Taking a trip to Japan!

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Re: Taking a trip to Japan!

Postby Juanita » 3 years ago

Oh wow that sounds like a lot of fun! I recently discovered this cute flower house/ cafe in tokyo which makes food and drinks from the plants they grow there. The prices seem to be mid-range (~$7usd for drinks, ~10usd for food/dessert). I personally don't think the prices are bad since they use fresh ingredients. Might be a fun place to take your mother (not sure if your brothers would be interested), if you don't have bad allergies of course :p


Hope you have fun!

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Re: Taking a trip to Japan!

Postby Uran-chama » 3 years ago

Tetsuwan Penguin wrote:But you should get yourself a train pass. The fare for tourists is a fraction of what the natives pay! (You have to get the pass BEFORE you enter the country. See a travel agent about that!)

My family and I were just talking about that. I'll definitely need to get on that since my brother recommended we take the bullet train to the museum. And of course I'm sure it'll be easier to take the train to other places as well.

DrFrag wrote:Do you speak any Japanese? I'm not sure how much I'll need to learn.

I basically know zero Japanese. That's one nice thing about going after my brother's been there for awhile; he had taken Japanese classes before and he has supposedly gotten much better at it while living there. We will also be spending time with his Japanese girlfriend (soon to be wife), so we don't have to worry about needing to know much at all lol. I will ask my brother and friend who has gone there by herself before how well they'd think someone who doesn't know much Japanese can get around.

And thanks Juanita! I'll have to add that to my list. Those prices don't seem bad to me either.

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