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Video Game Collection

Postby Toshio » 8 years ago

Just say which video-games you have.


a) Playstation 1 (emulator).

Final Fantasy 9: The story talk about Zidane who is a member of Tantalous who is a group of thieves sent to Alexandria in order to kidnap princess Garnet.
But, seems she wanted to be kidnapped anyway.
Also, it seems that Queen Brahme is plotting something with a mysterious man named Kuja...

b) Playstation 2:


1) Final Fantasy 10: Talk about the story of the hero Tidus who wish to save the world of Spira from a rampaging monster called Sin.

2) Capcom Collection: A collection of several arcade classics made by Capcom which includes Super Street Fighter 2, Strider, Captain Commando, Knights of The Round and others.

3) Disgaea: Hour of Darkness: The first game of the series which features Laharl who wish to recclaim his title of overlord.

c) Nintendo Wii:

a) Zelda Twilight Princes: Follows the story of Link and Midna who have to deal with a conspiracy from the usurper King Zant.
But, seems a old enemy is manupulating Zant hidden in the scenes.

b) New Super Mario Bros Wii: Okay, the princess has been missing again and as you know, Mario and Luigi will have to beat Bowser and his Koopalings once again to rescue her.

c) Super Mario Galaxy: Again, the princess got kidnapped, but Mario must help Rosalina in order to restore the Power Stars and Grand Stars, so he can find where Bowser has put the princess captive...

d) Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Mix the characters of Nintendo with some new comers from different medias and fights the Subspace Emissary.

e) Astro Boy The Game: Based in the movie, the voice acting, story, gameplay and sound tracks are mediocre.

f) Metroid - Other M: Samus receives a distress signal and goes to Bottle Ship where she meet her old commander Adam Malkovich.
But, seems there is a conspiracy over the Space Station...

g) Super Mario Galaxy 2: Alright, here we go with the Princess being kidnapped again and Bowser pulling new tricks.
This time, Mario will lead a ship of his own with the objective of saving Princess Peach once again.

h) Zelda Skyward Sword: Link goes to an adventure in the surface in order to find Zelda who had disappeared.
In order to save her, he must pass several trials and also turn the Goddess Sword into the Master Sword...

i) Kirby's Return to Dreamland: Kirby have to help a new friend by collecting missing parts of a space ship.
But seems, the story will don't end with all the piecess restored.

j) Kirby Special Collection: It have six games from game boy, nes, snes and Nintendo 64.
But, with some new challenges.

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Postby Atomars » 8 years ago

A lot actually, but here are some of them

-Sleeping Dogs
-Just Cause 2
-Tekken 5 & 6
-Loco Roco
-Astro Boy games

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Postby Shiyonasan » 8 years ago

Oh boy. Let's see here...

Super Nintendo
-Super Mario All-Stars
-Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
-The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
-The Lion King
-The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse

Game Boy
-Super Mario Land
-Bonk's Revenge
-Donkey Kong Land 2
-Donkey Kong ('94)

Nintendo 64
-Super Mario 64
-Mario Kart 64
-Donkey Kong 64
-Lego Racers
-Dr. Mario 64
-Mario Party
-Mario Party 2
-Mario Party 3
-Star Wars Episode I: Racer
-Mario Golf
-Mario Tennis
-Diddy Kong Racing

-Final Fantasy VII

Game Boy Color
-Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories

Game Boy Advance
-Sonic Advance
-The Legend of Zelda
-The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past & Four Swords
-Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Nintendo Gamecube
-Luigi's Mansion
-Super Smash Bros. Melee (My all-time favorite video game)
-Super Mario Sunshine
-The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
-The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
-The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest
-Animal Crossing
-Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life
-The Hobbit
-Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut
-Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
-Sonic Heroes
-Soul Calibur II
-Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
-Mario Party 4
-Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

PlayStation 2
-Kingdom Hearts
-Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories
-Kingdom Hearts II
-DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution
-DDRMAX2 Dance Dance Revolution
-Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2
-Dragon Ball Z: Budokai
-Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2
-Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3
-Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi
-Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2
-Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3
-Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World
-Dragon Ball Z: Sagas
-Super Dragon Ball Z
-Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue
-Shaman King: Power of Spirit
-Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses
-Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup
-Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets
-Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban
-Soul Calibur III
-Shadow of the Colossus

Nintendo Wii
-Super Smash Bros. Brawl
-Super Mario Galaxy
-Super Mario Galaxy 2
-New Super Mario Bros. Wii
-Donkey Kong Country Returns
-Mario Kart Wii
-The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
-The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
-Wii Sports
-Wii Fit
-Wii Fit Plus
-Wii Play

(Virtual Console)
-The Legend of Zelda
-The Legend of Zelda: Adventure of Link
-The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
-Super Mario Kart
-Super Mario World
-Donkey Kong Country
-Donkey Kong Country 2
-Sonic the Hedgehog
-Sonic the Hedgehog 2
-Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo DS
-The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
-Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

-Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
-Monopoly Star Wars
-Pong: The Next Level
-Cluefinders: 4th Grade Adventures
-Cluefinders: 5th Grade Adventures
-Cluefinders: 6th Grade Adventures
-Amazon Trail 3rd Edition
-Oregon Trail: 3rd Edition
-Carmen Sandiego: Word Detective

Yup. That's my collection. Might have missed a couple, but I'm not entirely sure.

