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Postby Reid958 » 6 years ago

Hello cookie, I like your name, I'm sure you have fun here on this site. Can't wait to get to know you :-)

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Postby Juanita » 6 years ago

Welcome, Cookie

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Postby GemTenma » 6 years ago


I'm Astro's spouse. Nice to meet you all.


Gem Tenma
Astro my love, soon I can hold you in my arms again :heart: :heart: :astro:

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Postby falloutflowers » 6 years ago

I'm Elizabeth, I'm 14, and i've been a fan of astro since 2009! I remember making an account on here when I was 9 but I don't remember the username or password. (I'm not sure if people are still posting here or?)
But yeah! Thats me. I'm glad to be back on here will all you amazing fellow fans! ^-^
[FONT="Garamond"]"Humans are lost. Alone, they struggle in the darkness, and hurt themselves in fear. They don't know where they came from, or where they're going."[/FONT]

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Postby Shiyonasan » 6 years ago

Welcome back, falloutflowers! :)

(I'm not sure if people are still posting here or?)

Do you mean this thread, or the forum? Either way, people don't post here as often as other forums. We're a pretty small online community compared to a lot of other forums.

Things have been a little more active though with the two new series this year. Little Astro Boy has already aired in Nigeria, but is possibly going to be distributed in North America sometime in the future (though it's not confirmed). The other series, called "Astro Boy Reboot", is scheduled to have a teaser trailer released sometime in September. You can read up on all the info we know here.

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Postby Earthshine » 6 years ago

Looking forward to getting to know you, Falloutflowers!

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Postby Dante69 » 6 years ago

Hello, Falloutflowers.
:tenma: :astro: :o cha: LOL

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Postby jeffbert » 6 years ago

Welcome, falloutflowers! :D How did you come up with such a name?

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Postby Windswept Cloak » 6 years ago

Welcome! :)
I joined this forum in late 2013 when I was 15 going on 16. Ignore my oldest posts, they embarrass me so much that I've considered permanantly leaving the forum more than once. I've grown out of my fangirling phase over Black Jack, Atom and Uran ages ago but the memories still embarrass me at times... :unsure: Though, I try to be more open-minded about it and accept it as an "interesting stage of my life". :tezuka:

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Postby CommanderEVE » 6 years ago

hello and welcome to the forum Falloutflowers, I know I am a little late, as i do not come here often.

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