Online AMV Contests?

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Online AMV Contests?

Postby Kitty Lue » 4 years ago

I'm guessing this goes here?
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows about any AMV contests that you can enter online. I have an Astro Boy AMV that I'm just about finished with that I'm entering in a video contest for high school students in the school district, and I thought it'd be nice if I could enter it in some other contests while I'm at it. However, as cool as it would be to actually be at several of these events, I don't find it all that likely that I'd be able to since they're probably all over the place. :(
Which brings me back to the question, does anyone know about AMV contests that you can enter online and don't necessarily need to go anywhere for? Because I think it'd still be awesome to enter my video into other contests, even if I can't show up for any of them but the first one.
Also, it'd be great to know if any of these are recurring, since in the time I've been taking to make one AMV, I've come up with about 10 other ideas for Astro Boy AMVs. The idea-time ratio is so extreme it's not even funny. :d oh:
Well, maybe a little bit. :lol:

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