Wheres My Jetpack? it's HERE AT LAST!

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Wheres My Jetpack? it's HERE AT LAST!

Postby jeffbert » 3 years ago

Wheres My Jetpack? A Guide to the Amazing Science Fiction Future that Never Arrived by Daniel H. Wilson MOURNS about the lack of what was then, the expected future developments, & up until very recently, jetpacks were (obviously) among those things. The jetpacks featured in a James Bond film & LOST IN SPACE had a flight time so short as to make them impractical for anything but TV shows, movies, & air shows.

But NEW ATLAS (formerly GIZMAG) just published a page about a new jetpack whose flight time, while still relatively short, a mere 10 minutes maximum, is long enough to at least entice those with sufficient money to buy them. JB-10 Jetpacks now on sale to "well qualified buyers" – but there's also a chance for the rest of us

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