Live Action Astro Boy Movie (Official Upcoming Film)

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Re: Live Action Astro Boy Film

Postby Alittleacorn » 9 months ago

Shiyonasan wrote:After nearly 3 years of no announcements about this film, Animal Logic has listed the live action Astro Boy movie on their website: ... astro-boy/

A teaser image is shown on the website with the following description:


Animal Logic wrote:Animal Logic Entertainment has partnered with Japan’s Tezuka Productions to develop a live action, science fiction superhero feature film based on the iconic comic book franchise Astro Boy. Astro Boy, known in Japan as ‘Mighty Atom’, first appeared as a Japanese manga series from 1951 to 1968 written and illustrated by manga pioneer Osamu Tezuka.

In a futuristic world where humans fear a growing robot population, the most sophisticated AI ever created must become a hero to human and robot alike, and stand against those fighting to drive them apart.

New Line Cinema will distribute the film with Animal Logic and Ranger 7 Films producing the film. Jeremy Passmore and Andre Fabrizio are writers for the film, with Zareh Nalbandian, Jonathan Hludzinski, and Felicity Staunton producing the film through Animal Logic. Jason Lust, who was previously listed as executive producer for the film and sued Animal Logic in 2016 (details in this link), is no longer associated with the film.

A Nikkei Style article from 2016 reported that the film would be released "after 3 years", meaning after 2019.

The film is also listed on Ranger 7 Films website.

Nothing else is known about the film at this time.

Little nervous by how buff Astro looks in the shoulder department. Is this supposed to be Astro Boy or Astro Man? O_O

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Re: Live Action Astro Boy Movie (Official Upcoming Film)

Postby jeffbert » 9 months ago

Good point / observation, Alittleacorn. :lol:

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Re: Live Action Astro Boy Movie (Official Upcoming Film)

Postby Genshi-san » 9 months ago

This is going to be a f***ing trainwreck

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Re: Live Action Astro Boy Movie (Official Upcoming Film)

Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 9 months ago

Genshi-san wrote:This is going to be a f***ing trainwreck

Like the first live action Astro TV show done by Tezuka.

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Re: Live Action Astro Boy Movie (Official Upcoming Film)

Postby Dragonrider1227 » 4 months ago

I wonder what he's staring down. Pluto?

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