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Postby Astro Forever » 8 years ago

Wow, Shiyonasan.... I'm not sure I've even played to as many video games in my whole life! :lol:

I've pretty much given up video games in my early to mid teens, however. I've switched to more traditional games on the web now.

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Postby Alittleacorn » 8 years ago

I gotta go on a history lesson on this one. Ah, I may miss some:

Croc [First one I ever got]
Tomb Raider I,II, III, IV and that Last Revelations
Resident Evil 1, 2, 3
Spyro The Dragon, 1, 2 and 3
Final Fantasy VII and VIII [Although I don't like 7 much]
Silent Hill 1
Dino Crisis 1 & 2

Resident Evil 4, Code Veronica, Outbreak File 1 & 2
Haunting Ground
Those newer Tomb Raider I can't remember the titles of lol
Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 [And still waiting for number 3! @_@]
Final Fantasy X [And that crap, crap sequel X-2]
Galerians Ash
Silent Hill 2 & 3
Project Zero 1, 2 and 3
Dead or Alive 2 [Was my bro's]

Dino Crisis 3...yeah I got it for one game XD

Mirror's Edge [I still need to finish that]
Enslaved Odyssey to the West
DmC: Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry HD collection
Resident Evil 5 & 6
Heavenly Sword
Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2 [sequel is better]
The Walking Dead Game

I've probably missed a tone, but yeah, that's what I can remember from memory o.o
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Postby Toshio » 8 years ago

c) Playstation 3:


1) Street Fighter 4: Another tournalment, this time held by the evil organization S.I.N and several veteran characters returns like Sagat, Blanka, Balrog and others.

2) Tekken 6:
Jin Kazama became the new leader of Mishima Zaibatsu and now he is in war gainst the world.

3) Super Street Fighter 4:
Upgrade of Street Fighter 4 which brings Makoto, Dudley, T-Hawk and several returning characters plus the new comer Juri.

4) The King Of Fighters XIII: It's the final part of Ash Saga and several fighters are in to beat the organization "Those From The Past" and stop Saiki from getting the power of Orochi.

5) Street Fighter x Tekken:
Fighters from both series are fighting each other to decide who'll get the Pandora box.

6) Persona 4: Arena: Teddy started a fighting tournalment in the TV world and all of his friends are forced to take part once they arrive there.
But, there is something wrong, since Teddy is not meant to make such a odd prank like that.

7) Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection: Several classics of Genesis, Master System and Arcade are in.
If you want Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and Sonic 3, then give a try.

8) Metal Gear Solic HD Collection: The games on this collection are Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker all together.

9) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots:
This is Snake's final mission who deal with a group called "Sons of Patriots".
However, he is having an accelerated aging due his status as a clone of Big Boss.

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Postby racoonangel » 8 years ago

Wow you guys sure have alot of games here are mine but half of them belong to my sibling but I play some of them

Xbox 360

-truth or square ( spongebob square pants)
-My sims Sky heroes
-Halo reach ( now this is a game I play)
-Battle field bad company 2
-gears of war 3
-split second
-Kinect sports season 2 ( I play this one )
- hit man
-NHL 12
-Kinect sports 1 ( I play this one)
- dance central 3 ( I play this one )
-call of duty black ops ( I play this one )
- battle field 3
- kinectimals ( I used to play this a while ago when I first got my kinect)
_ joy ride ( yes I play this one)
_ carnival games ( yes)
-Kinect adventures ( yes)
_Deca sports ( yes)
-Monoploy streets ( sometimes)
- dirt show down
- red dead redemption
-grand theft auto
-Halo 4 ( yes)
- dead rising 2 (yes)
- just cause 2
-saints row
- call of duty MW3 ( yes)
_ call of duty black ops 2 ( yes )
- pac man (yes)
-minecraft( yes)
- galaga ( yes)


-Minecraft ( definitely yes)
-Tekkit ( yes)
-Sim city
- Spore ( yes)

Ds ( these games are all mine so I don't need to put yes if I play them because I play all these)

-Nintend dogs
- Scribblenauts remix
- Mario kart
- mario party
-mario bros
-pokemon plantium
-pokemon diamond
-Mario and luigi partners in time
- are you smarter than a fifth grader
- Brain age

Game boy advanded( I own this ones but no so much play them I played these when I was in grade 1)
- the land before time
- strawberry short cake
-barbie high school
- herbie ( I still enjoy playing)
- Donkey Kong vs Mario ( I still enjoy playing this as well)
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Postby Shiyonasan » 8 years ago

"Astro Forever" wrote:Wow, Shiyonasan.... I'm not sure I've even played to as many video games in my whole life! :lol:

The scary thing is that my collection is not even close to the collections of some people. Just search "video game collection" on Google Images and you'll see what I mean.

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Postby jeffbert » 8 years ago

Not even one, unless you count CHESSMASTER; though long ago, I had WOLFENSTEIN 3D, DOOM, & a few others, some of which were based on their game engines. Oh, I also had GARDENS OF IMAGINATION, a book about making computer games. I have 6 semester hours in 'C' & another 6 in C++, but I really never went beyond those classes & thus, never made my own programs. :blush:

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