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Re: New members, please introduce yourselves here

Postby Genshi-san » 1 week ago

Mustachio wrote:Hello, I'm a Japanese Astroboy's fan.
When I was 13 years old, I liked Astroboy's manga.To buy all Astroboy's books,I traveled to Tokyo to go around old books stores ,from Osaka.

30 years after then, I read all manga books and all anime series,63,80,2003
version, in English translated version, for English learning.I remember many stories which I loved then.

I like manga and 80 series above all.
In manga series, I like "Once upon a time Astroboy"above all. This is created as the sequel to 63 anime's end ,in 1967-1969.
Because many sad stories and
Astroboy's spirit to keep fighting for humans, though they often despise him, they misundrestand him, always impress me.

As for character, I have liked Mustachio alias Higeoyaji,Pampas,Daddy Walrus.
Before I know, I'm almost the same age as he is, now. And I'm posting it now,in his address, Kanda-myojinshsita's restaurant by chance.

I'm glad to find many countries' many people love Astroboy now.

Very nice to meet japanese fans, Shin tetsuwan atom (1980) is also my fav, as it was my introduction to the series, glad to have ya here!

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Re: New members, please introduce yourselves here

Postby Mustachio » 1 week ago

Thank you, this site has many posts already, so I'm over whelmed and surprised :hyo: :hyo: ,but I want to begin posting ,little by little. :ocha:
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