUUGH too much kanji.

I think, they're making a remake of Astro Boy, except it’s in Kanji and I would assume it would be katakana, but then I can only read a bit of this. I usually ask my colleagues to help. If you actually want to translate it there is the app jisho or jishou, I don't have my phone. It’s quite good at guessing what words you're after.

I think they're making a new Astro Boy, or already have, and want to break the American market. Or foreign market. But, I mean, I don't need points. I'm pretty much guessing, comparing the words to the translation and trying to figure it out.

The problem is Japanese tends to omit a bunch of stuff, we would say "I think x" but Japanese just say yappari "think"... so it’s hard guessing.

Also there are particles like GA which means they don't know. It’s just, confusing. I can order food and do small talk. The rest I ask my friends ;A;

Don't give me points, lol, you probably gathered that much via Google translate. And also I thought it was a paragraph but its loads. I can't read all that ;A;

I hate kanji.”

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 2:32 pm
by gokaiblue
I just read the paragraph (translated of course), and it's definitely talking about the Little Astro Boy series when it says "Year after next." I have a Japanese friend that may be able to help translate this as well.

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 2:38 pm
by YJ_Doodle
여성 박사의 집에 사는 소년 로봇이 악당과 싸운다는 내용으로 내후년 이후 선진국을 시작으로 순차적으로 방영한다.

Okay, this is the korean version of Google Translate. I figured maybe since Korean and Japanese have closer roots it'd be better. Plus I can understand it :) Anyhow, according to my bilingual brain, it says:

The show will be aired to developed countries in order the year after the next and it will be about a boy robot that fights villains and lives in a female doctor's home.

I don't know what "aired to developed countries in order the year after the next" means. Does that mean it gets released in France and/or Japan in 2017 and then worldwide in 2018? Or is the whole series pushed off another year?

This was the only important chunk about the reboot, the rest it just about copyrights of story and reveals about the movie(2019, 3 years later) and new LAB series(2018, year after the next) and how the children's section of the Japanese animation industry has shrunk. There's also a part that reads:

일본의 해외 용 애니메이션은 더빙이 많은 리메이크 버전은 적다. 원작자의 동의를 얻기가 어렵 기 때문이다. 테즈카 프로는 "데즈카 오사무 씨의 정신을 해치지 않는 범위라면 원작의 수정을 유연하게 인정"(저작권 사업국 ;) 라고한다.

There isn't a big number of Japanese International animations with dubbing. It's because it's difficult to get the original creator's permission. Tezuka Productions says "If it does not harm Mr. Tezuka Osamu's mindset then we flexibly allow changes to the original"(Copyright Business Bureau).