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Postby Vergere » 4 years ago

When you log in, there is a "Remember Me" checkbox on the right of your username. Make sure it is checked.
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Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 4 years ago

"Shiyonasan" wrote:[QUOTE=Tetsuwan Penguin;241446]The site has started to log me out after a period of time with no activity. This is a new behavior. Is this related to the fix for Norton?

That's been around for years. After 20 minutes, if you don't do anything with your account when your logged in, your account will automatically log out.[/QUOTE]

Strange. It never did that to me until yesterday. Maybe because I changed my facebook password? Or logged on from my laptop which was just upgraded to a new SS disk and Linux Mint 18?

I thought I had that box checked.

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