An UnEartlhly Child

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An UnEartlhly Child

Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 11 months ago

I was trying to think of a new story angle for another Astro fan fic, and came up with this idea, a bit of a cross over in a way. The title should totally give it all away at once.

An Unearthly Child

Part one

“But the boy is just too perfect!”, Mustachio stammered.

“Really?”, Principle Lampe laughed, “how is that a problem, does he disrupt your class?”

“Well no, not exactly,” the irate teacher barked back. “He has a perfectly correct answer to all of my questions, too perfect in fact.”

“So he makes you sound like an idiot?”, Lampe suggested.

“Exactly!”, Mustachio shot back, quickly realizing that wasn't what he wanted to say, “No, that's not quite right, but he does always provide more material to the subject then I intended to provide, it's like he's taken over the lecture from me!”

“Which makes you the class baka?”, the principle hummed. “Yes, I can see how that would deflate your ego. But not a valid reason to have the boy punished, is it?”

“NO, that's not what I was suggesting.” Mustachio Sensei replied. “But maybe he should be moved to a more advanced class?”

“More advanced than yours?”, Lampe questioned. “I wasn't aware that we had a teacher more qualified than you to run an advanced class. That's why I assigned Tobio to you, and if I remember correctly, you were quite honored at the time with that assignment.”

“Yes, Yes, I remember!”, Mustachio ejaculated. “Well, maybe we should talk to the boy's parents?”

“Yes, I suppose that might be in order,” Lampe smiled, as he quickly accessed a file folder containing the enrollment records for the schools pupils. “Ah, here it is. Just as I thought I remembered!,” Lampe cackled, “Tobio only has a single parent, his father, probably a widower. Here's the address,” he said as he quickly copied it from the index card, to the top page of a notepad, which he then tore off and handed to the teacher. “Tell you what, why don't we BOTH pay them a visit today after school?”

“You want to evaluate my handling of the situation, don't you?” Mustachio barked as he grabbed the paper from his supervisor.

“No reason for you to feel paranoid,” Lampe said reassuringly. “You've peaked my own curiosity about the boy, that's all.”

“Very well”, the teacher replied.

“That's where he lives?”, Mustachio questioned, glancing up at the large building, the address on the sign above the doorway, and the scrap of paper.

“I'm sure I copied that right,” Lampe said, “It does seem strange.”

Towering above them was a large, modern steel and glass building, with the logo “Institute of Science” in large porcelain tiles tiles midway up between two floors. There were two entrances to the building, but only one of them had the address number given as the street address marked on its doorway.

“Let's put an end to this mystery,” Lampe suggested, as he took a step forward while giving Mustachio a quick slap on his back.
The two men walked up to the doorway, and Lampe attempted to open it but found it locked. Mustachio gently pushed the principle aside, and rang the door bell. Almost instantly, the door opened, and a tall distinctive gentleman appeared framed in its opening. He had a large roman nose, and a puff of dark beard under his chin. He was wearing a well fitting dark suit jacket, underneath which he sported a spotless white shirt and a thin well knotted tie.

“Hello, I'm the doctor,” he introduced himself, “what can I help you with?”

“Doctor Tenma, Tobio's father?”, Lampe questioned.

“Correct,” the doctor answered.

“Well then can we come in?”, the principle asked. “ Mustachio Sensei and I have some questions about the boys schoolwork.”

“Ah, I understand. Very well.” The doctor opened the door wider and beckoned for his guests to enter. “You may be a bit disoriented as you enter, don't worry all will become quite clear quickly.”

The doctor disappeared beyond the entrance as the two men stepped inside.

"What's going on here?” Mustachio asked with a panic in his voice.

“Yes it is a bit smaller inside than it is on the outside, isn't it?” the doctor's voice laughed as the two men found themselves squeezed into the confinement of a small phone booth sized room. He squeezed past his guests and placed his hand on the door to open it. “Perhaps as we step though this outer doorway things will seem a bit more normal?”

“But that's the door that we just entered this contraption from!” Mustachio blurted out.

“Is it?” the doctor asked, opening the door which the principle and the teacher were quick to pass though.
They then entered a rather large, well lit space that was infinitely less confining. Turning about to see what they had just exited from, they saw a pale blue box marked 'Police Phone' with the city of London's logo printed on the door.

“What is that ancient phone booth doing here, and were we actually inside of it?”, the teacher asked, quite confused.

“Yes we were, in a way,” the doctor laughed. “Why don't you try going back inside?”

“I don't know if that's such a good idea,” Mustachio said as he opened the door to the blue box and stuck his head inside. “My God!, now it's bigger on the inside than the outside!”

“Yes it is, actually. It rather depends on which way you enter it, you see. A bit of subterfuge, I have to conceal things from those I don't trust. The Tardis projects a chameleon field about it to look like part of an ordinary building, and hides itself from anybody who might enter it should I forget to lock the door. That's why you found yourself inside of the police box until you exited the rear door. We are actually still inside the Tardis right now, even though we appear to be on the outside of it.”

