Brainswap - comic preview

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Brainswap - comic preview

Postby Cladzky » 2 months ago

First of all, hi, never been here, but it seems a nice place. I was working on a fan comic about Atom, but I didn't really know where to share it. Turned out you exist, so why not post something here? The comic is still under development, but here's a little preview. Mind you, it's not the first page, so don't feel confused if you can't understand what's happening. I'm gonna update this trhead regularly until I'll complete the comic, which, I hope, it's not gonna take too long. Too long for my standard at least.
Also, english's not my first language. Tell me in case you notice some mispelling, thanks.

Have a good day.


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Re: Brainswap - comic preview

Postby DrFrag » 2 months ago

That looks great! :w00t:

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