Belladonna of Sadness TCM 2AM Sunday morning

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Belladonna of Sadness TCM 2AM Sunday morning

Postby jeffbert » 2 years ago

I saw this on TCM a few months ago, said nothing about it, because I was not sure this was the same film as is featured on the 3 film Tezuka set (along with 1001 nights & Cleopatra). Well, it is, & it is rather intense, to say the least. It is not for kids!
2:00 AM

C - 87 m



Belladonna of Sadness (1973)

Synopsis: A woman sells her soul to the devil to lead a rebellion against a corrupt baron.
Dir: Eiichi Yamamoto Cast: Katsuyuki It( , Tatsuya Nakadai , Aiko Nagayama .

Sept 9, listings

more info:
I did not see Tezuka's name anywhere, but so what. It is in the 3 pack. Here it is Japanese with English subs.

My own synopsis: click for spoilerpeople wanting to marry are required to give gifts to the town lord. But Belladonna is so beautiful & her lover is so poor, that their offering of 1 cow is insulting to the lord,
& it just gets worse from that point onward.

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