From the brain that wouldn't die to actual head transplant!

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From the brain that wouldn't die to actual head transplant!

Postby jeffbert » 3 years ago

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What was formerly the subject of a B-grade scifi/horror film may soon be reality! :lol: :D While it may seem silly to some, the patient suffers from a disease that makes his body useless.

Assuming the complex transplant take place, Spiridonov will have his head nearly frozen - reaching around 12 to 15 degrees Celsius - to stop his cells from dying, making him temporarily brain dead. His brain will then be drained of blood and flushed, and tubes made of Silastic will be used to tie up the carotid and jugular veins. These will be loosened to allow circulation when the head is attached to the new body.
Surgeons will slice through the spinal cords of both Spiridonov and the brain-dead donor using a $200,000 custom-made diamond nanoblade that can control cuts to a micrometer. After this part of the operation, the transplant must be completed within an hour, at which point the blood from his new body will theoretically raise Spiridonov's head back to normal temperatures.


I am sorry, but I cannot help laughing about this!

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