Drone out of a job

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Drone out of a job

Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 4 years ago

The following appeared in the Onion so don't believe it, but it did pop an :astro: idea into my head.

WASHINGTON—Stopping and turning around as he made his way across the South Lawn after hearing the unmanned aerial vehicle hovering just feet behind him, outgoing President Barack Obama tearfully shooed away a loyal MQ-9 Reaper drone attempting to follow him out of the White House, sources confirmed Friday. “Go on now—get out of here!” said the former commander-in-chief, his lower lip trembling and his eyes welling with tears as he affected a stern tone of voice in an attempt to scare off the faithful hunter-killer drone that had spent the past eight years obediently at his side. “You can’t come with me anymore, you got that? Can’t you see this is for your own good? Now scram. What are you waiting for? Go!” At press time, a heartbroken Obama had thrown a rock in the drone’s direction, causing the unmanned aerial vehicle to flee into the sky, where it paused to look back one last time at its old master before flying off toward a Yemeni tribal wedding.

Astro walked solemnly into the professors office with tears in his eyes.
“What's the matter?”, Dr. O'Shay asked.
“I just heard from a friend of mine over in the 'States,” he said. “Poor old Emcue Nine was just reassigned to Yemen, after performing a high profile service standing guard over the White House. Seems the new occupant doesn't trust robots. I just spent an hour on IRC trying to cheer him up.”
“Sounds all too familiar,” the professor sighed.


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