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J-Pop & K-Pop Music

Postby tailz » 6 years ago

Japanese and Korean music

Well, I haven't seen any threads about Japanese and Korean music, so why not? I'm not sure if any of you listen to K-pop and/or J-pop, but they are really good, and I did grow up listening to it, more than I grew up listening to English music believe it or not. I did grow up around Latin music as well, cause I remember my mother playing some Latino music on her raido. Though, what is really interesting is that there is a Latin group who most members of their group is Japanese. (So, it's basically a latino/J-pop group,which my mother enjoys, and I think that is awesome. :) )

One of my most favorite J-pop and/or K-pop groups and artists are:

  1. Janne Da Arc
  2. KARA
  3. globe
  4. Exile
  5. BoA
  6. Perfume
  7. Hiro
  8. Vocaloid ( Not typically just the characters, but the artists and such.)
  9. Ami Suzuki

I may have a lot more than that, but as far as I can remember, these are some of the few artists and groups that I adore. :heart:

So, what are yours? Again, I'm not too sure if any of you are familiar with Japanese and Korean music, but they are very good, and I grew up with them so I like them. :) So far, only me and Kuo-Yi enjoy J-pop and K-pop.

If you have some favorites, then list them here! :lol:
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Postby Windswept Cloak » 6 years ago


1. The Melody
2. Taru
3. Ayano Tsuji
4. Asako Toki
5. Yomou to Ohana
6. Yano Akiko

And a bunch more. ;)
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