Slimed by Gozilla

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Chapter 6 (continued)

Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 3 years ago

Godzilla continued his march of destruction towards the center of the city. Periodically, he spat fire on the ground, as he crushed cars, and building fronts with his feet. He used his tail to smash buildings, leaving a trail of rubble behind him.

“I've got to stop him!” Astro told Reno, as they flew towards the Yuko's apartment building. He hovered in mid air and aimed his arm at the prehistoric monster, the maw of his surge cannon glowing as it charged up to full power.

“I don't think that's going to work on him,” Reno warned.

The huge reptile now had the Takadanobaba Station of the Yamanote line in his sites, he bent over and grabbed the lead car of a train in his mouth and pulled it from the tracks.

“That's going too far!” Astro yelled. He fired a burst at the monster's mid section, but he only succeeded in making Godzilla mad. Astro turned around just as a tongue of flame from the reptile's mouth roared past him.

“That was too close!” Reno cried, “I think he singed my hair!”

“Sorry!”, Astro replied, as he rocketed away. “I shouldn't have put you in danger.”

The two boys landed on the roof of the former hotel to face Gozer. Astro quickly scanned the area. Frozen like statues, Egan, Ray, and Peter stood motionless near the parapet of the building. “Looks like Gozer got the drop on them before they could do anything,” he told Reno, pointing towards the central structure where the demonic being stood in front of a glowing altar.

“Are you gods?” the Demon asked.

“YES WE ARE!”, Reno yelled, placing his hand over Astro's mouth, and whispering, "When a demon asks you if you are a god you say YES!". Then he yelled at Gozer, “This is our city, not yours! LEAVE!"

Reno clicked the safety off on his proton rifle, and Astro followed suit. “When I give the word, we fire,” he told Astro. “We must combine our beams and aim for the altar.”

“Right,” Astro nodded.

Godzilla had advanced towards the center of the city, his huge head towered over the edge of the building, Reno could feel his hot breath at his neck. “NOW!” he said, aiming the proton weapon, and bracing himself for the recoil.
They pulled their triggers together. Two spiraling beams of white hot plasma raced towards Gozer. Astro carefully controlled his rifle, combining its output with Reno's. The streams crossed and hit the central structure full on, causing a massive explosion. The blast knocked Reno and Astro over, and flying debris buried them under a pile of rubble. Godzilla was leaning over the edge of the roof line of the building when the blast occurred. He exploded, sending a torrent of green ectoplasm raining down from the sky.

Astro recovered first, digging himself out from under a thick coating of thick goo. He looked around and saw the outline of a body buried under a pile of a crusty smoking tar like substance, and recognized it as Reno's outline. Astro quickly dug his buddy out, “Are you OK, Reno? Can you breathe?”, he asked.

Reno rubbed his eyes. “I'm OK,” he said. “But I feel like the floor of a taxicab.”

Three voices moaned from behind them. Egan, Peter, and Ray, broke themselves free from a thick layer of a hardened concrete like coating of slime and managed to get to their feet. “Good work, Kid,” Ray said, slapping Reno on the back. “How did you know ...”

“To cross the streams?”, Reno replied. “It was all in your blogs.”

“You mean you read them?” he asked. “I didn't think anybody did.”

Astro slowly walked around the piles of rubble, carefully picking through the wreckage. He finally came upon two statue like figures, each encased in a layer of a hardened plaster like material.
“Over here!”, he yelled. “Help me!”

Reno and the ghostbusters quickly made their way toward where the boy robot was standing. Astro was already cracking the shell of one of the figures. Yuko opened her eyes. Her initial panic subsided when she saw Astro's face.
“Yuko kun, Daijōbu desu ka?”, Astro asked.

“Daijōbu desu,” Yuko voiced. “But I think I could use a stiff drink.”

A few feet away the other figure slowly broke out of its cocoon, like a baby chick cracking through an egg. “Where am I?” Cobalt cried out as he got up and brushed himself off.

“Do either of you guys remember anything?” Reno asked.

“Iie,” Yuko sighed looking down at her torn clothing.

“I don't remember anything that happened after I was chased out of your apartment by that bear thing,” Cobalt said, looking at Yuko. “I do remember that your apartment got trashed, though.”

“I'm going to sue that Drake Lampe,” Yuko said angrily. “I bet he knew this building was haunted.”

Egan finished his fourth measurement run on the laser containment chamber. “The energy readings have been going down on each run,” he announced. “It would seem that with the portal now sealed, the paranormal energy in the area is rapidly dissipating.”

“Meaning?” Inspector Tawashi asked

“Meaning, your fair city won't be needing our services any longer,” Ray said.

“What about the ghosts that you have locked up in there,” Dr. O'Shay asked pointing to the large red steel box in the corner of the hangar.

“You can power it down in about a week's time,” Egan explained. “Then just dump it in the ocean a few miles off shore. You won't be bothered by the spirits locked up inside. Their energy will gradually fade as the containment field breaks down. In other words, they will finally find peace.”

Ray and Peter, packed up the last of the equipment into the shipping containers that they had came in. “We'll have to ship the proton packs back home by bonded courier, the same way they were shipped here,” Ray said. “At least we won't have to pay double for expedited delivery, we won't be needing them immediately once we get back to NYC.”

Yuko entered the hangar and called out to the professor, “I thought I'd find you here Hakase,” she said.

“Just cleaning up some loose ends,” O'Shay smiled. “How are things on the home front?”

“Well I'm not moving back into my apartment anytime soon,” she sighed, “and the entire contents of my wardrobe closet are ruined due to smoke and water damage.”

“Once the repairs are made on the building it should be safe to reoccupy it,” Egan spoke up. “I've marked up the blueprints for the city engineers showing what structural changes needed to be made to render the portal inactive forever. Fortunately, the building was well designed, it was able to withstand the carnage without losing any structural integrity. Of course all of the units on the upper four floors will need to be repainted, recarpeted, and fumigated.”

“That may be, but I think I'll pass on it,” Yuko said. “If I ever here anyone say “zuul again, I'll probably jump out of my skin.”

“By the way,” Dr. O'Shay replied. “Before you guys leave, the Emperor wants to see you. I think he wants to give you some kind of honorary medal for service to this country.”

“Well we were hoping to catch an early flight,” Venkman said, “But we wouldn't want to screw up relations between our two countries, so I guess we can stay another day and accept his highnesses honorarium.”

Uran looked at her two brothers and pulled her lower eyelid down with her pinky. “I TOLD you I saw a ghost,” she pouted.

“OK, you were right this time,” Astro voiced. “I guess Kobaruto and I really did see Tobio's ghost, he was real and not a figment of our A.I.'s.”

“Gee I wonder what happened to him?” Uran sighed, “Did the Ghostbusters bag him in their trap?”

“Yeah they did clean out Tenma's old house,” Astro said, “But I wouldn't worry about it. According to Egan, ghosts are troubled souls that got stuck in our plane of existence. He believes that by gradually releasing the energy from that containment gizmo, all of the tortured souls that they trapped will finally find peace.”

“You mean they will go to heaven?” Uran asked.

“That's what priest would say,” Dr. O'Shay smiled.

“What about Gozer?”, Cobalt asked.

“Hopefully, that evil has been boxed up for good,” O'Shay said. “But if something like that ever surfaces here again, at least we now know who to call.”

-- the end --

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Postby Kitty Lue » 3 years ago

I don't know how I overlooked this update. Anyway, nice ending! And I was wondering what happened to Tobio earlier, and it looks like that was also explained here.
And now they know who to call. :lol:

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