Hey everyone

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Hey everyone

Postby Photar » 3 years ago

Long time no post/speak.

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Kitty Lue
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Postby Kitty Lue » 3 years ago

Hi! Does this mean you're returning? It's nice to see that some members who hadn't posted since some time before I joined the forum are coming back. :)

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Postby Chicory » 3 years ago

Hey, Photar!
:hyo: whoops

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Postby Juanita » 3 years ago

Hey I remember you from when I was on before as well (my name has nice changed). Welcome back!

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Postby AstroAllies » 3 years ago

Welcome back Photar. :)

I hope to see more and more great "senior" members coming back to the forum. :D

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Postby BrutoN » 3 years ago

Must be the year to make a return! Hey Photar great to meet you. Looking forward to jumping into the many astro related discussions.

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Postby Earthshine » 3 years ago

It has been a while! Glad to see you back!

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