Confirmed Name of One of Skunk Kusai's Henchmen

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Postby Fauna » 5 years ago

"Little Brown Fox" wrote:Someone I was talking to once came up with a concept in their AU as to why his skin has a bluish hue; I forget the name of the actual condition, but it basically boils down to silver poisoning.

That's actually a really, really good theory! I looked this up, and the condition in question is called Argyria. (Be cautious when Google Image Searching this.) Often, it's caused by silver intake from prolonged skin or lung contact (i.e. while on the job), or from water contamination. This is all coming to me on the spot, but like...if this Argyria is the case with Skunk, maybe he came to hate the wealthy, cushy-living upper class because of working and living around contamination that changed his skin. Like a blue Robin Hood who gives to himself.
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Postby Little Brown Fox » 5 years ago

Yeah! Yeah, that's it! Of course, there was more to the AU than that (as in he has bigger problems than just turning a little blue), but I found it to be kinda gross, so I'll spare you.

While I feel that the decision regarding his skin color was probably more in the vein of what everyone else said about "pale and sickly" being the intent, or even just arbitrary, this is a pretty solid headcanon. I hadn't even thought of it, and it's not like I didn't know that the condition existed; there was that one guy who was on Oprah a long time ago...

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Postby jeffbert » 5 years ago

As far as the names in the credits go, the little guy in the 1963 series I had been calling 'Dopey' is called 'chibi' - meaning 'small' while the large guy who often appears with him is 'deka' meaning 'big'. The names are not reserved for those particular characters, either. :lol:

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