A Thank You

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A Thank You

Postby ASTRO BOY IS AWESOME! » 1 year ago

Hi all! My it’s been so many years since I’ve been on this forum. Most members at this point probably have no idea who I am. A little bit about me cause I figure why not, my real name is Sammie, but on here most people called me Abia. When I was more active I was about 12-13 years old, and right now I’m about 2 months away from turning 20.

I will say I’ve definitely posted stuff I will cringe about if I come across it again, some I’ll definitely regret.

The forum was a daily routine for me, it was my second home, when my first home wasn’t all that great. I could login, talk to friends, gush over the different movies and Tv shows of Astro. I re-watched a few 1980s series today and it made me want to reminisce I guess.

Anyways I realized today I want to say thank you to this forum. Thank you for making my days a little brighter, for keeping me motivated to do well, for being my second home in the computer screen.Thank you for accepting me into this community with open arms,despite me being a weird awkward child at the time. Thank you for showing me that a story about a little robot with human emotions can connect so many amazing people.

I owe a lot to Astro Boy, and Astro Boy on-line. For one thing I wouldn’t be pursuing Robotics and AI in college currently if I hadn’t found Astro Boy or this forum. I wouldn’t have been captain of the robotics FTC team during high school. It wouldn’t have interested me before as much as it does now. I wouldn’t have the drive to build sentient robots, that change the definition of humanity. Where a person could be made of squishy guts or servos and bolts. (who knows maybe I can be this worlds Dr. Tenma :tenma: and build a real Astro Boy)

So TLDR: Thank you to all the amazing people here on Astro Boy online. Because of Astro Boy and this forum, it shaped me into who I am today. Astro Boy will always hold a big role in shaping who I became, who I strive to be and to do the things that i strive to do. Thank You Astro Boy Online. :astro:

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Re: A Thank You

Postby Shiyonasan » 1 year ago

Welcome back, ABIA! Glad to read that you're doing well. :)

I'm happy that we were able to give you a great community to interact with years ago, and I hope if you do return to chat that the community can be kind and welcoming to you at that time.

Best of luck to you in your studies and your pursuit of learning about robotics!

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Re: A Thank You

Postby Novacain » 1 year ago

Why hello again!

I've been thinking of rewatching some older Astroboy stuff lately. It's been awhile.

Congrats and good luck on your college studies! :)

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Re: A Thank You

Postby Earthshine » 1 year ago

It is amazing what can give us motivation, what can propel us and inspire us. I am so elated that Astro Boy has given you such inspiration to pursue such an important career that will shape our world in incredible ways. Congratulations!

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