Just Got Tap Tap Rush! My thoughts

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Just Got Tap Tap Rush! My thoughts

Postby Androids101 » 8 years ago

Just got an iPad 3 (aka New iPad) on Thursday, and today I just got Tap Tap Rush for one dollar (technically 99 cents). Simply just after getting the iPad 3 getting Tap Tap Rush was one of my priorities. This is also the first game I actually bought, and thus not free.

I just got through the tutorial stage, and I've tried the 1st a couple of times. The visuals are amazing, and the scenery good; the characters from Astro Boy all make a return. It's all good. The biggest complaint of the game is, why does the flying meter recharge so slowly!?

It's one of the most problematic aspects for me. For some bewildering reason, you have to fly well clear of the obstacles in order to get past them...and if you don't, you'll have to get back down and wait a long time for the meter to very slowly get back to full, and so...if you don't get past on the first try, getting past it again is a pain.

Unfortunately, the meter is wasted in the controls of the game. If you want to jump, you tap the button. If you want Astro to fly, you hold the button. But if you hold it a bit too long, well, you either have to get Astro Boy back down, or you'll use up your meter completely and then wait a long time at an obstacle you actually need to fly to get past...

But, apart from the flying function, the rest of the game works flawlessly. I haven't encountered any bosses yet, but I've heard that Pluto and others are in (don't know about the rest, though). The game is in the platforming style and Astro has flying, movement, and also three special abilities: laser, arm cannon, and also hip gun (a.k.a. butt gun). Your enemies are robots. One of them, apparently called "Yellow Apple", fires orb-like spheres at you. You'll have to dodge them. It's difficult to get Astro you use his laser in mid-air (the meter would have emptied already), so, you have to jump up, get Astro back down before using laser. But obviously, your health is already minimised, or you're already dead. But that just adds to the replay value of the game...until your frustration gets the better of you. But thankfully, they are not that hard.

It allows you to jump straight into the action...after a rather...short tutorial. It's not excessively long like in some games, but Ochanomizu only explains things once...and if you press skip too soon, you'll miss out on vital information. the game has a help tool for him to go through it again, which is good.

Overall verdict: 8/10

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Postby Fuzzy Pickles! » 8 years ago

Glad to see the game looks good. Does this by any chance work on a 3G iPhone?

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Postby BlueCore » 8 years ago

I have it on my ipad and its fustrating when you cant fly and yellow apples keep shooting you until you die.... Then you have to start over.... But i. Do love the game
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