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Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 5 years ago

"Earthshine" wrote:That is genuinely awesome Tetsuwan Penguin :D

Forecast called for 60% chance of thunderstorms today, but it never happened. My wife and I were out shopping in the afternoon and it was still in the 90's when we got back home. When I brought the 40 lb can of Chlorine pool tablets we bought at Costco outside to put in the pool chemical locker, I noticed that the filter needed to be backwashed and the pool brushed. Since we still had like an hour and a half before dinner and it was still bright sunny outside I stripped down to my birthday suit to do the pool maintenance and swim some laps.

Hope I'm not making you jealous Earthshine. :lol:

Hey the exercise is doing me some good, I've lost about 10 lbs since summer started.

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Postby Earthshine » 5 years ago

Nah, I'm not too jealous.

Congratulations on the weight loss! Swimming is a great way to exercise.

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Postby Dante69 » 5 years ago

I got a boyfriend not long ago and have found myself a little... jealous over his fantasies. I never thought I would be that type of person. I'm being selfish, but he is the first person I have been with like this, so mistakes are to be expected. Why didn't anyone tell me feelings were going to be this annoying!?!
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Postby diehard67 » 5 years ago

emotions are not logical, I have a hard time understanding them.
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Postby Fauna » 5 years ago

"MrsEclipse" wrote:[QUOTE=Fauna;231127]A confession: I've been watching the Canadian TV series The Raccoons again, and I'm finding one of the antagonists, Cyril Sneer, really cute. Like, both "kawaii cute" and "I'd wine and dine him" cute. I'm not the only person to have ever thought this, but it's still really disorienting.

Okay, first...
How did I miss this? I've been super into the Raccoons since last summer when I accidentally stumbled across it when I was in the weird part of youtube again. It was right before I went into the hospital and it really helped me through a ruff time. I super :heart: love :heart: Cyril, and I'm happy because usually my favorite character on a show is a non-regular, recurring character (or a temporary character) so I was super happy that he's in every single episode and special! Like, the reason Astro Boy 2003 is my favorite one is because Tenma is the recurring villain, and he's not even in every episode AND they super toned down his father relationship with Astro in the English dub. So The Raccoons is like that but even better.

Kinda off topic, sorry. I just had to say it. If I didn't post that publicly, I would have died. I would have died and you would have never heard from me again which would have been super horrible. So you can see why I shared that.[/QUOTE]

I can't believe I missed this response too! And to think I saw this when I was going through another wave of a Cyril crush...

I absolutely love that about Cyril's character, too. I'm so glad they made him develop over the course of the series into more of a positive guy; it absolutely warms my heart like nothing else when this super jaded, greedy old guy suddenly looks out for his son or his neighbors. I've been watching The Raccoons on and off over the years, ever since it used to air on CBC, and I have nothing but good memories of this guy. I just about passed out during flashbacks with Cyril trying to raise his son:


I have such a weakness for the concept of characters who look like they're going to be mean, awful people and wind up having a super strong heart. Like you said, he's like Tenma, but totally enhanced. :heart: ...Except also a pink aardvark. I can work around that.
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Postby Little Brown Fox » 5 years ago

I am so very angry all the time, and I cannot stop. A lot of people make me angry. After having falling outs with them, depending on who you are, your very existence could make me want to fling you into the sun.

I do not forgive easily, even if the initial problem was my own fault. I especially dislike when people try to involve themselves in something that I feel has nothing to do with them. If someone says something even the slightest bit offensive, and they're on my crap list, I feel constantly under attack. The trouble is, with the Internet, I can never know when someone isn't being rude.

I am upset; I am angry; people are mad at me for having opinions different from their own (and admittedly being far too vocal about it); I'm already paranoid, and I just can't let go of my grudges. (Though I feel some things do not deserve my forgiveness, or even my civility.)

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Postby Earthshine » 5 years ago

I don't want to invite a single member of my biological family to my wedding on either side.

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Postby dannavy85 » 5 years ago

I confess I am disappointed that I didn't get to see everything in my 15 years in Japan.
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Postby Anime Girl » 5 years ago

I have a few confessions.

I slipped it to my sister that I was bi. I told my friends online and in real life, I may have slipped it to Mom, but I don't think she believes me since I've always been boy crazy (I probably have more a preference for guys though). My mom's boyfriend always makes homophobic jokes, he does that to piss people off I guess, but I swear one of these times I may just scream it out. Anyways, I made Sis swear not to tell since I'm not ready.

As for good news, I just recently got interviewed for a job at the Exchange DVD store. It works because I love movies and this would be an awesome thing for employee discount. Find out if I get the job Friday. Fingers crossed.

I recently got into the series Rick and Morty. Also, dA is having a huge art contest for Rick and Morty. I'm hoping to place, the creator of the show, Justin Roiland, is judging the contest himself. I want him to like my art, HHNNNG! I need to finish soon, the deadline is Sunday.
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Postby TetsuwanToby » 5 years ago

I have a couple, I was once called on in class (I stayed up late the night before so i was super tired) I answered 45 and I wasnt even in math.. also when i was younger I used to think chocolate muse was actually a moose so I never ate it lol

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