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Metropolis BD

Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 1 year ago

I just bought a copy of the anime based on Tezuka's Metropolis manga. I've seen this film before on DVD, but I recently found the BD disc for sale for less than $10 on ebay, so I bought it. The package includes both a BD and a DVD copy of the film. Only the DVD has the extra feature "the making of metropolis". Most of the familiar members of Tezuka's star system appear in the film such as Mustachio, Kenichi, Duke Red, Rock Holmes, Boon, Skunk, and Atlas. In this film, Atlas is a human who hates robots (a 180 degree role reversal). He appears in the Dachi form, which is interesting as the film was made in 2001, before the 2003 Astro Boy Anime. I looked carefully, but did not spot Tezuka's caricature, though I might have missed it. In one scene Lamp does have the candle over his head.
Part of the plot involves Duke Red having a scientist create a robot clone of his dead daughter, an idea that Tezuka would use again in a future manga some years after he wrote Metropolis (as we all know!).
The BD release is mastered very well, with a 5.1 soundtrack and in wonder HD. If you can find a copy for under $10 (and have a BD player) it's worth grabbing. BTW, if you find a Japanese BD release (with subtitles) don't be afraid to buy one. There are only 3 BD region codes, and the US and Japan are in the same region, so the disk will play on any BD player sold here (Unlike DVD's where we are in region 1 and Japan is in region 2.)

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