HORROR films on Weds on TCM: Lon Chaney night on 10/03

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HORROR films on Weds on TCM: Lon Chaney night on 10/03

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8:00 PM

B/W - 50 m




Unknown, The (1927)

Synopsis: In this silent film, an escaped killer pretends to be a sideshow's armless wonder.
Dir: Tod Browning Cast: Lon Chaney , Norman Kerry , Joan Crawford .


D: Tod Browning. Lon Chaney, Joan Crawford, Norman Kerry, Nick De Ruiz, John George. Wild and wooly silent Chaney chiller about a criminal on the lam who hides out in a gypsy circus and pretends he has no arms. Ultra-creepy, even by Browning's bizarre standards, with an unforgettable finale.

9:00 PM

C - 90 m



Phantom of the Opera, The (1925)

Synopsis: In this silent film, a hideously deformed man haunts the sewers beneath the Paris Opera.
Dir: Rupert Julian Cast: Lon Chaney , Mary Philbin , Norman Kerry .


D: Rupert Julian. Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin, Norman Kerry, Snitz Edwards, Gibson Gowland. Classic melodrama with Chaney as the vengeful composer who lives in the catacombs under the Paris Opera House and kidnaps young Philbin as his singing protegee. Famous unmasking scene still packs a jolt, and the Bal Masque is especially impressive in two-color Technicolor. One of Chaney's finest hours. Most prints are of the 1929 reissue version, but the original is available on DVD; running times vary. Remade several times, and transformed into a Broadway musical.

The Phantom of the Opera

A forerunner of the American horror film, and one of the most lavish productions of the silent cinema, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA has inspired countless remakes and imitations. But... more

10:45 PM

B/W - 87 m



[b]Monster, The[/b] (1925)

Synopsis: In this silent film, a mad scientist engineers car wrecks so he can experiment on the survivors.
Dir: Roland West Cast: Lon Chaney , Gertrude Olmsted , Hallam Cooley .


D: Roland West. Lon Chaney, Gertrude Olmstead, Hallam Cooley, Johnny Arthur, Charles Sellon. Overdose of comedy relief hampers moody Chaney mad-doctor doings; still OK, though, as whole film has tongue- in-cheek. From Crane Wilbur's play.

The Monster

Lon Chaney plays the monstrous dourly expressive Ziska who gathers candidates for his eerie experiments by causing roadway accidents. While the Man of a Thousand Faces provides the... more

12:30 AM

B/W - 90 m



Penalty, The (1920)

Synopsis: In this silent film, a criminal mastermind plots revenge against the doctor who amputated his legs.
Dir: Wallace Worsley Cast: Lon Chaney , Ethel Grey Terry , Charles Clary .


D: Wallace Worsley. Lon Chaney, Ethel Grey Terry, Charles Clary, Claire Adams, Kenneth Harlan, James Mason, Cesare Gravina. Chaney is something to see as Blizzard, a cunning, sadistic crime lord, embittered because his legs were amputated by a negligent surgeon in childhood. Terry is the government operative assigned to infiltrate his den of iniquity. Melodramatic at times, but worth seeing for Chaney's bravura performance.

The Penalty

In a role that established him as one of the most dynamically terrifying performers of the silent screen, Lon Chaney stars in the Penalty, a grotesque thriller form director Wallace... more
2:15 AM

B/W - 86 m


Unholy Three, The (1925)

Synopsis: In this silent film, a ventriloquist masquerades as an old lady to front a crime ring.
Dir: Tod Browning Cast: Lon Chaney , Mae Busch , Matt Moore .


D: Tod Browning. Lon Chaney, Mae Busch, Matt Moore, Victor McLaglen, Harry Earles. In departure from horrific roles, Chaney plays sideshow ventriloquist who teams with strongman and midget to form underworld trio. Corny aspects of story can't mar fascination with basic idea, or Chaney's performance. Remade in 1930.

The Unholy Three

In this hypnotic mix of creepiness and crime Lon Chaney plays a ventriloquist who dons a granny disguise to team with a strongman and a little person in a bizarre robbery scheme that... more
4:00 AM

B/W - 72 m



He Who Gets Slapped (1924)

Synopsis: In this silent film, a scientist flees his tragic past to become a circus clown.
Dir: Victor Seastrom Cast: Lon Chaney , Norma Shearer , John Gilbert .


D: Victor Seastrom. Lon Chaney, Norma Shearer, John Gilbert, Tully Marshall, Marc McDermott, Ford Sterling. Brilliant scientist tries to bury personal tragedy under mask of circus clown, who falls in love with beautiful bareback rider (Shearer). Famous story becomes Pagliacci-type vehicle for Chaney.

He Who Gets Slapped

The clown known as HE has made a comedic art of getting batted around. Behind the mask HE hides the torment of once being a brilliant scientist whose research and wife were stolen by... more

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