Mustachio stood back and pointed to the phone booth. “I'm clearly outside of the thing, but I'm really inside of it?”, he stammered.

“Correct, or as least as correct as you can understand it,” the doctor explained. “Just a clever bit of temporal engineering, though it seems we've forgotten the purpose for your visit. Tobio! We have guests!”

With the doctor's call, a child entered the room. Just over 4 feet tall, the boy was dressed in dark short legged trousers, and a blue shirt with an open red jacket. He also wore knee length red boots on his feet. His black hair was matted down with jell which kept two pointy cowlicks at the rear of his head at bay.
“What is it father?”, the boy asked.

“It seems your teacher and principle have paid us a visit,” the doctor answered. Upon saying this he quickly face palmed, “It seems I've forgotten my manors, gentlemen. Would either of you like a cup of tea, or perhaps a jelly baby?”

“Perhaps a strong cup of green tea,” Mustachio voiced,.

“K9!” At the doctors command, a robotic dog silently entered the room, “Yes master?”, it asked.

“Please fetch our guests some Matcha, will you?”, he asked.

“Yes Master,” the dog replied, as it just as quietly disappeared.

“Now what is all this about my son?”, the doctor asked, turning towards the two men from the school.

“Well, it's just that he seems too perfect,” Mustachio started, “Mind you, not that I'm complaining actually. He not only knows the answer to all of my questions, but he manages to find details to the problems that I didn't even know existed, or at least didn't mention in my lectures as they would have been above the heads of all of the students.”

“Except, Tobio.” the doctor added.

“Exactly!,” the teacher nodded. “It's like he isn't human!”

“Which, in fact, he isn't,” the doctor replied, “As also am I!”

“What!”, the principle and the teacher spat out in stereo.

“Perhaps, I shouldn't have offered that information so quickly,” the doctor said, scratching his chin. “But, I do sense that I can trust you, as I can see that in my boy's facial expression. I am a visitor from the planet Gallifrey, which is located in a different spiral arm of your galaxy, on the other side of Sagittarius A*. My people call our race the Time Lords, while we are quite humanoid, the internal arrangement of our organs are somewhat different, including two hearts.”

At that the robot dog reappeared, pushing a wheeled tray into the room. “Thank you K9,” the doctor said as he removed two cups of steaming hot green tea from the tray, handing one to each of his guests. He picked up a third cup from the service, and brought it to his own lips. “I hope you enjoy it, K9 does a good tea ceremony.”

Mustachio took a sip of the beverage and smiled. “Excellent”, he laughed. “But what about your son? Born on Galley was it?”

“Gallifrey, Sensei,” the doctor corrected. “No, he was technically born here on Earth. Actually, I created him, as I did K9.”

“What? How?”, both men asked.

“Why don't I show you?”, the doctor asked. He opened the door to the police box, and motioned for his guests to follow him inside.

“Not again!”, Mustachio sighed, as he and Lampe followed the doctor and Tobio into the phone booth. This time the inside of the small booth was a large control room. In its center was a large octagon shaped stand ringed by controls. In its center was a large transparent cylinder with a large piston that slowly rose and fell.

“This object is the conrol panel for the Tardis,” the doctor brushed over, throwing a switch. “Now if you will follow me though this corridor I'll show you where Atomu was created.”

They followed him into a hallway that lead to a laboratory space. Here was an operating table with many cables hanging over it, looking much like a scene from Shelly's Frankenstein. “Here is where I assembled Atomu.”

“Assembled? I thought the boy's name is Tobio,” Principle Lampe asked.

“Tobio, well that's the name I told him to use at school, is actually a robot that I call Atomu,” the doctor explained. “Atomu, please show the good gentlemen, would you?”

The boy carefully removed his jacket and set it down on a chair. He then unbuttoned his shirt and felt along his bare chest, opening an access panel he found there. There, inside the boy, was visible his inner mechanical workings.

Mustachio drew closer to the boy and starred inside of him. “My God!,” he exclaimed, “He really IS a robot! No wonder he's so smart! But why would he need to attend school?”

“Clearly Tobio doesn't need to be taught by your school,” the doctor explained, “but perhaps he might teach his students and even his teachers something by his presence in class? But my real reason for having him in your school is for his own benefit. You see, I want Atomu to know what it is to be a person, not just a robotic servant, like K9. I want him to have his own soul, and to make friends. Only by interacting with others whose images I created him in, can he so enhance his Kokoro. Please don't expel him from your wonderful school. If necessary I can turn down his enthusiasm a bit to be compatible with the other students.”

“I don't think that will be necessary,” Mustachio stammered. “Besides, he's already made quite a few friends in my class. They would be quite dismayed if their classmate was expelled from my class for being a robot. Eventually, perhaps they should know the truth about him, I think most of them would find the novelty of having a robot as a friend quite fascinating.”

“Thank you,” the doctor said with a bow, “I'll leave the decision about revealing Atomu's true self to you own best judgment.”

“If you don't mind, I think maybe we'd better be going now,” Lampe said, wiping his forehead with a handkerchief.

