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Postby Atoman » 15 years ago

:wahah: Wow!, that's awesome. I don't know why people say he doesn't smile. I've seen Tobio smile alot, in the manga, the 60's, 80's, and current series. And when he smiles, he really beams just like he does when he's later reincarnated as Astro. Someone here uses a nice pic. of him smilling, I think Haruku-chan, maybe.

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Postby Ochanomizu » 15 years ago

Is good to see some Tobio drawings :D
I love it :wahah:

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Postby LLJade » 15 years ago

I know I've asked this before, but do you take requests? If you do, I don't need you to take mine right this minute, but whenever you have the time. Just send me a PM so we can talk. Haven't had much time to net surf, mostly cuz of school.


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Postby dannavy85 » 15 years ago

Excellent Adrian. Good to see you gave the poor kid a smile. Tobio was always the tragedy in the whole Atom series.
"You guys have some serious Mommy issues."

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