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Postby tailz » 7 years ago

:lol: Good one, Jeffbert. :p
Hello! If you wish to speak with me on other sites then Follow me on these sites below:




Keep in mind that I do Not own theses sites. These sites belong to their rightful owners. Thank you. :)

My fansite:http://blackjackpudding.webs.com/apps/profile/84233730/


I love 初音ミク :heart:

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Postby jeffbert » 7 years ago


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Postby Fuzzy Pickles! » 7 years ago

Congratulation Shiyonasan!

While I'm not a super active member here, I certainly do enjoy coming around here. I can come around here knowing that the members are friendly and that I won't be walking into a drama session (which is by far the best thing about this forum). It's practically how I envision a forum to be. I think I'll be sticking around in the long term.

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