“Yes, I can see I may have overwhelmed you a bit with too much information,” the doctor apologized.

He led them back down the corridor to the control room of the Tardis, and opened the outer door. “You may take your leave now. If you want to see me again, you know where I am.”

Mustachio stepped outside, and found himself in the street. Lampe exited right behind him and the two of them turned and looked back. Standing in front of the large institute of science building was the pale blue police phone booth that they had just exited from. It slowly blurred out and then solidified again as another entrance into the institute head quarters building.

“Amazing!” the baffled principle gasped.

“Quite!”, Mustachio Sensei agreed.

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Re: An UnEartlhly Child

Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 9 months ago

An Unearthly Child

Part two

As Mustachio and Principal Lampe turned about they were mobbed by a group of students who must have followed them. “Did you follow us here?” the Principal demanded.

Keinichi, Tamao, and Shib were at the front of the group, and it was Kinichi that spoke up for them. “I guess we did, sir,” he admitted. “We were worried that you were going to expel Tobio or something, and we decided to see why you'd wanted to see his parents.”

“Tobio's not going to be expelled,” Mustachio said, tapping Kinichi and Tamao on their heads gently. “At least not under my watch,” he added, glaring at Principal Lampe.

After hearing the good news, most of the group departed for home, leaving only the three students currently surrounding the adults. “Is this where Tobio lives?”, Tamao asked, pointing at the Institute of Science complex.

“Not exactly,” Mustachio said shrugging his shoulders.

Shib slowly walked up the path towards the fake entrance of the building and pulled on the door handle.

“No, Shib,” the teacher started to say, as the door opened and the large student half stepped inside. “What the hell?”, Shib cried out.
On hearing their classmate's utterance, Kenichi and Tamao ran towards him, and the three of them stepped inside, followed quickly by Mustachio and Lampe.

“What the hell is this place?”, Tamao asked as he looked around. The center of the large room they were in was dominated by an octagonal control platform. A large opaque piston slowly moved up and down inside of a transparent cylinder in the center of the platform. Standing between them and the platform was their classmate Tobio, and a tall well dressed man with a roman nose and a puff of black beard. “Tobio?, is this your home?” Tamao quavered.

“Hi guys,” Tobio voiced.

“Your classmates?”, the doctor asked.

“Yes father,” Tobio answered.

“We kinda followed Sensei and Principal to see what was up with you,” Shib admitted. “We were worried about you.”

“Well, Tobio, I'm glad you have such protective friends,” the doctor laughed.

Shib seemed scared, and he ran for the door. Stepping outside he found himself standing outside of a small police call box. Now more amazed than afraid, he stepped back inside with a puzzled look on his face. “What is this thing, it's smaller on the outside and larger inside!”

“As I explained to your teacher and principal before,” the Doctor laughed, “The Tardis is the product of a bit of temporal engineering a bit beyond your civilizations ability.”

“What's this?”, Tamao asked placing his hand on one of the many levers sticking out from the control platform.

“That would be the dematerialization control, and the levers next to it the temporal velocity throttle and directional controls,” the doctor stated, “Though touching them at the moment would be a very bad idea, so perhaps you might back your hands away from there.”

Tamao started to do what he was asked, when a small tremor shock the floor of the Tardis.

“What the hell?”, Kenichi voiced.

“Brace yourselves,” Mustachio yelled, “We seem to be having an earthquake!”

Tamao lost his footing, and in the process reached for something to grab hold of. His left hand yanked the dematerialization lever, his right the temporal throttle. This caused the Tardis to moan and groan as the large piston began to pump up and down at a high rate inside of the transparent cylinder.

“What have you done?”, the Doctor cried out as he clawed his way towards the control panel as the floor shifted upwards.
The room seemed to begin to spin as spherical rainbows of light floated about the place. Shib held his hands over his mouth in an effort to hold back a tidal wave or reverse peristalsis which threatened to empty his digestive tract. Kenichi similarly was holding back a wave of nausea, but with more success than his classmate. With superhuman effort, Tobio raced towards the control panel ahead of his father, and readjusting the controls, succeeded in slowing down the carnival like ride of centripetal force they were being subjected to.

“Good work, Tobio,” the Doctor said, patting the boy on his shoulder.
The Doctor operated a different level, and a window panel slid open, revealing a view outside the Tardis. It was pitch black outside, with the exception of a large red, supergiant star at an uncomfortable distance from them.
Principal Lampe stared out the window, with his jaw dropped. “Where the hell are we?”, he gasped.

The Doctor typed away at a computer keyboard, his eyes glued to several columns of figures that scrolled past. “It would appear that we've traveled at least 600 light years from the Earth, and have moved several hundred years forward, not counting for the time displacement caused by relativity,” he stated.

“Then that star must be Betelgeuse,” Tamao announced.

“Quite,” the Doctor said.

“Father,” Tobio said in a concerned voice, “I think we need to get a little further away from here.”

“Indeed,” the Doctor agreed.

“Why?”, Shib questioned.

“Because it's about to go supernova,” the Doctor explained.

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