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Travel expertise

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 9:05 am
by Novacain
Someone I know is travelling to Tokyo, Japan soon, and they have asked me if I know of any specific places to visit where it would be possible to find some authentic Astroboy merchandise. I really didn't know what to suggest, so while I was doing some research online I thought that maybe a member here would have some decent ideas.

So all inquiries welcome.

TIA :)

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 1:57 pm
by Tetsuwan Penguin
I'm sure there are lots of shops in Tokyo that sell anime / manga related stuff, and quite a few of them were featured in the "Only in Japan" videos on Youtube.
One place on my 'bucket list' to visit is the Tezuka Osmau Manga Museum located in Takarazuka (not too far from Osaka). While it's a few hours from Tokyo by rail, THIS would be the 'Mecca' for any Tezuka fan! If you can't find what you want in their gift shop, it doesn't exist!

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 2:54 pm
by Novacain
I was hoping he'd make it to the Museum but unfortunately he's only staying in Tokyo. Maybe I can convince him otherwise. Thanks for the link Tetsuwan!