Saddest scene/Most enduring scene

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Re: Saddest scene/Most enduring scene

Postby Alittleacorn » 10 months ago

Yup. Dub by the original Japanese voice acting/audio/music :hyo:

Tenma going off on the deep end due to having a mental breakdown. His grandeur dreams of Atom being robot King and a world without humans. I think Tenma pushed them so hard because he had to reason with himself ‘Tobio’ was made for greater things, but in reality he was running away from the responsibility of being a parent, and not owning up to the fact he deactivated his son and abandoned him. Basically child neglect.

There’s also the basis Tenma has a thing about control, probably due to being lonely growing up and finding solace in robotics. He tells Shadow friendship is a weakness because he either failed to make any or was backstabbed. But the bear he made in his youth to say what he wanted it to, in a way Robot Tobio became that bear, until he repelled that is.

What gets me most is when Tenma’s plans to become a robot get foiled by Shadow who takes his place, then Atom gets destroyed. Tenma doesn’t tamper with Atom’s mind to make him into the ideal robot king or put him in a new body. Instead Tenma resets and turns him back into robot Tobio, and plays it off like nothing happened. Why? Because he wanted another chance with his son and that took priority.

That’s why the final scene in the factory gets me. Tenma fell back on his original plan, but did it all out of mad desperation to get his son back. And when that failed, he felt death was the only outcome for him. They wrote Tenma as such a flawed antagonist and I love it. :heart:

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Re: Saddest scene/Most enduring scene

Postby Genshi-san » 10 months ago

id say atlas's sacrifice, Nuka's dismantlement, Tobio's death are the most memorable, also lightray, poor kid, zapped to pieces

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